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  1. Far too much hassle. Be just handy if they told us something ine way or another.
  2. Yorkshire win and RCB win. Good day.
  3. No point starting a new thread... Booked to go 22nd September. Flights dirt cheap return and good times so thought why not. Will be spending most of the time in Lake Como, digs will be in Nesso, good place for access to swimming the lake. Using the ferry/boat as the main transport method after getting the train/coach from Milan Bergamo airport. Will be spending a couple of days and nights in Madrid itself too. Ideas on things to do? Looks like the football fixtures will be out in July time, so I can toy with the idea of a game a bit closer to the end of summer I guess. Open to anything really. Especially anything a bit different. Free or at a cost. Recommended restaurants would be great! Are the daily/5 day public transport and/or ferry vouchers viable on most companies/easy to use?
  4. Did you follow the RCB game through yesterday mate? How TF did that end up on the last ball. My word.
  5. Robo-Speith seems to have been plugged in.
  6. 4 wickets in the final over. Are we on drugs?
  7. IPL started today. Defending champions Mumbai Indians currently batting against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Can't be bothered to go into it too much as not many are bothered
  8. Train to Busan. Good subtitled horror. Would bang again.
  9. Not saying Nia is great btw. Just that I think she is a lot better than Nyla. Opinions innit. Only found out about Riddle's past history in wrestling the other day when I was reading about when Vince decided to have the MMA night that was a disaster years ago.
  10. See I think the opposite about Nyla and Nia. Though Nia's current story is horseshit. I do agree there are only a handful. Nobody getting pushed? Thinking shout both Raw and SD there are nobody new at all other than Riddle and he has been there a few years now. All the same blokes week in week out and seems to be getting a smaller talent pool.
  11. The woman's division proves this vastly for me. One week you have an amazing match like the Lights Out one with Rosa & Baker, then the following week you have...Nyla Rose. WWE is streets ahead when it comes to the woman's talent pool IMO.
  12. jambler

    MLB 2021

    Fell asleep with the Mariner's 5 behind. Oops.
  13. jambler

    MLB 2021

    Mind the Clockwork Orange background, Quite like this Google feature (top right obvs) on my phone where the score pops up so I don't have to watch us embarrassing ourselves.
  14. Riddle forgetting his lines at at the start of this
  15. I didn't really explain that well. Leeds/Reading = 30s and under Tramlines = 30 and over
  16. Looks like residents tickets are open to apply for now. Just reading Leeds/Reading will more than likely be vaccine passport controlled though. Which is a month after Tramlines. Plus you would think the clientèle for those 2 would be 30 and under mostly so won't have had the vaccination.
  17. Cheers for that dude. It does come across like that. And it worked so well. Maybe you well it affected future episodes which for me it did. Glad im not the only one.
  18. jambler

    MLB 2021

    Quite happy with my team. Seems more balanced. Apart from the Mariners players obvs.
  19. This is exactly it. The youngest 2 are fantastic as you can tell they have no idea and they just leave them to say whatever a lot of the time. Then they get abit older (earlier than I remembered, only after about 6-7 episodes) and it ruins it.
  20. Started to watch Outnumbered again, then realised it gets shiit when the youngest kid (Ben?) Starts to grow up. So stopped.
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