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  1. Gurujuan.... Sorry but who has left
  2. Shandypants. What's the issue?. Nobody, certainly not me is making this a rivalry thing. I just wanted to share how pleased he seemed to be that he was going to the match and that he told me he was a Wednesday fan. Good grief!!
  3. Been talking to Tony this lunchtime in the park at the memorial. He told me he is a wednesdayite and has been invited to the owls v United game next week. I told him I hope he brings us some luck and we get 3 points, he jokingly told me he might play!!. Top bloke, let's hope we can put on a good display for him
  4. Anyone have any idea when the earliest Derby tickets can sell out?
  5. I watched it last night and was appalled by what they said. How thoughtless and crass to say that about a man who has suffered double bereavement within a short time. I have complained via the BBC website and urge other fans to do so. This behaviour is not acceptable
  6. Does anyone think he will be back to watch the big match on Sunday or will he stay at the cricket
  7. Sorry Gough is a Barnsley fan??. Anyway, this thread has pxxxd me off.
  8. Is this Darren Gough thing for real. Where has he said this. Leeds wind up merchant??
  9. What's the chances this is to do with season ticket prices?. Aren't they normally due to be announced February time
  10. How much do people think Chelsea will charge us for a ticket. Is 30 pounds a guess
  11. Holmowl I went yesterday and can assure you reach did nothing, possibly the worst performance I have ever seen from him. He played like a player who didn't know if he would still be here end of January and didn't want to get injured. Him and Bannon supposedly our best players were appalling
  12. Michael Vaughan was on twitter Christmas Eve saying the Bruce deal was done, Sheffield star saying still issues to be resolved, mmm wonder who we believe?
  13. I thought we'd have heard by now. Especially with his coaches being at Hillsborough on Saturday. I'm assuming they weren't there today, not seen them mentioned. And now bullen is urging the chairman to make a quick appointment. Do we think the deal not yet done. If Middlesbrough sack pulis he could be interested in that position?
  14. Radio Sheffield just said that a deal hasn't yet been agreed
  15. Radio Sheffield just said they understand a deal hasn't yet been agreed
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