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  1. Scary that it could well now be in our hands come the final game
  2. And ignoring potted nonsense like ‘they might not be as skilful as you might like’ no this is professional football not a chuffing blasé in the park
  3. Strange suspicion my writing has gone to italics, (3 points) not very well made
  4. It’s not hard to have created the most chances in this team, no-one bloody does it ! He’s been one of the better players in a bad bunch overall, shown glimpses but his mobility and defensive work has always been shocking so he has to be some wonderful footballer to compensate and he’s just not, sadly
  5. No I am being unfair , I am basing my opinion on years ago a lot could have changed since then , always wanted them to succeed
  6. Not being an optimist trying to watch Wednesday must be a real life of pain
  7. Maybe if they weren’t a cliquey mess
  8. His shot stopping is low key as good as anyone’s, if he looked into what what turned Ramsdales career around, I.e the tutelage of Asmir and Artur and a kindly recommendation by yours truly. Therein lies the answer ****ing hard painful work and a bit of bottle.
  9. Can’t believe he doesn’t get a game for Kosovo, surely he’s the best chance they have of winning a game?
  10. Or we could be 4 points come the end of the day, so maybe you count me as not accepted relegation UTO, will either relegate us or give us a chance tomorrow looking at it
  11. Yeah the application yesterday shows the obtuse sketchiness of the potential applications
  12. Agree that was unforgivable and tarnishing
  13. There’s still time for a couple more at least, oh the good news incoming today
  14. So many people have been expectedly or unexpectedly forced to pour so much money into this club and for so long it has been miss-spent, what will it take for someone to finally see the light and actually use the vast amounts of money that continually leaks through this shambles to achieve something besides lining footballers wallets nice and thick.. and dreaming about lucking the big time.. what will it actually take? So many years so much money so many people,,, so many questions , but does Chansiri have to go or can he actually hire someone who understands football?
  15. One of my favourite ever players hands down an absolute hero shocking what Jos was allowed to do, Sam was so down honestly almost defeated by it all, glad he found his way just a shame how his career has gone overall Keiren you are an inspiration good luck
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