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  1. That area of the country was notorious for being a BNP/Britain First hotbed too
  2. @KivoOwl you missed the first part where he sacked the manager who got us to mid table on a budget of buttons and good wishes...
  3. Hang on, they sing "we'll keep the White flag, flying high"? No wonder they surrender their position in the league so often...
  4. Probably something worth writing you your local MP about if you're serious about kicking up a fuss
  5. It's the people who work for the club and are going to be out of a job I feel sorry for tbh
  6. WBA 2-2: 2-0 until the 85th minute WBA 1-1: 95th minute equaliser Leeds 1-1: Only ahead at half time but sticks out as the game before the WBA 2-2 Birmingham 1-1: All over them all game, conceded on one defensive concentration lapse with their only shot on target Sheff U 0-0: Great performance, had the one clear cut chance all game
  7. There's so many draws to rue sadly, WBAx2, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheff U... 2 of those into wins and we're 6th
  8. In the studio: "he's made a rod for his own back, the fans are going to question it" In the stands: "Steve Bruce's Barmy Army" Says it all really...
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/complain-online/
  10. Apologies, we played them in the cup and beat them the week after, could have sworn they were premier-league then
  11. £25 Kop £30 North £32-35 South would put 1500 on the average gate for me
  12. FAKE NEWS The North End of the Kop has seat numbers around 200+
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