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  1. Anyone know the ticket sales? Will we make it to Monday for the ones who can't go every Saturday ? Thank you. Already given up hope of a final ticket if we make it. Or end up paying daft money to get one. Just how it is, not meaning to sound like I'm moaning. It's the down side of supporting a massive club.
  2. My is Ronaldo (the fat one) when he played for Barcelona. Saw him play against RM at the Nou Camp on a school trip when i was a kid. Who was yours?
  3. Should have buried that one on one, but he's a very good player. Busy, can put a foot in, lovely pass and breaks from centre midfield. Can certainly step up a level. He is more of a player than Lines. Lines didn't run!
  4. Bradley Dack is a lovely player, would love to see him at Hillsborough. I have seen people mention him on here, but tonight is the first time seeing him play.
  5. He was 10s then 6s then 7/2 now 6/4.... Thats a few steady bets to move it like that isnt it!
  6. We cant attract him surely... It would be a sign of intent for sure.
  7. We said that about Mark Beevers though, not comparing because I never saw Knight play. Must have Been more to the story!
  8. Just been reading about him in another thread, my dad used to go on about how good he was. Wasn't he very young when his career was cut short? I am just interested to know what made him stand out, why was he so good? Thank you.
  9. Well its beat my post as the worst of the day.
  10. Rhodes and Marshall in a 4.25m double swoop. Get Madine in up front with Jordan being serviced by Marshall and we will be laughing.
  11. I agree, I dont think a 2m for Marshall or 2m for Grabban is out of the question though. But 5s and 9s etc, cant see it!
  12. Mainly because he's crap. I hope to god we dont go down the 12m for McCormack sort of route, even Leicester paid 8m for Ulloa, far better than what we have now (exception of May and his potential) but that sort of money for average players is unreal. I remember a time when 8m got you a Bergkamp and 4m got you a Di Canio. Now 5m gets you a Callum McManaman, who would improve us big time but 5m!!!! Football has gone mental.
  13. If we sign any of those on permanent deals ill eat 5 tins of tuna in a bath of beans.
  14. Who makes this stuff up for god sake. Not on gods earth will we be making signings like this. Who is realistic?
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