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  1. Reckon Bess would be happy to give that five'fer back due to embarrassment.
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/cricket/shane-warne-andrew-symonds-marnus-labuschagne-b1785328.html
  3. Anyone see/hear the footage of Warne and Symonds slagging Marnus off?
  4. On episode 3 of season 3. Follows on perfectly from Season 2. Probably binge it all through today.
  5. I watched this while I was off school with the flu. I had a curiosity about it with it being local. I didn't really know what to expect as I didn't live through the era. But I watched it and was just in the foetal position thinking WTF. It must have been scary as hell living through those times. I managed to find it on DVD a few years ago and it still has the same haunting affect. It's done incredibly well. Weirdly a mate of mine from Manchester, only 19, messaged me the other day asking if I knew about it. Taken all these years to make it over the Pennin
  6. The last time I was in there was a few years ago for a Christening. I spent whole time watching cricket on my phone. Wish I had paid a bit more attention now. Always looks great in the dark when I see photos posted. Thanks for the write-up Incognito. Lovely.
  7. My mums favourite YouTube video. Guaranteed I can walk into her living room and this will be on. He absolutely owns it. 9/10 times it wouldn't work for any other artist. For him? Hold my beer... Brilliant performance.
  8. 3 of the ones you said would be mine too, Pulp, The Streets and OK Computer. I would add Jamie T - Panic Prevention. All of those are my personal picks like, and 3out of the 4 are my most played albums ever. Good list btw.
  9. Loved it there. Saturday's I used to go with my mates. We thought we were so cool. Then one of the bigger kids would turn up and do one of them sliding stop things and your ego just got ruined.
  10. I was reading that he loved the city as well as the club that much before he was manager he taught French in a local school there. Always came across very. RIP
  11. Binge watched all of Alice in Borderland last night. Very good.
  12. Agree with that. I think he has been trying to get back into the test squad for a while though. Going to hazard a guess he won't be behind the stumps.
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