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  1. Have any season ticket holders been sent a promo code for the Luton game ?
  2. Will there be any restrictions on games now that Sheffield is in Tier 3 or will it be carry on as now?
  3. With the new regs will season ticket holders be given access to all games on ifollow like we were during lockdown.
  4. I believe that because other venues have had to close this is now a central venue for the area's foodbanks Well done Wednesday for providing the facility.
  5. Got to be Bronco and Fantham for me closely followed by Mculloch and Curran. Why the first two? It was the top division and we were in the top six and playing in Europe.
  6. Bramall Lane 1961 FA cup 6th round. Won 2-0 both goals from Derrick Wilkinson. i was taken by my uncles when at the back of the Koop all adults put their hands in the air and passed me down to the front over everyone’s head.
  7. Lets not forget that just a few years ago we were granted outline planning to revamp the old girl. if that plan was approved then surely all this entry exit stuff was taken into consideration then. As a quick solution then mabe the bridg could be widened to where the blue gates are giving a much bigger concourse
  8. 30minutes before kick off and only pies were chicken or balti. Plus not a drop of Hendos in sight
  9. Steve Lonnia, chair of the council's safety advisory group, said: "Following the submission of a report commissioned by South Yorkshire Police that highlighted issues with regards to public safety on the Leppings Lane forecourt, the council and police have worked very closely with Sheffield Wednesday to resolve these issues. "Due to the evidence presented in the report, we immediately requested that the club submit proposals to deal with the issues raised. "A prohibition notice has been served that means there will be no access or egress from the north and south stands on to the Lepp
  10. I think the only solution would be for a larger access to the North at that end. The only way to do that would be to try and buy up the properties adjacent to the ground demolish and change the perimiter layout.
  11. on the statement issued the name is Steven Lonia
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