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  1. I can console you I had a dream in the summer of 1995 (think it was a Wednesday night) and we won 5 nil on penalties and Ian Wright was so distraught he never played football again.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jun/14/south-yorkshire-police-changes-approach-football-criticism
  3. I wouldn't insult your intelligence with such obvious observations.
  4. The signs are obvious, you can tell that by the way he shaves, the man himself knows he has till Christmas.
  5. There is trouble at most Derbies, young men want to prove themselves and fronting up to your rivals gives you much credence amongst their peers. Humans are animals after all and will protect their territory.
  6. He has till Christmas then the fans will either love him or throw him on the sacrificial pyre.
  7. You should be allowed to go about your business unmolested. Should you commit a crime then be prepared to take the consequences. Don't let the bed bugs bite.
  8. Maybe they should see the individuals in the mob as fellow humans, and that their job is to serve the individuals and not to control them.
  9. Released by the same people who leak the news that FF will be leaving this transfer window.
  10. Can't help liking the bugger, got to keep him just for the fun aspect.
  11. https://twitter.com/BullenFootball/status/1138178393718054912
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