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  1. Agree 100%, winning in the cup can only be good for moral and make players compete for a place in the team. Success breeds success.
  2. Spill the beans then... don't keep it to yourself
  3. Team vs. Swansea

    For me play the best possible team available. Surely that's what football is about.
  4. Deserves his moment in the sun, played to a very high standard, seems to play well with Joao, once we get some players back from injury I expect him to play to an even higher standard.
  5. Is Jos Luhukay the man ?

    Who amongst us can truly judge him? Let's leave that to God. Amen

    Ah right thats sorted then

    Which Americans?
  8. Like Richards, who made an example of Di Canio to curry favour with the FA? The club should have stood by DC and made him feel valued that's what you do with prima donnas.
  9. Nuhiu isn't asking for an extortionate amount of money to play (in today's inflated wages). GH 'teams' demands would set a precedent which would be difficult to maintain. DC has to draw a line somewhere, it's for GH to agree to the package or walk away. Let's hope that DC, GH have sorted an amicable deal.
  10. Thanks, I have been working on it.
  11. Hillsborough or somewhere else, you can get fit anywhere in the world.
  12. Swansea Fans Views

    Oh well, never mind it wasn't anything special anyway.
  13. Swansea Fans Views

    I know its shocking ain't it, chills you to the bone. English people would never do such a thing in say Germany... And the RAF shoot them down.