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  1. Refunds

    Does anyone know the policy for refunds for away tickets, including coach tickets. There is no way I'm going to an away match again until Carlos gone
  2. Question about villa

    Yes. But if sold out then no point me asking for match ticket. I was just wondering if there was a way to find out. I assumed it would be on the online shop
  3. Question about villa

    Sos. Computer not working. how do I find out if travel sold out. can't find it on the online shop
  4. I am going to ring in mor
  5. Saxondale. What do you mean by I'm each others pockets in more ways than one. Care to share
  6. Aston Villa away

    Any idea how many points we likely to need
  7. Do you think we will hear today
  8. Thanks. Appreciate it
  9. Does anyone know about sky games for December. I can get train tickets to Norwich quite cheap if in advance but I'm worried if sky change fixture then according to East Midlands trains I lose my money
  10. What was the crowds reaction at the end. just curious
  11. Thanks. Checked just now but still not showing In purchase history. Tried ringing club but no reply. Emailed them but no reply
  12. Rung at 2 and managed to get ticket. Got email to confirm and priority points gone up by 10 but can't find anything in purchase history. Anyone know if that's normal and anyone got it in their purchase history
  13. Usually the ticket office update us but there's been nothing since end of first phase. I'm guessing there isn't many left
  14. Speak to mandaric and ask advice re Carlos. Mandaric always said he would help and advise if needed. By his own admission chansiri doesn't know a great deal about the game. would mandaric put up with this for long. I know it's the 2nd game but the warning signs were there at end of last season. Sometimes a new manager with new ideas can freshen things up. Let's just hope chansiri has already sought advice. Something isn't right. Sometimes you have to put how much you like the manager to one side and do the best for the club. Mandaric and Irvine reminder
  15. Does anyone think this will make it to Tues pm. I'm only 10 points short