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  1. Does anyone know if you can still buy tickets to see the showing of the Sheffield Wednesday film, I thought I had read somewhere it was having a second showing. If so, how do you get the tickets?
  2. I know Rob staton interviewed him today but can't locate the interview anywhere. Anyone know where it is to listen to?
  3. tashton


    Does anyone know when these likely to go on sale. I'm away next week so didn't want to miss the sale date
  4. tashton

    Nixon comments

    What about him
  5. News on radio Sheffield just before football heaven tonight. I heard railway station and Wednesday fans being mentioned but didn't catch the full story. Anyone hear it ?
  6. tashton

    It just gets better!

    Just got back. Chaos at at pancreas. Our train cancelled. Got told to get to Leicester then get a bus. Then they put one train on to Nottingham. Was terrible as everyone piled to get on. Managed to get to Nottingham then run across the station to get train from Nottingham to chesterfield. We were lucky but there must be loads of people stranded what a day to end a crap day anyway
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but chansiri said something about some good news about the embargo??. Just waiting for it to be finalized??. Now a week later and nothing. I'm assuming we didn't strike a deal with the EFL then?
  8. Go on then, if you know the real truth, share it with us. What's the fall out about?. People will speculate if they not told what's happening.
  9. Driving back I thought I heard him say Lucas had trained all week okay and then Friday after training he told him he couldn't play. Rob had to push him for an answer on what was wrong with him. Anyone else heard it and thought it odd?? Or are we all disbelieving at the moment of what we are being told
  10. Just watched it. He doesn't look happy when Rob asking him about Westwood does he?
  11. To those who went, did he say next season we in big big trouble and if so did he explain
  12. tashton

    Brentford Tickets

    Is there only standing tickets left
  13. All media outlets are saying Westwood leaving but to where?. Burnley are close to signing Joe Hart and if butland leaving Stoke why did he play yesterday. If there's no deal lined up then why would you not play one of the best goal keepers in the division on what was going to be a tough opening day fixture. Jos says in Yorkshire post he has been injured for months, well so has Fletcher but he was on the bench. I know people will say it's cause he is likely to be leaving but Stoke keep playing butland. We need leadership and Westwood provides that. Wrong player to sell in my opinion
  14. tashton

    Brentford Tickets

    Hi. Does anyone think this will get to Tuesday afternoon. I've got 610 points and am in London for the weekend
  15. Right at the beginning of tonights programme he mentioned about same squad at the weekend. Anyone heard what he said