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  1. Caption Comp: What is the young girl (bottom right ish on the pic) thinking as she's looking up at the big guy with the aggro face ??
  2. Just realised how much ive missed American new channels! There sooo intense ! This guy is a total tool though! Hurry up Milan!
  3. Im waiting to see what squad number Messi gets before I get mine printed
  4. Yeah, its definately on 5live : http://www.bbc.co.uk/5live/
  5. I just had a text saying there's a pic flying around Twitter of Will.I.Am at S6 yesterday in the directors box...Hope its not .. cant stand that dude!
  6. The woman with the blue top on 2 rows infront is ready with her hands aloft to catch any stray chips! #Teckers!
  7. I remember that game also, boiling hot, stewards throwing ice cubes to us near the front to help cool us down, - i was showered in beer instead however - then looking to the right to see the Pide Piper aka Kingy leading shed loads of Wednesdayites into the ground. I think the game was delayed slightly due to the influx of owls. Great game! I love away days..FACT!
  8. She was dating a pig afew years back ...
  9. Lllera and Semedo were in Meadowhall yesterday buying shed loads of crap in Sports Direct - According to Liam Palmers' twitter, they were still there last night - so im guessing some of the squad havnt gone (e.g Llera and Semedo).
  10. Born in SHEFFIELD's Children Hospital on a WEDNESDAY ... into a fanatical Family of Wednesdayites! .. Fate really ...
  11. I wouldnt be happy with that either! We need a striker with more pace IMO who is a better finisher
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