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  1. If we play like we did against Wigan we will be fine, however performances like the Yeovil game will only result in one thing. You talk of beating Birmingham but they did well to draw with Burnley last night and Saturday won't be easy.
  2. I'm aware that if people stood in their correct places it wouldn't happen but if I had been the police/steward's last night. I would have opened up the white area of seats on the end of the North to allow people to move over just before kick off.
  3. There is one...away end of the North Stand.
  4. Think it was the time before that in the cup which sold out in a day. Clint put us 1-0 up but Philips equalised pretty much at the last min. Last season was a Tuesday night game.
  5. I bet this looked even worse a few month ago because won't all the three year bans from the Palace game have been wiped off now?
  6. Hopefully they will start it at 600+ and reward the loyal fans with not having to que from daft o'clock.
  7. Why would they? I thought they were all Blades...
  8. The younger jelous brother who wants to do all the things his older brother does and has already done.
  9. We may shoot ourselves in the foot but we really need to stand up and be counted instead of just sitting down and taking it. :)
  10. I know Lee didn't feature much in the first half of the season. But played quite a bit in the second. Still unsure if he can take us to that next level of progression though.
  11. Everyone singing one or both verses of that would sound quality. With the usal bouncing and clapping to.
  12. Wooaaahhhh Championy The one and only from Sheffield They said our days were numbered We're not famous anymore But Wednesday rule this city Like we've always done before Wooaaahhhh Championy The one and only from Sheffield They said our days were numbered And they nearly shut the door But Milans got the money And we'll live forever more Wooaaahhhh Championy
  13. What if Madine needed it for a hat trick, would you let Lita take it then?
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