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  1. Complacency

    Maths isn't my strong point but why are people thinking Bolton can't catch us. Bolton and Birmingham and barnsley can. Unlikely all 3 will, but mathematically they can
  2. Hull city ticket info

    Anyone had tickets through post yet. Myn still not arrived
  3. Not having a direct go at you and I can understand some things need to not be spread but in these times people have a right to know if it affects their security. That's all I was trying to say. By the way why was security guy on radio Sheffield. Missed that
  4. Rumbelows. No disrespect but it affects me and I don't get to know about it but a handful of people who don't know me do. Really fair. If we weren't supposed to know anything then nothing should have been said at the meeting by the security guy. All we get is a couple of throw away comments. It's all our security. Not professional
  5. Can someone who went tell me what was so elitening about security. I've seen it mentioned but no details??
  6. Confused?. What did hutch say/supposedly say at under 23 game that got people wound up. Have I missed something or is it someones attempt at a wind up??
  7. Stay classy, Bristol...

    Can someone look to see if this needs reporting to the police. Disgusting
  8. Just started reading some posts on here and there are a couple about someone saying jos won't be here next season but I can't find the original post. What's going on??
  9. Question re v2 finance option. How do you purchase this. It says online but no link to site. Do I have to go into club to ask for this
  10. Both me and my husband are season ticket holders but we haven't received any emails. Anyone else not had it?
  11. Anyone seen it on club website over last hour. Anyone understand it?.
  12. Carlos resigns

    So he hasn't gone then and it's the chairman's fault. Carlos would have walked but now stays. Is that what we are saying. so close... what a Christmas. It's like getting the promise of the best present ever and then it never materialising
  13. Carlos resigns

    All those who posted that Carlos had gone. What is your answer to the statement from chansiri which makes it obvious he isn't going anywhere. Did we all get excited for nothing
  14. Got up at 5am to travel to match Saturday, won't be doing again this season until Mr chansiri wakes up from this bore fest of a season and brings someone new in. Do we as fans just have to put up and shut up. Are we stuck in apathy. Does the club care what we think. Surely we have a voice. And its not just restricted to internet forums. My stand is they get no more money from me until changes are made
  15. Refunds

    Does anyone know the policy for refunds for away tickets, including coach tickets. There is no way I'm going to an away match again until Carlos gone