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  1. Sheffield FC current away shirt. £19.99, and that was full price when it first went on sale at the START of the season. They are quality too, the fit, material etc.
  2. Probably will be as most of our players have no knees or heads.
  3. Has anybody double dared Jos to play him yet? Everyone knows you can't say no to a double dare. Problem sorted.
  4. George Hirst to start in goal.
  5. Snodgrass tweet

    Always preferred his cousin from Heartbeat
  6. Carlos had a dream to make his players lean by telling them to eat ice cream
  7. You do know that our current manager is foreign, yeah?
  8. Me, my fat friends and legroom !

    Yep we went together. Was decent leg room where you have the ST. even @SiJ was alright.
  9. It matters not what Carlos thinks. If we had a strong team and a game plan then we have a chance of winning. No need to be so defeatist.
  10. How do you know we won't win? Did we think we would beat Derby?
  11. Surely you should go out to win every game? Otherwise what's the point?
  12. Nuhiu has scored 4 in 6. Since Jos has been here he has played more youth team players than Carlos did in 3 seasons. I agree with you on Loovens, but you can't ignore that Jos has brought youth in, and has been playing a striker in form.
  13. To add to all your stories, a lesser known fact. The entire 1986 film 'Stand By Me' was filmed on the track, inbetween the station and where Wardsend Cemetery is. Corey Feldman once said on record "that train station is the sexiest one I have ever filmed near, it deserves a bowling alley being built near it".