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  1. Mycroft

    New manager fits fans criteria!

    Such a delightful post to wake up to. I'm charmed.
  2. Mycroft

    New manager fits fans criteria!

    Whose Phil Brown?
  3. At school (Rotherham) in the 70's they were three teams the glory seekers supported Man Utd, Liverpool and it pains me to say, Leeds. No other clubs got a look in.
  4. I always wanted to go and chuck a blanket over their satellite (that's if they exist) childish yes, but it would have made me crack a smile.
  5. It's a bit of lottery who goes up, so by the law of average's we will get there at some point. For the first time in decades, we had a plan which ultimately came to nothing. So instead of looking round to blame someone we should hold steady and hope that we either win the lottery or have a better plan.
  6. Mycroft

    Carry on Wednesday

    Rather him than Dingleman but both are dino's
  7. I want it before now - your just a shill of the club how much are they paying you? If we don't get 6 points next game then we want a Wednesday employee burnt at the stake. I'm gonna Scweem Scweem and Scweem
  8. Mycroft

    Forcing high earners out?

    First time I've heard of this duty thing, is this laid down in law? Or just wishful thinking?
  9. Mycroft

    Forcing high earners out?

    How do you know this?
  10. Mycroft

    Time to go

    I haven't been a fan of Jos since I saw his first few games and the negative style he seems to prefer, but for me, any manager needs at least two seasons to even start turning things around. We need stability from the manager but my point is the fans aren't going to tolerate losses and after two or three losses the knives are out whoever the manager may be. We could be top and lose two games and you will have some fans screaming on Social Media. It's getting crazy. If I was a club owner I'd never look at football Social Media, send you insane trying to please every little faction.
  11. Mycroft

    Time to go

    I'm not pinning the blame on anyone in particular just pointing out that screaming abuse out on social media and your only plan is to sack him won't make the atmosphere any better. We need to come together and give the incumbent time to breathe but I know that to many fans are on the blame path and won't be happy until they get their way, the managerial sacrifice will pacify them until the next manager loses two or three on the trot. Then it will all have to be played out again.
  12. Mycroft

    FA Cup and Hutch

    You know FA
  13. Mycroft

    Time to go

    No need to apologise, I have done the same in the past...
  14. Mycroft

    Time to go

    The problem is any manager who doesn't get quick results will be vilified on Social Media. We want instant success and nothing less. Carlos was a failure with 2 out of 3 playoffs. We had a plan which didn't come off and DC hasn't seemingly planned for that eventuality (not that many clubs do). Unless we get lucky and find the players to get us up then we are going to have to ride out the FFP problem and then rebuild. But shouting down the manager after every loss is not the best plan we the fans can find. But its the only plan many fans are going with.
  15. Mycroft

    Time to go

    I was been sarcastic. Learn to read between the lines, get a life yourself.