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  1. Genuinely believing in something doesn't make you right. Stating that if you had been in charge you would have won all four is not an argument to knock Bullen. I can just as easily state that if you had been in charge then we would have lost all four very heavily. See how easily its to state and believe things without an iota of evidence to back it up? Bullen may not be the answer but whilst he is in charge then he should get our support. Managers are been sourced abroad now waiting for things to fall into place.
  2. Are you claiming to be an expert because you actually watch the games? You seem more of a hindsight expert than anything, so can we all benefit from your amazing expertise and tell us who should be installed as manager and take us back to the promised land?
  3. End of the day the Star make money by advertising, if people click the link then they have done their job. Sadly local papers are in their death throes as are some dailies, we are venturing into a whole new world. Be a rite laugh if someone turned the internet off.
  4. I know I know, but for FFS just getting my frustration out.
  5. SAG are covering their backs any incident it allows them to wash their hands of it. They are not dealing with the issues just preempting their get out excuse.
  6. Are fickle fans just fickle cause they have a different view from you?
  7. LOL typical god followers bending the truth. Your a true follower god bless you.
  8. I'm sure he said he was was told by god to do his "deeds".
  9. WOW hate to see what you would do with sinners who wear beards.
  10. Does forgiveness gets a looking in, in your doctrine?
  11. But just shoe horning in any old manager would be a bigger mistake. Now get back t' lane
  12. Can't watch this far to much red going off, come on Punky you should no better than this.
  13. Expect and hope for a win, if Luton had their spies out they will be booking a bus as we talk. Get one goal and then expect another three. Scoring the first goal is key
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