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  1. Remind me again who has the highest average attendance in the league? Edit: looks like I got beaten to it by a few people
  2. Really? I know that where I was standing we didn't stop all game, and to be honest I didn't hear your fans once the whole game. Nobber
  3. Dont you just love leaving owlstalk on with tailface mates about
  4. I was the mascot for us against Chelsea (we won 1-0) in the season we got relegated from the premiership, and I scored a screamer against Pressman in front of the Kop. I say screamer, he would probably say that he let it go between his legs.
  5. 9th August I know we signed a certain FJ9 on that day unfortunatly, but dont know about birthdays
  6. I thought the whole point of us having Prutton and Semedo in the centre of the park was so that we could get the full-backs down the wing more, so that would mean they will sit back more than what may have happened in past Wednesday sides. On the other hand I could be completely wrong!
  7. I think I may be the only one that knows what he means Much, Germany
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