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  1. PATRICE EVRA!!!...

    That's what I said about Trevor Francis and Chris Waddle.
  2. All ok now??,

    What you gonna do once he's convinced you or not convinced you?
  3. All ok now??,

    He's hasn'tt told me. The other day there was a thread saying that all his press chats were repetitive and predictable. You have gallantly come to his rescue.
  4. Mine is right... Mrs Hemmings would have been very proud of me for passing on her wisdom. Got should be stricken from the english language.
  5. At the age of five we were taught never to use the word got, it's very sloppy. How superior do I feel?
  6. E-cash

    That will be a saving then, you're lucky to get change out of a fifteen quid note nowadays
  7. How can we be racist when are all the same race? The human race.
  8. January Transfer Window

    Apart from loans in case of injury between now Jan can't see any major moves in or out. Pretty sure we won't be buying or selling. And I can't sleep been awake since two and up at 6:30. Never right.
  9. 48 I think but we improvise
  10. 26472 64 on the Rotherham's Owls Coach
  11. An appetizer before Saturday's main course.
  12. For God's sake, he's a football coach, not an orator. Go and listen to Christopher Hitchens if you want a wordsmith.
  13. Hillsborough

    Coz were classy
  14. Needs to be built with proper bricks and love.