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  1. Swfc world record cake

    That crowd is buzzing...
  2. Swfc world record cake

    I mean, it's clearly not a ball is it?
  3. Swfc world record cake

    I'm curious how many previous attempts have been made at this record? One?
  4. https://twitter.com/i/moments/890662690552721409 The Sheff United one has the most insane goalmouth scramble I've ever seen (2nd vid) Also, Alan Kelly is almost James/Grobbelaresque when it comes to goalie blunders
  5. Probably just a direct rip from that week's episode of Football Focus
  6. The one against Middlesborough actually has a wonder save from Pressman (I think) in there
  7. https://twitter.com/i/moments/890721712635092993 This is pretty special from our boys in blue and white
  8. https://twitter.com/crap90sfootball There is a Wednesday one on here, I think it's a goal Tottenham scored against us
  9. Club News

    Playing a different sport, albeit amateur, players that age REALLY care about "look good, play good".
  10. That's 1000x nicer than ours which looks like a cheap knock off
  11. Next season kit

    I love how these two shirts don't actually match (look at the umbro/club badge positioning)
  12. Big Dave Off ?

    Lanky players always get abuse because they look ungainly. Sibon got it, Crouch gets it etc etc
  13. West Germany 0. Sheff Wed 0

    2 years is quite a warm-up...
  14. I was thinking on the way home last night, we desperately miss having a JJ type winger (except one that's actually good enough for a top end team and can cross) as an outlet when we win the ball back from the opposition. The amount of times the ball kept coming back after a clearance was horrible.