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  1. Also Kurt Cobain, territorial pissings Wasn't expecting that to get through the swear filter!
  2. I was going to mention him, remember that with vinnie Jones, I think Ryan was only about 20 at the time too. didn't he get a bad injury and have to quit in the end?
  3. Isn't he too busy knocking around with known fascist terrorists to bother himself with football these days?
  4. Gone for Megson as the comedy option but if we can't get Hughton I'd take Stuart Gray over any of the other names on that list.
  5. I rate Thorniley very highly but I think we'd be vulnerable in the air with him and Lees as the partnership. I think Lees and Thorniley both look better with a big man alongside them so if we can't get Hector I think we need to sign a replacement.
  6. Started watching Wednesday just after Sterland left so this is the easiest pick in the world for me. Nilsson was possibly the most accomplished player I've ever seen for Wednesday in any position, always seemed to have more time than regular humans. Even played a one two with the post in a league cup semi final against Blackburn.
  7. General question not related to goalkeeper. Since this is a dream team will nigel Worthington be on the ballot for both left back and left wing?
  8. Chris Adamson. Good looking lad too.
  9. That does sound quite appealing to be fair. What about if you could put imac on your testicles and sit at the side of him?
  10. Irrespective of what you think about the disaster, Bettison is so full of shllt it's coming out of his ears.
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