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  1. Woods Nilsson Walker Pearson Palmer Sheridan Waddle Carbone Di Canio Hirst Bright
  2. Seemed determined to hire the wrong people and showing little sign of pragmatism.
  3. 64% pass completion with 1 incisive passes attempted and 0 completed
  4. Forestieri and Rhodes thrive off good ball, but in different ways, you should be able to accommodate both, especially at championship level. Simple really when you put it like that.
  5. I sat and stared at the wall when I had the chance (not quite all day). Reminded me to be thankful that I wasn't watching monks Wednesday. Give it a 4/10 but like I say it could be a lot worse.
  6. Upon further inspection and a few incomplete studies I would say that in fact you are not asleep, but merely believe yourself to be asleep, either fully or in an existential capacity . And vice versa
  7. Impressive that you can still use owlstalk , must have boring dreams
  8. What time is it there? Only 2am bro grab a coffee get stuck into some reading or search epl full match replay on Google and watch a repeat of juve or real. Proper football is soothing when you have been so deprived:) you will soon drift just ingross yourself when your brain is tired you will sleep and you will sleep properly !
  9. Makes sense now the same people who dislike forestieri, like fox.. oh wait no, I still can't begin to comprehend such a mindset it starts to make my head hurt ngl Fox the man you wouldn't trust to cross a ball into an empty box. Treats the right pass as if it's guarded by fort knox. Has the football brain of a camel in socks
  10. Is easy to not have an appreciation of what it takes to play top level football cause it's likely less than say 0.0004% of this readership have a potential to play top level football so as for anyone else, unless you are a true intellectual and literally have watched thousands and thousands of games (hence able to actually make sense of them, as regards the role and task difficulty of the individual etc.) then why would they know what it takes if they've never attempted to attain it?
  11. When there are only 20 at any one time, 4-7 of those - maybe add 1 or 2 - wouldn't go anywhere near him for obvious reasons, he is in absolutely no way top level prem class, that only leaves say 13 clubs, on a free, I suspect there would be 3 or more very happy to sign him in, and I would argue that indeed, based on a certain level of implied thinking that is in fact a 'lot' of prem clubs , but maybe I should have just said a few for the sake of argument;)
  12. .... Matit,theowl ... I Imagine that will have perked you I don't mean to sound rude but I have to seriously question your opinion on this, and hence your credibility in footballing discussions.
  13. It was an impochabilic'y as I had what you could call a Monk on, there's no capacity for critical thinking in a head like that .. :L
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