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  1. Idea To Boost Attendances

    Another idea - win some games.
  2. Wednesday fans seemed happy to belt out 'God Save the Queen' at Swansea. I'm not really sure why.
  3. That time he took a free-kick and it hit the underside of the West Stand roof...
  4. I was just about to say, remember 1990. This side is a million times worse than that one too.
  5. SWFC Home Shirt – Hummel Style

    Chansiri would probably prefer a blue and white version of this...
  6. We aren't getting promoted until the stripes are back. FACT.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday in Europe

    Proper Wednesday kit.
  8. Wow, Serie A. How the mighty have fallen. It was all-conquering in the '90s. A warning that the bubble can burst.
  9. THAT'S how you do a Wednesday kit. The formula's pretty simple really. Both are superb. Well done that man!
  10. All this no passion crap

    That shirt is an embarrassment in itself.
  11. The kits cursed

    We won't see any success until we have proper stripes. It's the Wednesday way.
  12. Exhibit: A. Case closed.
  13. "Its a shirt, its blue and white and its got an owl on it."