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  1. First start in some time, not had much game time and did well running the line. Rhodes won quite a few headers. Harsh to slate him for not adding any spark, other than early in first half we didn’t create that much at all - can’t blame Rhodes for that
  2. Great to see him score and deserves the praise after his consistent performances over last couple of months when wrote off by majority of fan base. Think Fox is clearly a confidence player - seemed to lose his focus when Westwood had a pop at him in first half after their mix up. As a fan base we really do need to just back our players and support them more - we really can make the difference and impact on performances
  3. Agree he’s not good enough but needs other clubs to be interested in these players who we want shut of and the player wanting to leave
  4. Went in before the match for a few pints and breakfast, not very busy at all
  5. Can definitely see your point about Fletchers tough task each day and often being isolated by both Harris and Reach staying really wide however this is compensated by allowing likes of Luongo to push through into the gaps this creates. Don’t think giving Fessi the floating role to sit it front of midfield is a good option - for a start who would you drop, the player in front of defence as in Hutch meaning that we’d be defensively weaker or one of Bannan or Luongo meaning that we’d be overhauled too easily in middle of park.
  6. Averaging 2pts per game - this is Top 2 form. Very positive start but really do need to by more deadly in front of goal to score that 2nd goal to kill games off. Can’t afford to have too many more lost points like Cardiff due to not getting that 2nd goal
  7. For me he’s got a lot to make up for and a point to prove. May sound harsh but the guy really needs to knuckle down and show a positive attitude for rest of his time here now. His cameo tonight was a good start and seemed to offer an instant threat but let’s see if this can now be built upon and get him back to the player we know he can be.
  8. Thought this was a thread about Hutchinson at first not the whole team! The frustrating thing about stats like these is that we aren’t a dirty fouling team - not sure if it’s the refs or whether the players a naive in giving away silly fouls.
  9. Exactly, he’s done it all season. For a player who’s a decent height who has bulked out over the summer theirs no way he should jump/“challenge” for headers how he does.
  10. Also that run he did with the ball driving forwards well into their half - much better than just hoofing it up. The current CB pairing know how to get the ball down and play.
  11. Absolute steal for £250k. Could develop into a great player for us or make us a fortune if/when someone comes in for him. Can’t see how Lees gets back into the team.
  12. Also very frustrating how he rarely wins or even challenges for header.
  13. Struggles to play in a front 3, Murphy or Fessi would’ve offered more going forward. I get why managers like a player like Reach who can put the running in but when he puts in performances like that tonight it’s a waste of a shirt.
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