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  1. Cpt_Hatstand

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Apologies, we played them in the cup and beat them the week after, could have sworn they were premier-league then
  2. Cpt_Hatstand

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Fulham, 2nd January 2016
  3. Cpt_Hatstand

    Kicking the back of your seat

  4. Cpt_Hatstand

    £20 just the ticket

    £25 Kop £30 North £32-35 South would put 1500 on the average gate for me
  5. Cpt_Hatstand

    Kicking the back of your seat

    FAKE NEWS The North End of the Kop has seat numbers around 200+
  6. Cpt_Hatstand

    £20 just the ticket

    Maybe it's just nice to have an extra 5000 there supporting the team? Seeing as ticket revenues "cover nothing"?
  7. Cpt_Hatstand

    Atdhe Nuhiu today

    TBF it's shocking that he doesn't perform well when he's had such overwhelming positive support over the years...
  8. Cpt_Hatstand

    Our club is dying

    The thing I'll never get (and apologies if this has been covered, I skipped some pages) is why do people feel the need to prefix any criticism of Chansiri with thanks for the money he's put in? Why are you thankful that the man has saddled us with unmanageable debts whilst delivering no tangible results other than a nice day out?
  9. Cpt_Hatstand

    The 'pen'

    Stonewall pen, their player was trying to score and got his leg taken away
  10. Cpt_Hatstand

    Live stream

    for future reference googling "reddit soccer streams" certainly won't hamper your search...
  11. It's as if more people watch when Leeds are on and Sky care about subscribers...
  12. Problem then is we have to pay tax to keep them in prison...
  13. This season 13 league games are scheduled for Mon-Fri for us (I would guess 6 or 7 at home but didn't check) we'll very possibly have more due to the Cup competitions so it's a big chunk. What they should really do is what they do with broadcasting NFL games in the states where all games are televised but you can only watch the local game if that one is sold out. The teams will then sometimes declare sellouts even if the ground is only half full but it's their choice whether or not to do that.
  14. Cpt_Hatstand

    #SWFC MEMBERSHIPS - Now on sale!

    Surely the point of the membership should be to get the people who go 4 or 5 times a year to go 8-10 times a year, or those that go 8-10 times a year to go 14-16 times a year? Make the break even point about 6 games, (hell 8 isn't so bad) £5 off per game, £30-40 and you'll get a bunch of people buying one on a whim, or even just to support the club if they rarely get to go (which I did when they were £20/£25)
  15. Cpt_Hatstand

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Soz mate, no discounts on sale items