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  1. You're in bed with the jealous husband? You should do a runner mate.
  2. Hope he has an injury free season, will you be covering the games again?
  3. How can you tell that? Robin Hood sort of legend or Roy of the Rovers?
  4. Bruce seems to like Hutchinson so wouldn't surprise me if he's he still next season.
  5. I hope that's the biggest worry you have in your life.
  6. And a big thanks to you for keeping us informed of so many things over the season.
  7. Have we took the Shoreham again? Wednesday boys we are here .... Sorry getting carried away.
  8. Won't they be at the older end of the scale? And if they aren't good enough for the Prem then why sign them if we go up?
  9. How do you know this did JJ tell you this himself? Just wondering like.
  10. Hope I'm wrong too, would like to see some real quality signings for the midfield. DC might think sod it, take the hit of a ten points reduction and go with real quality signings all over the park and still go up. Unfortunately won't happen.
  11. I've said in other threads today, that I'd be surprised if we make wholesale changes to the squad let a few go, Abdi, Jones etc and then hopefully a few quality loan signings.
  12. Yeah that sounds like a great business plan.
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