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  1. I've read that Sheffield buses have stopped??. Is this true
  2. I'm confused with this thread.... Hasn't Moore said today he isn't here
  3. Or maybe.... He is just going on holiday or away in business and nothing to do with us
  4. Such as?. And what makes you think DM won't be around much longer. You seem to know certain things. Maybe you could tell us when chansiri is actually going to take action or make an appearance
  5. Just seen him in Costa. Injured
  6. I also saw something happen with Patterson and someone in the dugout but couldn't tell who or what it was. There was also something that went off in away end involving stewards but couldn't tell what. It was first half after they scored. What was obvious was peacock Farrell took plenty of verbal
  7. That's not what I witnessed. Were you in the away end?. Towards the end of the first half there was alot of anger. Reminded me of just before Irvin got the sack. Our goalie looked like he couldn't wait for half time. There were chants of Moore out and "we're fxxing poo ". Funny how people view things differently
  8. Im guessing that the chairman may listen to Barry .... If so then it's time to step up and tell some home truths before it gets even worse. He is an experienced player, he can't think this is working surely?
  9. What does this mean for pizza cup fixture on the Tuesday
  10. Here's an idea... Let football club know so people on reserve list have a chance
  11. Has anyone ever had a response to sending an email to ticket office enquiry email address. I never have and am struggling now to get a reply. Tried calling but phone line too busy and cuts you off. Finding it really frustrating
  12. Tell that to the person I saw hurt . Ridiculous comment
  13. Something strange with tickets website. The Wimbledon match appears on away tickets available when usually it doesn't until you have enough points. It then lets you select tickets,put in basket then won't let you proceed to checkout.... It's greyed out. I'm sure that's no normal
  14. Sorry... My mistake. Website has changed to full allocation of 1014. So even worse
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