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  1. Joey loves it doesn't he

    The sort of player we should be signing, the right age, at a great price. Give me the sort of signing any day over the signings of proven has beens like Jones, Abdi, Buttercup etc.
  2. Reach - over not around

    Agreed in that because he is a consistent 6/10 we shoehorn him anywhere as we don’t know his best position but there a bigger problems in our shambles of a squad that we should be showing the door. Reach is still young, always fit and has room to develop. IMO Loovens, Abdi, Matias, Jones, Boyd, Wallace, Hutch (always injured) need to be gone before we start shooting ourselves in foot and getting rid of one of our only few players who have been fit all season and a steady performer
  3. Wildsmith

    Great shot stopper and definitely should be our number one for next season - only area he really needs to improve in is his distribution imo
  4. Wildsmith and Dawson to battle it out. Get Westwood wages off the books and invest in the defence in front of the keeper.
  5. Adam Reach

    Left wing back for me, uses his versatility well and also means we are then able to have better options in midfield/attack not to mention being a better upgrade than Morgan Fox
  6. We can determine where we are likely to finish if Morgan Fox is still our left wing back at start of next season..... as others have said there’s a few positions we need to improve upon in addition to players coming back
  7. Based on his age and quality Lees is worth a lot more than that in my opinion. Like others have said clubs may be reluctant to pay fees for our aging players on big wages - best we can hope for is coming to an agreement to release the player on a free to free up the wages.
  8. Hypothetically...

    With a couple of years left on his contract I’d say Nuhiu is worth about £2.5/3m in today’s market - sounds a lot but for a provern big man in this league I’d say that is the going rate
  9. Sam speaks well- glad he’s been managed wisely and brought back slowly so that he stays back for the long term. The lad speaks honestly and is also honest on the pitch- we should build the team around his type of character- anyone less should be shown the door.
  10. Lucas Joao

    One of the only things Jos has got right so far is getting the potential out of Joao
  11. Stobbs

    A young winger breaking through into the first team is never going to have much chance of shining when he has no strikers to aim crosses at or to link up with. If people are looking for scapegoats then they need to look at some of the more experienced players who aren’t showing the quality - Loovens being a prime candidate
  12. The Millwall player who caught him, Jed Wallace, has said on Twitter he caught him with his studs as he ran for the ball and that it was a freak incident. Looks a bad one, hopefully the amount of treatment given on the pitch is just precautionary.
  13. The Cult of Wallace

    Wallace is the sort of player you love if he plays for you but hate if he plays against you. Was quality when he took that note off the Hudds player last season!!
  14. Got a right engine on him, didn’t stop running all game last night and bossed the game from centre mid position. As others have said he’s been a great stand in captain recently and should be made captain moving forwards - didn’t stop talking last night. It’s been a rubbish season but at least one silver lining has been the improvement and turnaround of Reach - making the £5m price tag in today’s market looking like quite a bargain. If he is to play centrally then we definitely need to add more quality on the left in terms of a winger and left back.
  15. Only thing we need to change is whatever that is that’s played before the teams come out - hardly atmosphere building and sounds even worse on the old school ground speakers. This is something we can look at when maybe we are 20pts clear at the top though - lots of other priorities at moment...