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  1. we need top 2 form to reach the playoffs (2ppg = 79 total at season end)
  2. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/14-amazing-football-club-badges-we-wish-still-existed-and-10-are-truly-awful Look who makes an appearance at #1... Tradition and brand recognition is important peeps

    Maybe he meant this kind of support?
  4. I thought legally you had to actually sell a product at the higher price before you could say it was discounted anyway?
  5. Nuhiu

    Volunteered for a pen against Hudds and got turned down by CC as well don't forget. Clearly Carlos will only use him when he's desperate
  6. Paul Walker just for the lost in France interview
  7. You know you could buy like 3 pints in London with that £20? You also wouldn't have to watch that tedious drivel...
  8. Westwood at the end

    I hate being devasted...
  9. Black Shorts

    Black shorts, black collar, a bit of yellow/gold dashed about the place to spice things up, and maybe even red numbers in a white box and you're onto a winner.
  10. The 1990s were going on with those short sleeves...
  11. Maybe they should minute the f*cking meetings then?
  12. Online Store Complaint

    I see Aero's been designing the stock https://www.personalisedfootballgifts.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday-mugs/legend-mug
  13. Ekoku's goal to pull it back to 2-1 in the first leg is still one of my favourite memories as a Wednesday Fan. Hillsborough was bouncing that night, we were a bit crap, but gave it a real go.
  14. Them boards

    Their sponsorship is obviously totally above board, I mean, who DOESN'T have a specific trusted brand they use when buying balloons?
  15. Them boards

    Why don't you just shut up and Elev8 your performance?