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  1. haha sorry i ment A* Jones and possible B/C for palmer dunno why a G is there
  2. 1 Nicky Weaver - B/C 2 Tommy Spurr - E 3 Lewis Buxton - A/B 5 Richard Hinds - D 6 Michael Morrison - D 7 Mark Reynolds - D 8 Tommy Miller - B 9 Paul Heffernan - C/D 10 Giles Coke - C 11 Daniel Jones - D 12 Danny Batth - A* 13 Richard O'Donnell - B 14 Darren Potter - F see me 15 Mark Beevers - C 17 James O'Connor - C 21 Gary Teale - E 22 Reda Johnson - B/C 23 Jermaine Johnson - A/D 24 Chris Sedgwick - D 25 Arron Jameson - B/C 27 Rob Jones (on loan from Sflaphorpe ) - G 29 Liam Palmer - A* 30 Clinton Morrison - D 32 Gary Madine - B 33 Neil Mellor (on loan from Preston ) - B 36 Jon Otsemobor - B
  3. one of the 'youth' had his cap knicked by this kid bout 18 and was a bit of pushing and shoving (like o'connor) stewards didnt know the two parties and it took them 5-10 mins to seperate them A kerfuffle over nothing when were all wednesday
  4. it got ripped before the leyton orient game according to geoff and dave from wednesdayite
  5. would i lie to a fellow wednesdayite? it was broken allready but you intepret how you want!!
  6. i didnt brake the seat that was all ready broken from them lobbing the boards im not stupid enough to hit a copper i was bouncin and just landed on the seat but it was allready broken
  7. yes im only 14 but i wasnt one throwin em was a quite big bloke and another with a tattoo on his neck he made us jump on to next row
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NO0IGBV0Sk
  9. i have a programme from swfc v mufc the game after the munich air disaster it is for the fa cup and the mufc is not filled in and the whole programme is dedicated to those who died. im not going to sell it but does any1 know how much it is worth?
  10. Weaver 7 average notmuch too do Morrison 7 pretty solid not an attacking minded full back purse 5/6 v. poor start tookthe boo's tho (v. warranted) looked ok second half THE RADIATOR Radiator Johnson 9/10looked reall solid let down by down by purse won every tackle could have a real future jones 7/8 solid + good going forward teale 6 quiet that is all miller 7 not bad pretty medeoca tho o'connor 7 like miller good cross for the heffernators last minute miss sedgwick 7 notgot the legsbut gives 100% morrison 7 good link up mellor 6 very very quiet Subs Johnson- 8 looked good and was a constantn threat and his runs got the crowd going Heffernan - poacher and quality link up could be a good partneship up frontwith morrison
  11. Ostemobor was not tight enough to his man on countless occasions I know tht cus I watched him for 5 mins
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