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  1. Many thanks to Loxley owl for the return of my wallet , you're a gent mate
  2. I just hope the game doesn't spoil its delights! Thanks for the responses chaps
  3. Anybody on here local to the Whitby area ? If so can you point me in the direction of a pub that is likely to be showing the game? Aware that there is a prem game on at same time so may be difficult ! Thanks in advance and sorry if in wrong forum !!
  4. Why ? He played here once , what's his credentials as a coach. ?
  5. Watching that , they do like a breakaway goal don't they !
  6. Morning Dave, see you in the barracks
  7. Hello David Glad you enjoyed your day in Sheffield. I was one of the season ticket holders you were talking with in the Barracks, hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as the fine selection of beers :wink: we have your email address so we will drop you a line soon enjoy the game tonight stan
  8. jeez...if we get rid of anyone else, Cat Burt will be running the club
  9. we got extremely drunk in the new barrack tavern
  10. Jim I know the landlord of the Barrack well, i can hace a word with him on friday if you like? sure he wouldn't mind
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