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  1. What was Trevor Francis doing at Hillsborough aged 11? Who was the responsible guardian to allow this injury to happen?
  2. Not as much as when we played over there in pre-seasons
  3. Well, at least they are not Watford shin-pads...
  4. owls-swfc

    Acne Bard

    Are UK burgers anorexic compared to your version?
  5. owls-swfc

    New kit

    Remember this year when the kit lasted 5 months!
  6. Just Doyen't worry about it at all..!
  7. Physiotherapists FC, both teams are very well known to each other.. Should aid the comeback training, they will know where not to kick them where it doesn't hurt.. Jobs a gud un!
  8. We need back-up in case of inju......(aw phook that)!
  9. owls-swfc


    Steve Bould has a lot to answer for... (but also the company that makes pilsner larger a little bit aswell)..
  10. Sorry guru, I've got to disagree with that. Fletcher chases down lost cause balls, and he's a grafter, put his head in where it hurts on a number of occasions. OK he's no speed merchant, and got injured.. But so did many others, throughout he kept on playing through necessity despite this, eventually resulting in the long term one.
  11. For some reason I read this as a cheap offer at a barbers shop!
  12. In the old crown (near dog track) a picture of yesteryears kits shows we played in Blue / white hoops (QPR stylee), and Blue /white quarters (Blackburn stylee)..
  13. owls-swfc

    Clare rejected us??

    Has he declared that declaration already...?
  14. owls-swfc

    Preslav Borukov

    Hasn't he already preslavly signed.?
  15. owls-swfc

    The future of Joao

    It seems everybody's doyen this and everybody's doyen that at the moment.. Its a wonder anybody knows what they are doyen at all. I just hope things get sorted out before the start of the season so that we all finally know what we're actually doing!