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  1. Whoscored ratings have 4 of the top 5 same as you. Their ratings go... Fernando Forestieri Tom Lees Barry Bannan Sam Hutchinson Kieran Lee Totally different methodology but I love ratings however they are calculated.
  2. You'd be top dog around Boro if you rocked up in a shellsuit tbf
  3. 15. Constant boner, ruined 3 pairs of boxers and onto the Mrs kecks now.
  4. flipping sqwarkers what do they know about promotion and good strikers. They haven't been promoted since Jesus was a lad and last time they needed a striker they bought a right back with a beard, played him out of position, who then got injured covering for the trash he was playing alongside.
  5. Pfffft, cack signing, obviously dropping down a division because he couldn't hack it on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke. #PigLogic Seriously, thats an outstanding standing and bolt from the Blue. Might just win the league now tbh.
  6. Gonna be a reyt nightmare getting out in traffic at 8.35 when its 0-4
  7. Id agree, except Bez is spot on with his main points.
  8. Do that for every game then pal, only c15,000 quid. Thats a nice "3 day take home pay" figure
  9. I dont think ive ever come across a nicer man on the internet than you Trev, you deserve the break with the Mrs so enjoy it.
  10. Theres a thread on owlsonline saying someones lost some glasses.
  11. Did you get back ok pal? Weather was wild as rumble up Loftus way!
  12. Who've we got thats still alive from this, errr, lovely part of the world? Just a fraction outside of Smogland here.
  13. More interesting than some of the threads you start boss
  14. We'll be going into an FA Cup 3rd round game against the Blades with them sitting 81 places below us in the league ladder..... .....and lose!
  15. Was tempted to go down town earlier then I realised it would likely be infested with students from about dinnertime. You been eating dodgy kebabs from Loftus??
  16. I'm in - Could have saved myself 16quid and sat in the home end with mates but nah rumble it.
  17. Easy enough to park, town is a 15 minute walk so plenty of long stay car parks - I wouldnt park directly at the ground because it can be awkward to get out.
  18. Nothing wrong with what they have done to be fair, their attendances are generally poor and given the Tees is rogering freezing at the best of times there would probably have been less than 12k since its on sky. I'd still rather pay the extra £15 and sit with Owls fans though, the atmosphere at the Riverside has been generally poor every time I have been.
  19. Havent really thought it tbh mate, most people I know who go are drinkers so nobody is ever willing to drive. I will work something out either way, even at £27 a ticket I cant miss a game 30 minutes up the road!
  20. Im thinking that way pal, doesnt the last bus out this way leave at 10.15 nowdays? There used to be one that left at 11.15 which was perfect for a night game. I arent really fussed about afterwards but if I have to get a taxi anyway then might aswell make the most of it, taken the day off work to go out in town beforehand.
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