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  1. Good little player in the dark days of the70s condolences to his loved ones.
  2. Does anyone know why two thirds of the lights on the kop roof and one third of the ones on the Leppings Lane stand are not on during the game. They have been out for at least the last two games.
  3. Come on then all those who wanted him a year ago do ya want him now???
  4. I keep read that we are under a transfer restriction which says we can’t actually buy players. Can someone show where this has come from and the actual restriction.
  5. Sadly the trust only represents 3.2% of the supporters saying that we have 21000 supporters at each game. Either people need to step up and join or just admit that really they aren't that bothered what happens.
  6. I remember Swamy from both eras and he was truly a colossus. He intimidated the opposition and their fans. He always seemed to upset the Man U fans in one way or another. Reflecting on his career I was trying to think who the fourth defender was and I can’t. Then it struck me the formation was 2, 3, 5 if anyone can tell me the other defender with Johnson, Swan, Megson I would appreciate it. rest in peace and thanks for the memories.
  7. I have read that because of brexit bringing in foreign players may be difficult. If this is the case then surely it would apply to managerial appointments also
  8. Having bought a pass I haven’t had email with code ???
  9. Is there any ifollow coverage of the Preston game???
  10. Have any season ticket holders been sent a promo code for the Luton game ?
  11. Will there be any restrictions on games now that Sheffield is in Tier 3 or will it be carry on as now?
  12. With the new regs will season ticket holders be given access to all games on ifollow like we were during lockdown.
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