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  1. And if they'd gone on to win the FA Cup, that would have 'outranked' our League Cup win.
  2. Just days after Remembrance Sunday and we invite someone who's openly fascist to the club. Very poor from SWFC.
  3. Not suggesting it's at all realistic for us, however, Millwall went on a heck of a run in the second half of last season and only just fell short.
  4. Seems that a lot of people on this thread are just basing their view of students on The Young Ones.
  5. JJ tore us to pieces for Oldham in that early game at Hillsborough.
  6. I remember seeing fly posters for the Trev 'Back him or sack him?' campaign.
  7. When you look back at that 'Ipswich' kit though
  8. I'm selling the club because you forced me to bring stripes back. Does anyone know any potential buyers?
  9. Teams wearing away kits when there's no colour clash. Grrr.
  10. Wednesday fans seemed happy to belt out 'God Save the Queen' at Swansea. I'm not really sure why.
  11. That time he took a free-kick and it hit the underside of the West Stand roof...
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