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  1. Are you asking me out on a date?
  2. I like to take threads in different directions, live life on the edge me. I haven't slagged anyone off not my style, I have criticised Nuhiu in the past but was pleased he proved me wrong last season. The numbers are for cataloguing reasons, amassing a massive database.
  3. True but I'd have to pick at least ten Wednesday lineups before they would come into the reckoning.
  4. Agree with everything you say apart from idle always thought he put a shift in he was just on a different level to most of the squad at the time and most of they couldn't read him. Would like to see him with Joao and FF both definitely would blossom alongside him.
  5. Sibon would walk into our team today, one of the best players I've seen in a Wednesday shirt.
  6. Hugh Dowd pretending to be Messi
  7. Watson

    125 years ago today!

    Rotherham Owls took a coach
  8. Been watching some vids of Messi on YT lately, the man is unplayable. Kane is nearer my standard than Messi's standard and I admire Kane as a player.
  9. Watson

    International Round-Up of sorts

    Doh thanks for that, nice header.
  10. Watson

    International Round-Up of sorts

    BBC has the two goals scored by Despodov (59' minutes), Nedelev (67' minutes).