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  1. I'm sure that's Derbyshire.
  2. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Knowing my luck if I did that I get beaten up by both sides.
  3. Football Heaven Boycott

    Radio Sheffield is a pretty good show. Certainly not biased, it passes an hour.
  4. Mick is one of the better callers on RS , gives a honest view of the game and not afraid to praise the opposition. Don't always agree with him but enjoy listening to him.
  5. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    God forbid we play them next season if we do and under the same circumstances as this season, I can't see the prices being so high. He would be forced to charge a lower price.
  6. Flares on Sunday

    The club are enforcing the shorts only policy
  7. 8 games in

    Well said that man
  8. Finally

    Aken looks a very decent player, a most comfortable start to his Wednesday career you would think he had been here for years. Would be nice if he can develop further.
  9. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Thought it was a decent free kick Westwood had to deal with the save first then worry about the next kick unfortunately he's not superman and it fell kindly for their player.
  10. Swfc v cologne

    You can't stop them travelling as far as I know. Perectly legal to have a day out in London with 19999 of ya mates. Your point of touts is a valid one, in the same boat as players agents, taking out of the game instead of putting something in.
  11. Swfc v cologne

    No not interested.
  12. Swfc v cologne

    Handtaschen! Seen worse watching Wednesday, but yeah it still shouldn't happen
  13. Swfc v cologne

    Was there large scale trouble or large scale inconvience? On a few occasions British fans have travelled in large numbers without tickets, 'just to be close to the ground'. If there was large scale trouble then I bow to your better knowledge.
  14. Swfc v cologne

    Have to say in the main it was brilliant support. Seemed to go out of their way to be friendly from the couple of videos I have seen. Amazing how they all wanted to go and how they so easily got tickets seemed to have caught the authorites out. Brilliant goal as well, the fans will talk about it for years to come. Sadly a few idiots tarnishned it.
  15. Threads like this are why I've hardly posted anything over the past few weeks, everything is such a negative, every thread quickly descends into further criticism of the club. The fun side of this site is disappearing quickly hopefully a good couple of results will inject some new optimism.