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  1. Think with a lot of our U23’s we need to begin to loan them out and see whether they can cut it in league football. Thinking players like Stobbs have been around ages yet we still don’t know if they are capable of playing league football and developing. It’s one area of our club that has been disappointing for a number of years now
  2. Correct decision to give him a rest from squad today in case he picked up a booking meaning being suspended at start of next season
  3. So much potential but very little desire or application
  4. Went and bought a shirt for my 14month old this after. £17.50 I paid ain’t too bad but was no way I was paying £35 for it at start of season!
  5. Definitely wouldn’t have got away with that! Good effort mate!
  6. My daughter also has Wednesday as her middle name - still don’t know how I sweet talked the wife into that one!
  7. Aarons has got to be starting and Boyd dropping to the bench
  8. It’s going to take a few more games to get him match fit but he certainly looks to have pace, a good first touch and ability.
  9. Legs have gone, unfortunate for us but he offers very little these days. Definitely one to offload in the summer and replace with someone a lot younger.
  10. Hope they select Villa game for Friday night or for the Sunday - going to the Grand National on the Saturday
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