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Community Answers

  1. Right, well I missed that so it doesn't count
  2. Did anyone find it weird that they never mentioned that Batth played for us?
  3. He certainly tried the hardest, and that's all you can ask really
  4. fair play on one point to the club, I expected the website to be slow as anything but it handled things smoothly
  5. List all the fixtures Have buy tickets links on the ones you can buy Have links to sales info on the ones you can't buy yet but know when If the sales info isn't available a generic "available soon" message
  6. It's down to crappy web design, I know because a relative got put off taking their son to his first game for months because they couldn't work out how to get tickets.
  7. Let's be fair, our ticket website is pants, even if they're not on sale at that time, why aren't upcoming matches listed?
  8. the chavs coming back from the concourse after the 3rd just to throw abuse at Gregory after the 3rd are a joyous sight
  9. If we're not going to make it I hope it's the next one we lose, would be devastating to not make it on the last day then have to get up for the playoffs
  10. Do you think football is more important than what's happening in Ukraine?
  11. Wasn't he originally talking about transferring ownership to the supporters' trust or similar. I imagine something like that will happen and then a buyer will come in and take over.
  12. Saved 3 out of 46 in his career. I reckon an upturned wheelie bin would have a similar return
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