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  1. Agreed, i'd just erase them from the game if thats what they want. They would lose so much advertising and goodwill. Kids not being able to manage them would push them towards other clubs as well.
  2. Remember when he was scoring goals like this regular for our youth teams. Chipped in with a fair number of assists as well. Hopefully he can now complete the transition to our first team next season.
  3. Last I saw the leading bid for this one off signed shirt was £300. Anyone wanting to better that can get in touch with the club through facebook/twitter. Think the bidding is open until the end of the month.
  4. It would be amazing. Stadiums would be full, parents would be taking their kids and introducing them to live football matches rather than watching on TV. We all loved football but the influx of players from abroad which is what effectively drove the wages up. We all had footballing hero's before the premier league. We would still have star players/teams within the leagues even if the best in the world were playing abroad. Having the best league in the world doesn't seem to have helped our national team. Maybe it's time we let another country take the mantle of best league in the world and we get back to being able to enjoy our football and supporting our clubs.
  5. Rather than looking for a refund for this season I would be happy with a voucher that could be spent on away tickets/club shop. Obviously for those that need to renew their season ticket next year it could also go towards that if needed.
  6. https://uk.megabus.com/journey-planner/journeys/return
  7. We are going down on 0910 mega bus from Meadowhall for a fiver each then train back at 2030 to Sheffield for £17.00 each
  8. The co authors are our new coaching team and jack bauers friend tony Almeida
  9. Have you seen who the co authors are? Maybe he is ready to write a sequel now.
  10. Can we not get him to hillsborough as half time guest for boro game?
  11. Oh dear. Can't believe nobody has spotted the socks and sandals yet. Awful combination especially with tracky bottoms!
  12. Kop looked amazing when full with no roof and good to see our fans throwing snowballs at Frank Stapleton.
  13. Its always been ours, its always been ours, F*** Off united, its always been ours!
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