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  1. Yeah get them in the Brecon Beacons where at least 3 of the highly trained, highly fit SAS have died while there. Great idea. We had bad Injuries last year. We can't start Bannan if he's dead.
  2. What a guy. So chuffed for him.
  3. jambler

    Ash Baker

    This is what Sheffield Wednesday is all about.
  4. jambler

    Ash Baker

    These are the things that matter. Especially now Loovens has gone. We need players in the squad with great hair. It's worth around 10 points a season I would say.
  5. I can remember him driving past me near Towsure on Holme Lane and he smiled at me as his hair was blowing majestically in the wind. What a day that was. All the best Glenn.
  6. I read every single post that is made on this site by every single member. It turns me on. In a serious note, JoshtheOwl prefers to slag off the club for anything, posts non-ironic 'manager out threads after one loss. It's not the first time he's been pulled up for it and won't be the last. Some usernames just stick out! Enjoy your evening my child.
  7. Probably more due to the fact that who Sij quoted posts negative comments after absolutely anything that the club do wrong, including if we lose, who we sign, release, blah blah blah. It's tiresome. If you paid attention you would realise. Unless your his mum obvs.
  8. jambler

    Ross wallace

    Good luck Ross Wallace. The greatest lover of them all.
  9. My mum used to go and see him every winter when he played the Sheffield Arena. Every generation seems to have it's bad men. At my wedding I had 2 R-Kelly songs played. Look how that turned out.
  10. I'm just glad nobody has said Gary Glitter.
  11. jambler

    Sheffield Varsity Final

    Will PM U Hun.
  12. jambler

    Sheffield Varsity Final

    It was more than that tbf. That's just one video.
  13. jambler

    hirst to united

    No, it's because they can't spell her surname.
  14. jambler

    The away end

    I would put them all in London. Like Manchester United do with their own fans for home games.