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  1. They say a game can is won or lost by whoever wins the midfield battle. For me tonight we lost the game by Bannan not being fully fit and Sunderland avoiding the midfield battle by playing continuous long balls which was their game plan from the off. On the rare occasions we got the ball down and played how we can, we showed we have the quality to break through Sunderland. On Monday it’s essential we get on the ball and play our own game and if Bannan isn’t fully fit then we consider utilising FDB for extra energy instead
  2. Literally got caught in two minds - kick it out or play it back - ended up doing neither and cost us. He’s saved us many times in the past so no hard feelings, let’s hope it spurs him on for the second leg
  3. It’s the draws that kill you and sadly we’ve drawn too many - can’t deny that we’ve been awesome over last few months but have drawn way too many across the season
  4. Is he fit yet? I agree that he could play a role further forward and has shown he can score in this league.
  5. We are around the play offs and have been for a while without him. We scored 6 a few games ago and have put together a good string of results - unlucky that those around us have been on similar runs but a lot of them still have each other to play. If the players we have in this squad can’t cement a place in the Top 6 without Windass then a massive overhaul is needed. I’m confident we’ll get enough points to get us over the line. As for next season, any player can have an injury wriggled season however if he stays it’s vital we manage his pre-season to avoid another repeat.
  6. He just needed to be played in his best position which we are now doing. For far too much of his time with us he’s sat too far back where he has been wasted.
  7. Ross Wallace at masters football - this would be quality
  8. The Leon Clarke incident is up there as is the Jeffers headbutt at Port Vale
  9. Looks like we’ve finally worked out how to see games out!
  10. Put a shift in for the team - did what he needed to do effectively and like others have said, when he plays we get results.
  11. Apparently got released by his Belgian club and signed for Heerenveen today… https://www.sc-heerenveen.nl/nieuws/2022/joost-van-aken-keert-terug-op-het-oude-nest/
  12. Yep just play the best 11 each game and aim to win the game and get points on the board and see where we end up.
  13. Yep, starting way further back this season but we’re on form and Moore finally has balance in the team and a system that appears to be working. Sadly though it’s the draws that have killed us so far this season.
  14. Seems to have settled in well and added much needed solidity and balance to the defence. Good signing so far.
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