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  1. Saved 3 out of 46 in his career. I reckon an upturned wheelie bin would have a similar return
  2. can we take a moment to discuss Rawowl's FAAB strategy?
  3. turns out auto-drafting and then not really changing anything other than dropping the 2nd kicker is a solid strategy...
  4. Are we all collectively ignoring that horrendous apostrophe then?
  5. Just score another 6 and we don't have to worry about Cardiff, easy
  6. Going to break out the Mr Myagi technique if anyone dislocates a shoulder
  7. Just going to throw it out there that there were a number of posters who told you this chairman was no-good as soon as the prices for the first game against Bristol were released, as soon as the ramped up memberships were announced, as soon as he was buying players left right and centre and was selling no-one. They received dogs abuse and got told to get behind the chairman because he'd put money in. How did that work out?
  8. I'm more concerned with the club's continued existence than surviving league 1.. I don't think that's certain either
  9. Not going to happen obviously, but Edge should pick the Tag Titles to go for at Wrestlemania.
  10. No offence, but everyone who's spent the last 5 years plus defending this clowns awful decisions is getting what they deserve.
  11. Everything but "since the playoff final" is right here. Since Chansiri took over is correct, the playoff runs just meant that most people ignored the problems that should have been setting alarm bells wailing
  12. full disclosure, I'll only trade Tannehill for someone equally dreamy
  13. QBs for sale, get 'em while their ACLs are fresh! in the market for WRs
  14. good point, forgot his, although both are fairly niche sports I guess, which I think is important if you want to work this out.
  15. Colin Jackson set a world record that lasted almost 13 years Discounting Hamilton because he's had no real competition is a little daft, have you considered that maybe that's because he's THAT much better than everyone. (Watch him when it rains) Yes, he probably has the best car, but he gets to drive that because he's the best driver.
  16. That area of the country was notorious for being a BNP/Britain First hotbed too
  17. hoping the Dolphins trade every 2020 draft pick for 2021 draft picks, I assume the Texans or the Rams will agree to that trade...
  18. @KivoOwl you missed the first part where he sacked the manager who got us to mid table on a budget of buttons and good wishes...
  19. Watched the rumble having watched next to nothing for years and hated it. The rumble match is one unique thing WWE has and they wasted 2/3 of it on having Brock squash the entire roster. (that shtick has been boring for at least 2 years.) They then followed that by having every single person they didn't want buried appearing after he was finally out. Outside of edge appearing (a great pop ruined by the director constantly cutting to the crowd) there were no surprises or underdog entrants in the 2nd half. It just didn't have the epic feel a rumble normally does. Pair that with the fuckawful commentary team and I'd say probably the worst rumble I can think of. p.s. Can anyone give me a single kayfabe reason for Strowman and Lee to start fighting each other when they downed Lesnar? p.p.s Ricochet for MVP after kicking Brock in the nuts, definitely a "thank christ that's over" pop rather than marking out.
  20. Hang on, they sing "we'll keep the White flag, flying high"? No wonder they surrender their position in the league so often...
  21. Probably something worth writing you your local MP about if you're serious about kicking up a fuss
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