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  1. One thing I'll never forget was when he was warming up as a substitute to make his first team debut (I think). He ran from the dugout towards the Kop doing gentle exercises and some wag in the crowd shouted out the refrain from A Message To You, Rudy by The Specials. Still makes me smile to this day.
  2. Went to the game. Although the opposition wasn't fantastic he did a neat and tidy job screening the back four. Mostly passed sideways but there was the occasional forward pass. Most passes were to a teammate too. There were comments from the crowd complimenting him on his performance. Near the end hit the upright with a twenty-five yard screamer. Dashed unlucky.
  3. Nigel Adkins Bangor City legend. He is a genuinely nice bloke as well.
  4. Sedgwick is abysmal. He brings nothing to the table whatsoever. He can't tackle, can't cross and doesn't track back. He is useless. Potter and Buxton aren't brilliant but at least they look like they're trying. Why does AI persist in playing Sedgwick? He's not even a threat from the bench.
  5. That is shocking. The demand for tickets will either mean there are loads of disappointed people or it'll have to be the Millenium or Old Trafford. Bang out of order.
  6. If Mellor had bothered to follow the ball in after Morrison's miss he would have had a free header into a open net. But he chose to watch it fly across the six yard box. At least Clinton was in the right place at the right time innit.
  7. Tony Roberts, the first player from Anglesey to play for Wales. He would have won more than his two full caps as well if Nev the binman hadn't been so good.
  8. The team looks better with Frankie playing. He's better defending and going forward than Buxton. Don't get me wrong, Buxton is a useful squad player to have, it's just he shouldn't be in our first XI.
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