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  1. Most of the Fair controlled one's were £2-50-3-00 . More bothered about the shirt's to be honest wanted one for the Grandson whose 4 year old
  2. Great day as ever , smaller than previous years , some of the Bouncy castle's and Trampoline's had sign's stating that SWFC were subsidising them . I thought that was a nice touch , DC and KM both there . Did'nt realise they were selling the Kid's shirts , not good communication at all. They could have announced it from the Music stage.
  3. EL CID

    Fan loyalty reward

    There is no way of checking really , other than photo id . My season ticket is not in the name of El Cid .
  4. EL CID

    Fan loyalty reward

    I share with the Son- in -law , if there is a match we both want to go to we go halves on the ticket cost .
  5. EL CID

    Thank you Mr Chansiri

    We have a Chairman/ owner that all clubs dream about . Thank you Mr Chansiri .
  6. EL CID

    Jordan Rhodes, on loan

    The poster is usually spot on to be fair . Going to be interesting if true
  7. EL CID

    Parking Tickets

    I was stood in the queue at the container bar overlooking Penistone road , and you could see the wardens taking photos and putting tickets on the cars. One after the other
  8. EL CID

    New Badge on South Stand

    You'd know mate
  9. EL CID

    New Badge on South Stand

    Who ever has leaked it , will feel the full wraith of the club . They watch social media like hawks.
  10. EL CID

    New Badge on South Stand

    DC wont like that being leaked out
  11. Wolves are interested in Rhodes according to SSN
  12. EL CID

    Third kit

    A word of warning they are not doing the White kit in Infant sizes
  13. EL CID

    New Badge on South Stand

    It's a trial fit
  14. EL CID

    Steering Group Meeting Tomorrow

    Wednesday dont make things easy . At the Owls in The Park today if you spent £100+ on shirts/ merchandise you got the last seasons Goalie shirt free. A relation spent £300 + so qualified for 3 shirts free , but had to make three seperate transactions to get said shirts.