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  1. Anyone got the stats of goals scored by Hooper and Rhodes when they start together? Rhodes has scored in each of last 2 games but that’s coincided with Hooper not scoring. Will we get them both firing?
  2. Balance = Promotion

    4-4-flipping 2
  3. He waved his arms around a fair bit....
  4. Turning point of the game...

    Said earlier in week it’s be interesting to see Palmer and Hunt on the right! Least we know it’s an option until we get some wingers back fit.
  5. Palmer

    Always a steady player, would’ve loved him to finish that chance today. Said in another thread it’d be interesting to play both Hunt and Palmer on the right to give Wallace a rest. As far as our academy products go, Palmer is up there with the best and is also a Wednesdayite!
  6. Dem blades

    SYP at their finest
  7. Reach for me. Looks so much better and more comfortable on the wing than at left back - started to take a man on too. Think he will be a key player for a few years to come
  8. Put Home fans on Lower Lep and we’d have the advantage both halves....
  9. Liam Palmer

    I’d be interested to see what would happen playing both Palmer and Hunt on the right - may be a temporary solution to the Wallace problem (Wallace had a lot better game tonight in fairness)

    Let’s hope he starts on Saturday now and gets a run of games and a few goals to get him back to the player we expected when he signed
  11. all things Thai

    A lot of our players are massively over8ted
  12. Time For Rhodes

    It’s fine people saying Rhodes has failed to shine so far but he’s hardly had a decent run of games - especially this season. How can he get up to speed when he’s only getting 15mins here or there in games that we are chasing and everything is hoofed up to him. Give him a run of 4:5 games with Hooper, put decent balls on a plate for him and we’ll begin to see his potential
  13. Ross Wallace

    We’ve nobody to replace him with!
  14. Ross Wallace

    Said in another thread, unfortunately his legs have gone, he’s not half the player he was in his first season. Reason he’s in the starting 11 is that we have nobody to replace him!