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  1. Gutted he lost his legs - Wallace was a cracking signing
  2. S61 Owl

    What is the furthest out..

    Paul Mclaren own goal at Leicester
  3. S61 Owl

    Penney / Preston

    Penney looks to have benefitted from his loan last season. I think that that we should try and send some of the other youth players out on loan, the likes of Preston and Baker to give them a chance to develop and gain league experience
  4. S61 Owl


    Having him in the side is allowing Bannan to have the run of the midfield and push forwards - him and Bannan compliment each other
  5. S61 Owl

    Penney / Preston

    Penney looked more composed at this level than I’ve ever seen from Fox - certainly a chance to be our first choice LB. Not an ideal situation having to rely on a youngster but needs must
  6. S61 Owl


    He’s an absolute beast. Won pretty much every header tonight and also used his strength well. He needs to work on some bits of his game like positional sense and decision making but that will come with experience. Hopefully he can breakthrough this season and offer us some defensive cover by coming off the bench before trying to stake a run in the first team
  7. S61 Owl


    When Hooper is back I think he’ll thrive off Fletcher. Add Fessi to the mix and we have a lot of quality in attack.
  8. S61 Owl

    HELP please

    If you can’t collect they’ll get sent up with ICO for you to collect at Sunderland mate
  9. S61 Owl

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    Sounds like cult.....
  10. S61 Owl

    Morgan Fox

    A player we should have never have signed, very poor and nowhere near the standard needed for this level. Can’t believe Charlton has us pay good money for him AND Rhoys Wiggins.....
  11. S61 Owl

    Joost Van Aken

    Any news on why he wasn’t involved today?
  12. S61 Owl


    Hopefully he’s played Fox out of the side after that performance today. Like comparing chalk and cheese.
  13. S61 Owl

    Back 3 sorted?

    Pudil looked very below par today. Not sure whether that was half to do with him having Fox next to him as he did improve when Thorniley came on
  14. S61 Owl

    Ash Baker

    Loved the late challenge he did, bit naive but certainly showed some passion. Hopefully as season goes on he can make it his place to lose.
  15. Be lucky to get there back round there...