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  1. I think the Championship has been quite poor the last few seasons to be fair - definitely missed a few chances of going up.
  2. I’ll be doing this too, probably go early and renew before the Millwall game
  3. Get it right on the pitch and the atmosphere and attendances will improve - really is that simple.
  4. Biggest success from our academy is probably Jamie Vardy - a player we released
  5. Not had someone who can launch a ball into the box since Antonio.
  6. Said the same on way home - OP sums it up perfect in that we have no midfield whatsoever
  7. Doesn’t seem to do much apart from sit in front of back 4 - as others have said leaves Bannan the job of doing the majority of midfield work. Contract up in summer - another one who needs to be replaced. Think majority of the squad have got too comfy and complacent
  8. Don’t mind seeing us lose a game, what I do mind is players turning in performances like today and us being spineless with a complete lack of will, passion and effort throughout the team.
  9. It’ll be the players that cost Monk the job - unfortunate that he has inherited a squad who have failed over the last 4/5 seasons. It’s going to take a good 3/4 transfer windows to sort this mess out - worrying thing is will Chansiri be patient or sack Monk and also have we got that much time with EFL repercussions
  10. This! If anything Hutch needs to be replaced by someone who offers more attacking threat - Luongo is best fit if not let’s see what Lee is like for a few games.
  11. Good move for Thorniley - at his age needs to be playing games. Hope we’ve put a sell on clause in as part of the deal - got a feeling he’ll be back in the Championship within a season or two after playing regularly. Undisclosed but any idea how much we’ve got for him?
  12. Wednesday will continue to be Wednesday and we’ll continue to support them!
  13. Winnall did ok against Cardiff saying he played up top by himself - wish we stopped messing around with the one up front and start playing with two strikers - were so much more threatening this way with Reach and Harris on the wings
  14. Dread to think what we’d do if he was out for a run of games - everything we do goes through him.
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