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  1. One thing holding us back

    As daft as it sounds we never replaced JJ! No defenders like coming up against someone with pace and as others have said it is the only thing missing from our squad.
  2. Colin's Comments

    Don't mind Warnock, one of the few proper characters left in football and always game for the banter.
  3. Be in the Prem by then so won't affect us
  4. Visit Middlewood

    Remember going up to Middlewood as a kid with my old man, watch the players train and then get autographs afterwards!
  5. That first 15 minutes...

    Lee is the key to everything we do and makes us tick. Early days but really struggling to see how Boyd fits with us - hopefully he'll come good with time.
  6. That first 15 minutes...

    Took me back to the first season under Carlos..... Then the next 30-40mins was to what we currently expect. Overall can't fault today but in my opinion we tried to settle for 2-1 too early by bringing Boyd on and leaving just one up top. Hopefully more to come!
  7. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Flog FF to Fulham for £12m and sign Jota with the fee and still have change!
  8. As others have mentioned we rely on strikers too much to get the goals. Think we all recognise that the midfield should be contributing more. In my opinion the defence definitely needs to be chipping in with more goals - our current defence significantly lacks goals when compared to say our L1 promotion team where Jones, Llera, Buxton and Reda were all scoring.
  9. Only 9 more to go and then you can go home and beat the wife.....
  10. Swfc fans cars being broke into

    Mine and a few others got done last season just off Herries Road on Oxspring Bank. Now park somewhere else near more houses but reckon it's only a matter of time.
  11. Not sure whether I've missed it or not but surely if we want to get some money in to balance books with FFP and all that, why don't we look at doing pre-orders for the shirts? I'm sure loads are just waiting to buy them and if we did pre-orders the club will have the money in the bank before the end of the transfer window...
  12. Sam

    When he's in defence we don't see the overcommitted side of him, he seems more composed and less chance of him either getting injured/booked/sent off
  13. Hunt

    The main strength of playing Hunt is that it means Palmer doesn't start.
  14. 45th to 60th minute

    The injuries in the first half pretty much killed the game for us. When we go at teams in the second half like that we struggle to sustain it for any longer than 15-20mins and then we need a few impact subs - today we couldn't make them as our subs were used in the first half.