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  1. Injuries have been a major part of why we never saw the best of Joao - it was the same last season with Reading - started off on fire and then constant injury niggles.
  2. Would buy you another 3 Iorfa’s if we really did pay just £300k for him
  3. Say we sold for £10m and have to give Wolves 25% so £2.5m that would still give us a nice £7.5m minus the small fee we paid. So yep I would sell him
  4. £8-10m with add ons etc will be good business in my opinion. Iorfa has been a great player for us at a bargain price but our mistake in the past has been not listening to offers for our players and then seeing them leave for nothing or their value drops. Sell Iorfa to help balance books and reinvest into the team with a few more signings - this is the model we should use.
  5. Not selling the home shirt but know someone who can get you a play off final T-shirt from the same season...
  6. Good signing if it comes off. If he can show the form he did in his loan spell then he could easily get into double figures across a full season. We now need to try and sign a target man with ability to hold the ball up and link play up with Windass, Brown, Leko if he signs etc
  7. You’ll never get past Semedo - just reminds me of that 2012 season. Tracksuit from Matalan - forget which game it was but the guy was gutted. Andy Dibble getting covered in teddies at Stockport away and reacting to the Andy Dibble is a willy tugger song always sticks out. Whole country singing Leeds Are Falling Apart Again last season. Sing when you’re fishing at Grimsby.
  8. No need for this mate - the guy is only selecting what he believes to be our best starting 11. Agree the squad we have right now will likely struggle but no need to shoot down a fellow owl for starting a thread on a forum
  9. Great idea but need fitness to high press and then also when you do get the ball back lots of quality to make sure you keep it whilst the team recover.
  10. Not many players available on a free and a relatively low wage and happy to be a squad player. Considering the battle we’re going to have next season he’s one who would help our cause. Not saying he’s the future and we should tie him to a long contract but another year would be worthwhile
  11. As it stands we need to sign at least 3 new strikers - Nuhiu has hardly been prolific but doubt any New striker we sign will have his qualities.
  12. Can see the thinking behind this as Harris would be able to get himself a few yards on defenders and get into the box but the thing that would let him down is his shooting and composure. James Beattie will definitely be earning his money trying to convert Harris into a double figures striker
  13. Either play him or try and move him on.
  14. Would be good for the club to have a refresh in coaching set up
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