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  1. Sits back and waits for some tedious clown to comment that there will be some who comment on the fact that it's the sun and they wouldn't wipe their arse on it. Probably because, presumably unlike the aforementioned poster, they prefer to use bog roll.
  2. humanity can never truly be free until the last landlord hangs from the entrails of the last businessman
  3. Dom senior played for Peterborough when I used to watch them play regularly (grew up there so went to see posh cos I couldn't get to wednesday games). He was a decent player. Really quick and could play on the wing or through the middle. Decent eye for a goal too. He was also a full Nigerian international if I remember correctly.
  4. The bigger ones are Gavita 1000W DE Sodium, very powerful lamps more to the red end of the spectrum. They do most of the work. The smaller ones are Hortilux, I think Ceramic metal halides with a very high colour rendering index which serves as supplementary lighting to give them the other parts of the light spectum they need. Nothing to do with heat. I work in the industry (though I think most of our end users grow a different kind of grass)
  5. Me and my mates have a laugh and take the ******** but we never have bantz. This is because we're not cuunnts.
  6. Also Kurt Cobain, territorial pissings Wasn't expecting that to get through the swear filter!
  7. I was going to mention him, remember that with vinnie Jones, I think Ryan was only about 20 at the time too. didn't he get a bad injury and have to quit in the end?
  8. Isn't he too busy knocking around with known fascist terrorists to bother himself with football these days?
  9. Gone for Megson as the comedy option but if we can't get Hughton I'd take Stuart Gray over any of the other names on that list.
  10. I rate Thorniley very highly but I think we'd be vulnerable in the air with him and Lees as the partnership. I think Lees and Thorniley both look better with a big man alongside them so if we can't get Hector I think we need to sign a replacement.
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