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  1. This is ridiculous now. Surely someone knows what's happening. Communication from the club would be good. If we aren't being let in then would be best we know now
  2. Surely someone on here knows. It was someone in the queue that was telling me so nothing official
  3. Hope your right. I wasn't sure how many early birds and multi year ST holders there were.
  4. I got told if all last season ticket holders renewed and restrictions stayed as they are there isn't room for everyone. So I could have waited in a queue for an hour and still not guaranteed to get in
  5. The question about how many early bird ST holders there are is important. I got told multi year ST holders get priority over early bird. From that club statement it doesn't state of the restrictions on crowds continues if there are more ST holders than there is room for
  6. That's the it I don't get... What account
  7. Can anyone please explain to me the season ticket policy for next season. Do I get a credit or a refund. I thought it was rolling on
  8. I'm sorry but I still don't understand. What does it mean by your account will be credited. I bought my season ticket at earliest chance. Am I getting a refund . It reads to me like I'm buying a ticket??. Confused
  9. Sorry but I'm confused... Didn't the club say those with season tickets for season just finished they would automatically roll on for next season. It's just I've seen a few posts that say IF rolled over??. Also with the June 21 restrictions likely not to be lifted then only 10,000 would be let in. I'm sure we have more than 10,000 season ticket holders
  10. Watching snooker final on bbc and banning has just walked into crucible
  11. Club confirmed to me that anyone who has a multi year season ticket has priority over season ticket holders. I'm wondering how many there are and if that leaves one year season ticket holders with not much chance. I'm guessing there are alot of multi year season ticket holders
  12. Jonnyowl... This is the point I was making but got shot down in sarcasm. It would be fairer if all season ticket holders were to go say 1 in 2 games. My understanding is arsenal and Bradford are doing something similar
  13. 2 questions if anyone may know. Firstly do multi year take priority over early bird. Secondly and this I think is really important. If its name in a hat draw then does that mean someone's name can get drawn every game and someone else has none. How would that be fair
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