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  1. Nuhiu

    He's been given more than 7 minutes per appearance, pretty simple really.
  2. 3D Printed Hillsborough

    those penalty area markings are all over the shop, plus no corner quadrants or 10 yard corner marks. D+
  3. Relegation or a trophy?

    I know that wasn't the question, but why is the league more important to you? We don't really have a chance of winning the thing any time soon, barring a Leicester-esque once in 50 years miracle, so I'd take a notch on the honours board any day of the week, even if it meant playing in League One for a bit.
  4. Relegation or a trophy?

    Do you actually think Wednesday will win the Premier League any time soon? If not then cup win, otherwise, what's the ruddy point?
  5. Nearly kicked the seat in front in half raging during that game. Not sure the person in it was too pleased...
  6. If we win every remaining game we probably won't get automatic...
  7. Sky Sports - Man Of The Match Award

    But Reach clearly played better? Everything dangerous went through him
  8. What's the worst Owls injury crisis ever?

    We used to consistently have bad ones in the early 2000's (the two scots, hinchcliffe etc) but not THIS bad...
  9. Sheff Wed vs Cardiff - LIVE

    reddit soccerstreams...
  10. Mini SWFC documentary

    I'm in it! (as in found myself on the South Stand for the Huddersfield playoff game...)
  11. Question to the South Standers

    Same answer for both Gravity
  12. Question to the South Standers

    Plus you shrink as you get older
  13. They've got solid, airless tires
  14. JOS 10/10

    So no-one doing a Jossy's Giants gag yet?
  15. Jordan Rhodes..

    He was getting very frustrated with Joao ignoring him in good positions around the box