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  1. At least we managed to get them to a replay….
  2. So tonight we could’ve had 9 subs on the bench and had option to make 5 subs. We only had 6 subs, one of which returned today from playing for Northern Ireland last night. This raises the questions of why not utilise the spare spaces on the bench for some of the youth players and give them the experience of travelling with the first team etc. Wouldn’t have changed the result but at least gives the younger players some hope of making an appearance.
  3. Did really well with the goal line clearance - BPF did well to get a strong hand to it and Wing was there to clear. Would’ve thought that might have given him some confidence to win it for us though with the chance at the death
  4. Yep, definitely holding my hands up to say I was wrong about him, proved me wrong.
  5. Westwood spoke highly of Liam Palmer on the commentary last night - basically how Liam speaks to the players about what it means to be a Wednesdayite and shows them all photos of him supporting the team as a kid. That sort of thing you can’t buy/replace in the dressing room
  6. Can’t remember the finer details but he spoke very very highly of his time at Wednesday and came across as a really sound bloke. He really sang the praises of Steve Bruce and said how fit the team was and how much running Bruce had them doing and that if Bruce hadn’t gone to Newcastle we’d have gone up that year. He said the fitness levels faded not long after Bruce left. Spoke highly of Bannan and Palmer too and how his kids are now hooked on Wednesday. He’s currently training with Crewe and keeping fit ready for when he gets a call.
  7. I’d add Bywater to the list - absolute nutter!
  8. Should be selling as many tickets as we’re able to to maximise income. Would love to know reasons as to why we’ve limited Bolton and Lincoln’s allocations when they both “sold out”. Ours is the only ground in the country that needs so much segregation.
  9. It’s as if we don’t need the extra income….
  10. Great the club are getting on board with things like Black History Month and trying to educate the fan base. I do think they could’ve gone one better and asked all players who their black role models are, not just our black players - this would’ve promoted Black History even more.
  11. Was never really the same player after Loovens left - they made a great partnership. Good servant to Wednesday and wish him well in his career, time we moved on now.
  12. If he does sign we should probably hold off singing “Come and have drink with us….”
  13. Would be good to play Brown at LWB and play this lad on the left instead of Johnson
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