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  1. https://uk.megabus.com/journey-planner/journeys/return
  2. We are going down on 0910 mega bus from Meadowhall for a fiver each then train back at 2030 to Sheffield for £17.00 each
  3. The co authors are our new coaching team and jack bauers friend tony Almeida
  4. Have you seen who the co authors are? Maybe he is ready to write a sequel now.
  5. Can we not get him to hillsborough as half time guest for boro game?
  6. Oh dear. Can't believe nobody has spotted the socks and sandals yet. Awful combination especially with tracky bottoms!
  7. Kop looked amazing when full with no roof and good to see our fans throwing snowballs at Frank Stapleton.
  8. Its always been ours, its always been ours, F*** Off united, its always been ours!
  9. I thought I had misheard him on Radio Sheffield last Thursday but after the weekend I have had to go back and listen again on the BBC I-player. If you follow the link below and listen to the 26/4/12 at 52.00 minutes you will hear his slip up. Whilst talking about the blades game on sky in front of a full house at the lane, he says "it can either inspire you or destroy you, hopefully it will be the latter". http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p003wb32/episodes/guide Almost blew his cover but fortunately those lovely people at the lane must not understand the meaning of the word latter.
  10. Seems that he my be training with us according to our friends at the sty. I have also heard this direct from someone employed at the lane. http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=463&fid=221&sty=2&act=1&mid=2120776915
  11. Apparently he has already been training with the owls and is a wednesday fan.
  12. I think there is more chance of Jordan Robertson joining us on his release.
  13. Can anyone see Tudgay on the pictures on OS?
  14. Been trying to think of a song for our new star striker. What about this to the tune of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' Boxing day and Ian Mellor Memories that will live forever He is a true legend and were all wednesday till the end Now Neil's scoring more than ever and he's gonna get another You can't handle Neil Mellor You can't handle Neil Mellor (Ella ella, eh eh eh) U Cant handle Neil Mellor (Ella ella, eh eh eh) U Cant handle Neil Mellor (Ella ella, eh eh eh) U Cant handle Neil Mellor (Ella ella, eh eh eh, eh eh eh)
  15. Could this work with Father Ted in charge now? I think it would make a change from the usual beach party. Thoughts please?
  16. Dont know about him being a hard scottish bloke but did anyone else see a "Father Ted" likeness yesterday with AI?
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