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  1. Novelty I know, but have World Cups in June/July.
  2. We need to move on. New stadium, new era for the club. Doesn't have to be an identikit bowl, get a decent architect and create something truly iconic that will put Sheffield back on the football map.
  3. Was a steady Premier League player. Something we've not had for 22 years...
  4. Wharncliffe Side just starting to drop https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/station/8323 Fingers crossed, my folks live on Vere Road.
  5. Just think, when Scotland gain independence there'll be two 'foreign' sides playing in that league.
  6. Remember, this lot have TOTALLY got working-class Sheffielders' backs...
  7. That bl00dy awful Ipswich pinstripe knock-off kit from 2017. Its debut was that Villa game on Sky. I remember seeing LOADS of fans of other clubs on Twitter saying, "WTF have Wednesday come as?", "That's never been a Wednesday kit." etc. Bad enough seeing the team wearing it, then it inexplicably became massively popular among our most rotund fans in their 50s.
  8. Never in a month of Sundays! (One for the Spanish speakers )
  9. My Terry Yorath soap-on-a-rope has been cast into the River Don whilst I babbled a deeply mystical/entirely nonsensical incantation.
  10. As a club our default setting is utter mediocrity. It's been the case for 50 years. Only truly exceptional managers (Charlton, Wilkinson, Atkinson) can drag us above this level. We simply can't rely on average managers, the task is too big for them.
  11. 12 is easily the worst shirt and kit in our history. It could have at least pretended to be a Wednesday strip if it had black shorts.
  12. I agree, can you imagine Manchester City at Maine Road now? Or Leicester still at Filbert Street?
  13. Although we've got a much richer heritage than them, in the 'modern' era (and we're talking the last 50 years) I'd say we're more akin to Coventry City. Both spent long spells in the top flight, won a single trophy in that time, can take 40k to Wembley now and then. Sadly, we're about to experience the recent lows that Cov are just emerging from.
  14. 17k v Leicester when we were top of the Premier League, early into the 96/97 season.
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