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  1. That does sound quite appealing to be fair. What about if you could put imac on your testicles and sit at the side of him?
  2. Irrespective of what you think about the disaster, Bettison is so full of shllt it's coming out of his ears.
  3. spineynorman78

    Almen Abdi to right back

    Kieren Westwood.
  4. Hypocrisy and an idiocy in one post - multitasking!
  5. spineynorman78

    Looking good

    Like braveheart in a suit.
  6. It surprises me that anyone gives a poo poo, especially as the reason for the popularity of st paddy's is so blindingly obvious and nothing to do with the Irish question. It's because it's traditionally an excuse for a wee wee up. That is fun. People banging on about Wellington and the glorious British empire - which is all I've heard on the rare occasions when I've stopped by a st George's do - is boring.
  7. spineynorman78

    An orange glow from Hillsborough

    Something slightly odd about this - I assume I must be missing something cos I would expect the club to have taken expert advice on this. But the OP says the glow around the pitch is orange. That sugests to me that they're HPS (sodium) lamps being used, which tend to favour the red end of the spectrum (hence the orange glow) which is excellent for flowering/fruiting (so if you wanted the grass to go to seed it would be great). What I'd normally expect to see when lamps are being used to promote growth in grass would be blue lamps - usually metal halides - which favour the kind of growth you'd want to promote (strong and deep roots, stem strength etc). You'd usually see a cool white glow, possibly with a slight blue tinge if these were being used. Weird. Assume I'm missing something cos I just don't believe that DC would employ advisors who'd make that kind of rookie mistake.
  8. There's a fair bit actually. More, by several orders of magnitude, than there is within the earth's atmosphere /pedant
  9. spineynorman78

    Marco Matias

    Just figured out why Matias is giving it the fingers. It's obvious to any neutral observer that Sasso is leaning to one side to raise a cheek in order that he may unleash a spectacular 3 mile island style guinness and full english breakfast paper ripper with a half life of about 2 hours and Marco is merely expressing his disgust.
  10. spineynorman78

    Marco Matias

    Now you mention it him, Palmer and Sasso all look like they've been shopped into that one.
  11. spineynorman78

    Marco Matias

    marble tables on a coach ffs
  12. spineynorman78

    Marco Matias

    I'm all for it. We've been crying out for a big scary hairy barsteward since reda left took me a couple of minutes to figure out who sougou was, didn't look skinny enough
  13. Everything else does, whilst also being a miracle cure for it.
  14. A misleading headline in the Daily Mail? I never thought I'd see the day!
  15. spineynorman78

    DC's project