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  1. Hi. Just decided to go Blackburn and booked coach travel. Only seats available are flat street coach. Does anyone know if I have to go city to get the coach or can I get on it at Hillsborough. Does it leave from there. Thanks
  2. Can anyone tell me the words to that borner song that's sung constantly It's bugging the hell out of me
  3. Just before he came off he seemed to pull out of a tackle which meant hutch had no option but to foul the opposition player. My bet is monk saw this and wasn't impressed. Hope so anyway cause reach has been getting away with not tackling for ages and no manager seems to drop him. I'm hoping this manager is different
  4. Chansiri was there today. Pretty sure I could see him in his usual seat. At least it looks like monk rumour was rubbish then
  5. Just read a rumour that monk was in the directors box today?. Made up rubbish or true?. Directors box looked pretty empty from what I could see
  6. Don't get me wrong. I like Fernando and he is a talented player but when I see all the other subs doing their warm up routine with the trainer and Fernando is just stood in centre circle with his hands in his pockets I for one don't think it's professional. What does it say to all the other subs if he does that and gets off the bench before them. Just knuckle down and train with the rest of them
  7. What??. Why are some posters on here getting so sarcastic towards fellow supporters. No need. I was in the ground early. I am not an arm chair supporter. I go home and away. I just like to be sat in my seat early. I therefore noticed Fernando not taking part in any of the warm ups whereas all the other subs did. I wasn't watching deliberately or anything. It just seemed to me abit unprofessional. And there were other supporters around me that said the same thing. Jesus, take a chill pill and stop attacking what was an innocent remark
  8. Does anyone watch the players in the warm up pre match. If you did Tuesday night and watched Fernando then it would have been obvious why he didn't come on. Not impressed. Bullen did the right thing
  9. What about us that have purchased tickets
  10. Kev the owl...... I really don't understand what you are trying to do or say. You told us before we went to Germany that the new manager to be had been down to training ground. Now you are saying you have lost insinuating it isn't him, now you saying he will be at training ground this week and we won't be disappointed. I may be slow at this but I'm thinking you actually don't know anything. Thing is I don't understand what you get out of coming on here and saying you do. The truth is what people are craving.
  11. Is there any need for that sarcasm. So much for us all being Wednesday fans together. God. No need
  12. When did chansiri go to New York cause I thought I saw him in Sheffield Friday
  13. Not seen the ITK posters such as keV the owl or semedo ferrett on here since Bruce started at Newcastle. Where are they with the news of our next manager,who by the way, I believe will be bullen. Chansiri will have been stung by Bruce's actions and he will admire bullens loyalty
  14. Anybody know how sales have gone today. I've asked when they can sell out and found out it's 9am so no guarantee its going to go to 2pm
  15. Nobody mentioned another manager out of work who lives local ... Nigel Adkins?
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