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  1. I’m sure if you look closely he said to bannan it suits you ie bannan take the free kick! but his final decision making is the worst Iv seen, it’s like his body is too fast for his brain!! got to say pelupessy had a very good game!
  2. Oh poo your still going sorry pal I got bored
  3. I’m sure your highest level would be my lowest so you keep plugging away champ!
  4. Common sense my friend, how many 5-0 wins have been deemed a fluke over the years?
  5. I believe 1 or 2 nil is a fluke! Not 5 though!
  6. But we obviously aren’t! that’s my point, why that game, why did we absolutely take them apart, when we couldn’t seemingly string two passes together before.
  7. I can’t help but think you have to much time on your hands if you are doing background checks on people’s past on owlstalk for airing an opinion!
  8. End of topic hahaha! think I’m just bitter they can do that at Cardiff, and we are where we are! it just doesn’t make sense to me!
  9. That the Cardiff game was a one off only because the sky cameras was on! the team was head and shoulders above anything we have seen this season, and was it not just a case of players putting themselves in the shop window? for example Adam Reach who had a blinder, it reminds me of Nuhui who always showed up and played out of his skin when his contract was about to expire!
  10. But he went to turkey or wherever to ply his trade! Hence why I said cheeky offer just till the end of the season.
  11. Get himself in the shop window, oh and he will be earning which he isn’t at the minute!
  12. Why aren’t we trying a cheeky deal till the end of the season helping him get back in the shop window! Pay as you play kind of thing like Hutchison! we are desperate for strikers and surely he would want game time! Darren think about it!
  13. Now there is an advisor to mr chansiri! he wouldn’t fill you full of bullshit, and would probably relish the opportunity!! not gonna happen though
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