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  1. owls-swfc

    Time wasting...

    Dawson is one of the worst culprits.. No urgency,... Waits for everybody to assume normal positions before distributing. First half, one of the forest players went over the goal touchline in a tackle and was taking and age to get up ( Dawson took the kick only after their player, had come back onto the pitch after fully recuperating..) why not rag the ball down field, with only 10 opposition players on it while you've got the chance FFS!
  2. owls-swfc


    At least some fans on the kop do..!
  3. FF got another match ban????
  4. I wonder if that kid got another hand job to take the edge off the defeat?
  5. PLAY UP WEDNESDAY! (No FOREPLAY, In the crowd please)...
  6. owls-swfc

    Dan Wallis

    Soz,.. fixed it for you with a bit more vigour / viagra..
  7. owls-swfc

    Well this is awkward

    I forgot to add that that it must be quite Nuhiu for someone to be pullinapessy at a football match..
  8. owls-swfc

    Well this is awkward

    She's Reached out straight for the Onomah's.. He must have thought I Matais aswell, its my Luhukay day.. It needs Bannan to be fair..
  9. owls-swfc

    Well this is awkward

    Wonder how many TPP's he's collected to get kinda service?
  10. owls-swfc

    FF Praise

    Kinnell,.. he'll have to go to Ecco Aldi, instead Chap Asda at that rate..
  11. owls-swfc

    D taxi

    It might have well have no doors at all..
  12. owls-swfc

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    I'm glad you know how to distinguish the pecking order between "Meh" and "Satisfactory" now Snoots...
  13. owls-swfc

    Jos on Joel Pelupessy

  14. owls-swfc

    'i dont wear red'

    I've got plenty of brown and white striped pants...
  15. Unless you have got the ability of x-ray eyes, I cannot see what his hip condition /diagnosis is....