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  1. Most of the Fair controlled one's were £2-50-3-00 . More bothered about the shirt's to be honest wanted one for the Grandson whose 4 year old
  2. Great day as ever , smaller than previous years , some of the Bouncy castle's and Trampoline's had sign's stating that SWFC were subsidising them . I thought that was a nice touch , DC and KM both there . Did'nt realise they were selling the Kid's shirts , not good communication at all. They could have announced it from the Music stage.
  3. There is no way of checking really , other than photo id . My season ticket is not in the name of El Cid .
  4. I share with the Son- in -law , if there is a match we both want to go to we go halves on the ticket cost .
  5. We have a Chairman/ owner that all clubs dream about . Thank you Mr Chansiri .
  6. The poster is usually spot on to be fair . Going to be interesting if true
  7. I was stood in the queue at the container bar overlooking Penistone road , and you could see the wardens taking photos and putting tickets on the cars. One after the other
  8. Who ever has leaked it , will feel the full wraith of the club . They watch social media like hawks.
  9. A word of warning they are not doing the White kit in Infant sizes
  10. Wednesday dont make things easy . At the Owls in The Park today if you spent £100+ on shirts/ merchandise you got the last seasons Goalie shirt free. A relation spent £300 + so qualified for 3 shirts free , but had to make three seperate transactions to get said shirts.
  11. Ask him what / or if, he buried anything in the four corners of the pitch ?
  12. Yeah mate , i had purchased an early bird season ticket , so got one with that
  13. I had one or these last season, when we got to Wembley i went to the ticket office to ask what phase i could buy at as it wasn't mentioned in ticket information. Cue shrugging of shoulders and blank stares all round , i never found out either way. So if you can only afford a half season ticket , i would get a second half one.
  14. Not gone but a different shade of blue
  15. 2 BST from Lily's and 4 cans of kronenburg
  16. Look on Swfc website ballot details on there . Ballot closes at 4 pm .
  17. How can the knockoff nigel's get their stuff out on the streets so quickly. 3 days after the Brighton game and they were there
  18. Never been so confident about a game as this. We are going up
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