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  1. What attachment?. Aren't tickets posted
  2. I'm same. No tickets arrived and ordered them last monday
  3. Maybe if we went all the way to kent and saw some desire,passion and fight from the players??? Please don't blame the thousands of supporters who have paid alot of money. The least we should expect from the players is determination and I didn't see that. They are to blame
  4. You has to see it to see how awful we were. That's why I asked. All the way to kent to see possibly the most lack luster performance of the season.
  5. I don't get why people have to say they heard something interesting then leave it at that. Wind up?. A way they get their kicks? Bizarre.
  6. I was just about to post the same. Ordered last Tuesday but not yet arrived
  7. Notice the people posting about an announcement are missing today. Not sure what people get from it
  8. Unless you in car don't go wolvercote. Miles away
  9. Anyone able to see roughly how many left
  10. But Shrewsbury made it to 4th.... Just
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