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  1. Trouble is with our cylinders is that we have far to few, not having decent strikers is going to bite us on the bum, if woe betide Fletcher gets a long tern injury then we have real problems. Not replacing Joao and Hooper was bad business for me. Granted the money situation ties our hands, I hope we have sourced a striker or two for January.
  2. I missed all that. All I saw was strong tackling, read the game well intercepting passes etc, calm under pressure, and whacking it away when needed. Lees as much as I like him will have to bide his time to get back in the team once he is fit.
  3. We have to improve on Palmer to, getting back to his bad habits, not getting back quick enough just ambles along, poor passing and giving to many needless fouls away.
  4. We have to get closer to Fletcher half the work he does is wasted as there is no one near him to help out. FF may be the answer.
  5. Their involved in the conspiracy as well dangerous times to be a Wednesday fan... Take care keep out of dark alleyways and stay away from beautiful foreign women who might approach you.
  6. We need to get an agent on the inside of their operations, I volunteer @OWLERTON GHOST he is sophisticated, knowledgeable on everything and a screaming tory so would be perfect for the job. This is his destiny
  7. Glad we scared him off from coming to Hillsborough
  8. Do some players play worse coz their camera shy? Just joshing with you its pedantic weekend, no football see.
  9. So which players play better when the cameras are there?
  10. Why on earth would he play better because the cameras were there? Seems bizarre logic. Do players in general player better when the cameras are there? Is there link to the stats for cameras been present at game?
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