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  1. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    I have every faith in you.
  2. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    The singer isn't black. The bloods and the crips are 2 rival American gangs. That song name checked them. I'm not telling you the band
  3. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    He just Crips them instead.
  4. @dunsbyowl I know you have a great collection of photos of our club , but if you want any photos of these fanzines let me know. They aren't in the best condition to sell on. But there's some great stuff in them.
  5. I found about a dozen old Spitting Feathers fanzines last week full of Pete's stuff.
  6. George Hirst - SWFC Prospect

    Watch him start at left back at the weekend
  7. Reach’s Dad - Twitter

    That was the joke.
  8. Reach’s Dad - Twitter

    Reach for the block button.
  9. Glad they clarified the date of which Monday it will be...
  10. Just a rumour...

    What's the point in announcing it now when we can do it at 2:04am or similar like we used to with the signings when Chansiri first arrived?
  11. There at it again

    I could have bet your house on you not getting one.
  12. The Kit

    Not sure wearing rubgy gear in the bath is the best idea. Can see it being quite heavy and increasing the chances of drowning.
  13. FIFA 18

    Forestieri will be wanting another pay rise now after seeing that he isn't top.
  14. Media Coverage

    Every newspaper available in the UK covered it. Before the match and after the match.
  15. Fractured egos

    Smash them round the head with a snooker cue Maxine. That will show em.