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  1. Watson

    North and South

    The south does have better facilities and more space. You can nip down to the Wednesday Tap should you wish, it has quite a good concourse to be fair.
  2. Watson

    North and South

    We pay for the silence in the South, now sshhhh please.
  3. We will finish: First Top goal scorer: Joao Will Jos be in charge?: No Stand out player?: Liam Palmer Notable crazy moment of the season: A thread on OT praising Morgan Fox
  4. All us season ticket holders are going to boycott this bundle. Down with this sort of thing
  5. Watson

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    Where do the players go once they are banished? Are they kept in a paddock? Or kept in solitary confinement? Are we allowed to feed them?
  6. A bit of an assumption that I'm a geezer. But your right, I am. No, you can have the last word.
  7. You ok pal? You don't seem yourself today.
  8. Good day to you as well sir
  9. I was being flippant. God help us.
  10. Can tell your posh... How do think he buys his round?