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  1. Agree. The management obviously assess each game on its own merit and if thats what they think we need, then we have to trust their judgement. It will change from week to week. Im on board.
  2. Superb support by the wednesdayites. Look forward to getting back to the fresh air......
  3. Great song but the EFL PC brigade would fine us for being racist knowing our luck
  4. I can't see us winning anything in middle of the park with that starting selection. When Everton are coming forward we won't have an answer. The bench is healthy but we will probably be behind before they are brought on. Oh well never mind eh?
  5. From the mid eighties to the mid nineties we were an established tp flight club, albeit a temporary one season relegation. But we came strongly. Since then we have been no better than average. Its only the loyalty of our fans that keeps us worth a mention in footballing circles. As a club we are way off a return to the top flight. I am not holding my breath its gonna be anytime soon. Gutted but realistic.
  6. Some good ideas there. Ps. When one of them is finally put into place, any chance of a quote for a kitchen extension? :)
  7. I'd have Steve Bruce back if he really, really, really promised never to do it again.............
  8. We just seem to be focused on or assuming existing or presently out of work EFL managers/coaches will be the ones hired. I am still open to a foreign coach being found. I realise CC faded after a bright start and JL was Sh*t from day 1 but there are others that have been brought in at other clubs that we never heard of and done really well. Lets not just settle for some dull journeyman. Lets get the coach scouts out there and see if we can find a gem?
  9. Its a tough situation were in. I kinda hope that SB goes now as he is willing to leave us if it can be financially agreed. What happens if this all falls through? Will the damage ever be repaired or will he be a dead man walking? DCs next move must be extra special as this situation could set us back at least another season which would be a shame as i think we are looking in better shape just now. My fingers are crossed.
  10. Not too concerned with this news really.. What I would love is for the players we do end up with to be injury free for a change.
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