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  1. We don’t seem to have been a threat from throw-ins since we had Antonio launching them into the box. I think a lot of the celebration of goals has gone with there being no crowds at present.
  2. Yeh true - not nice when it’s your own manager praising the opposition but sometimes like tonight you just need to hold your hands up and say fair play we got spanked. Would rather have that than a manager full of excuses.
  3. One of the good old school managers left. Enjoyed listening to his interview after the game - literally said it as it was... fair play to him
  4. Wonder if we will attempt to bake one of these again to celebrate end of restrictions?
  5. For me tonight was a must win. Hudds were very poor but got a scrambled equaliser. At this point we needed to go for it, we failed to make attack minded substitutions (I don’t consider Kachunga any form of threat) and as a result we had no-one in their box to try and get us a winner.
  6. Agree that relegation may help with the clear out and reset the club - but financially relegation to League 1 will cripple us.
  7. This for me. A player like Bannan only shows his quality when he has players who make runs for him through the middle or down the wings. What we see is him playing it back way too much as there are no options moving forwards. Simply to see the best of Bannan we need quality around him - had he signed for Brentford when they came sniffing he’d be up there again in terms of being one of the best in the division as they have players who’d help him do what he does best
  8. That’s the year we proper failed - previous season nobody could’ve predicted us doing so well. But the play offs the following season were there for the taking. Lots of factors to blame including our failure to add the 2/3 players needed to improve the squad and as the Hudds chairman says not going for it more in the first leg
  9. We went over Christmas a few years ago and stopped at The Roosevelt - great location.
  10. No fight or bottle at all in our team. Wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with any of them.
  11. Great to have a manager who says it how it is - he has the players playing for him and for their place in the team under difficult times behind the scenes etc - in my opinion he should be given the job until at least the end of the season. If he keeps us up then reward him with a 12months contract.
  12. Played really well tonight and comes across very level headed. Just shows that having a manager who isn’t afraid of dropping players means they’re all chomping at the bit and keen to impress to keep the shirt when given a chance
  13. They’ve got a couple of the old ones on Amazon Prime - Sibon and De Bilde both playing
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