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  1. Not altogether sure about reach's perception of commitment so if you happen to read this Adam (which of course you won't)... Owls fans have sold out for qpr away on a Friday night in the cup... Now that's what commitment looks like
  2. I don't think anyone can say anything about the commitment.. that is the quote from reach that was in Sheffield star. It wasn't hard to find. NewsNow Sheffield Wednesday brings up articles in the local press. I wasn't making it up and my original post mentioned what he'd said about commitment. It angered me because personally I didn't see any and if reach did then that's worrying
  3. He said noone could say anything about the commitment and they tried to the end. Unless I've misinterpreted it then I'm gobsmacked
  4. Anyone read them? Thought I couldn't get any more peed off after yesterday but reach seems to think noone could doubt their commitment yesterday..... Really Adam??. I must have been watching a different game
  5. This nixon journalist doesn't sound confident we are going to get him. Money an issue. How reliable is this bloke
  6. How on earth does anyone on here know he is in Sheffield. Good grief. Yesterday it was said he would be in the stands watching us which turned out to be bull cause he was on the bench at Palace. Surprised kev the owl hasn't been on today saying he was down at the training ground
  7. Seriously. Find another way to amuse yourself
  8. kev the owl.... genuine question. Do you get a kick out of these itk comments. Just curious cause nobody but monk, chansiri and the recruitment team know anything surely and rightly so.
  9. Where has this extract come from. I can't find any post match interview with Gary monk
  10. How do you get that then, just internet
  11. So I'm confused. Can someone please tell me if the match can be found anywhere on sky channels
  12. Just checked sky website and we aren't. Luton are but nothing about us. Odd?
  13. Anyone know why we aren't on red button at Stoke. There are a number of games being shown but not ours?
  14. Did he actually say that to you yesterday. If so, what are the chances he is looking to sell up, do you think
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