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  1. one of the best managers iv seen at hillsboro, RIP big jack
  2. deffo ken k. came from hull wud kick his own granma
  3. is it poss to cancel next season 2020/2021 and then finish this season as soon as its safe? stagger remaining league games, finish this seasons fa cup. start fa cup, leage cup in say december january 2021. arrange england friendly games say after xmas. start the 21-22 season as normal. thoughs please.
  4. plz read carlton palmer book its superb. he was a real hero at during his time at hillsboro.
  5. looks like mad monk as got away with it again. everyones now forgot wot a w----r we got as a manager.
  6. for there winnin goal you cud see lee tell palmer to watch there player n wot did he do got no were near him result free header
  7. does anyone know when, were, and time for very sad day is plz, we would like to pay our respects to a truly nice guy, rip kev.
  8. omg, kev n lynne sat in the seats at the back of us in north stand. you couldn't wish to meet a nicer cple. a true wednesdayite. rip myself, our nip, java, john and john
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