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  1. Let's be honest. This squad is not good enough for this division.
  2. If we manage to outscore Swansea tonight then I see us taking the three points.
  3. Terrible captain. Just has a paddy at everyone around him as soon as they mess up. Never been a leader.
  4. Keir Westwoodie Aaron Dawsoney Josip Wildsmithy Lamb Palmerston Geoffrey Boner Tim Leeds Virgin Mary's Husband Odebaj-noooo Adam Reacharound Jake Pelumessi
  5. I can't see anything other than a loss with how the scoreline stands.
  6. If we don't score then I don't see us taking any points from this game.
  7. In regards to the goal - true. However, getting even a point with 11 is difficult enough for us without yet another sending off.
  8. Losing now. Thanks to this donkey, it's very much likely to stay that way.
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