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  1. Hopefully EFL have got other things to focus on right now and drop charges against the club too
  2. This A fan turning up with a mirror is the least of our worries albeit very random indeed!
  3. Probably too ashamed to look themselves in the mirror after the last few months of dire performances
  4. Knowing our luck he’d leave the windows open and the ball would fly straight through!
  5. Good honest guy and would do anything for the club but I do think we’d be better if he moved on too.
  6. Got to be starting the next game
  7. Palmer LB, Iorfa RB. Push FF further up field. Tonight reminded me of the days when JJ used to be wasted at RB!
  8. Quality player in those few seasons but sadly the right time to release him - his legs had gone towards the end and no way would we have seen the same player being able to get up and down the wing.
  9. Our lasses birthday on the Tuesday so hoping it’ll be Wednesday or Thursday!
  10. How many months do I have to be part of this???
  11. The signings over last 18months have been spot on. The major issue why we are in the financial mess we are in is his refusal to sell players when they are on form and there is interest. In my opinion every player should be in the shop window for the right price so that this can then be reinvested back into the squad. If that means selling our best player then so be it, we can use the money to go and get another few more prospects to invest in and sell on and so on This is the main downfall in Chansiri’s approach as well as signing the likes of Boyd, Abdi, Jones etc
  12. Pleased with the signings, annoying we’ve had to wait until the last few days of the window to get them done seeing as we’ve struggled with league since Xmas - even getting them done this morning would’ve meant the could play tomorrow.... Annoying that we’re stuck with some of the has beens and dead wood on the wage bill - had hoped we’d have shipped a few out.
  13. Guess we’ll just have to wait until contracts expire at end of the season to get rid of them
  14. Majority of the long stayers are out of contract at end of season - perfect chance to wipe the slate clean for a fresh start. No need for relegation, that would set us back even further, we just need to get a fresh squad together and consolidate as a good hard to beat Championship team and build from there. Personally think we should adopt the Brentford approach - develop players, sell them and reinvest into team whilst the team steadily improve each season.
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