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  1. Northern Owler

    if you could choose...

    Nuhiu, roger me that would be ace.
  2. I guess Nuhiu is coming on to save the day
  3. Whoscored ratings have 4 of the top 5 same as you. Their ratings go... Fernando Forestieri Tom Lees Barry Bannan Sam Hutchinson Kieran Lee Totally different methodology but I love ratings however they are calculated.
  4. Northern Owler

    Poor Following To Middlesborough

    Tinpot part-timer
  5. Just go to the jovial monk and meet some of the friendly locals
  6. Northern Owler

    M'boro n Fulham

    You'd be top dog around Boro if you rocked up in a shellsuit tbf
  7. 15. Constant boner, ruined 3 pairs of boxers and onto the Mrs kecks now.
  8. flipping sqwarkers what do they know about promotion and good strikers. They haven't been promoted since Jesus was a lad and last time they needed a striker they bought a right back with a beard, played him out of position, who then got injured covering for the trash he was playing alongside.
  9. Pfffft, cack signing, obviously dropping down a division because he couldn't hack it on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke. #PigLogic Seriously, thats an outstanding standing and bolt from the Blue. Might just win the league now tbh.
  10. Northern Owler

    Arsenal Ticket Update

    Gonna be a reyt nightmare getting out in traffic at 8.35 when its 0-4
  11. Northern Owler

    Chansiri - Club Statement

    Id agree, except Bez is spot on with his main points.
  12. Northern Owler

    Wiziwig gone

    Do that for every game then pal, only c15,000 quid. Thats a nice "3 day take home pay" figure
  13. Northern Owler


    I dont think ive ever come across a nicer man on the internet than you Trev, you deserve the break with the Mrs so enjoy it.
  14. Northern Owler

    North East/Teesside Owls

    Thats what you get for being a deserter
  15. Theres a thread on owlsonline saying someones lost some glasses.