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  1. Definitely wouldn’t have got away with that! Good effort mate!
  2. My daughter also has Wednesday as her middle name - still don’t know how I sweet talked the wife into that one!
  3. Aarons has got to be starting and Boyd dropping to the bench
  4. It’s going to take a few more games to get him match fit but he certainly looks to have pace, a good first touch and ability.
  5. Legs have gone, unfortunate for us but he offers very little these days. Definitely one to offload in the summer and replace with someone a lot younger.
  6. Hope they select Villa game for Friday night or for the Sunday - going to the Grand National on the Saturday
  7. Other than creating the odd attack FF was a worry last night - seemed to offer very little when he came and spent most of time walking around halfway line or when he did venture forward taking his time to get back inside which then slows down our forward play even more. Hopefully it’s a case of not being match fit but he really didn’t look like he wanted to be there last night. He is our best player but it’s been a while since we’ve seen the performances we saw in his first year or so with us.
  8. FF a real concern - other than linking a few attacks he wasn’t the player we know. Spent most of his time walking around and same as Saturday persistently taking his time to get back onside. Don’t think any player can really say they can rate their performance higher than a 6.
  9. Although we were very negative and set up not to get beat hence Fletcher on halfway line most of the game, I think had Jos did the opposite and kept the defence as leaky as it has been he would no longer be in charge and we would be looking at losing by a good margin. Whether we like him or not, Jos has his job in mind with his tactics and in fairness the players put their bodies on the line for home and each other. What the result does tell us is that with the 11 that he is picking there is a lot of team spirit left even if we will undoubtably fall well short this season.
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