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  1. We are not massive. Its an embarrassment to hear it said. Other clubs fans must be weeing themselves laughing when they hear us say it.
  2. My concern is how much is he costing us to not play him? As per previous posters, a far too high percentage of our loan signings for years have been epic fails.
  3. We have absolutely nothing up front. Chucking balls over the top with nobody able to catch them or hold them up to bring in someone else. A long afternoon this is going to be.
  4. He'll come in handy when dishing out the water bottles for those that deserve a drink whilst putting a shift in.......
  5. Most of my geordie mates say he is a decent player but cant stay out of the treatment room. No good to us im afraid.
  6. Looks like we picked the wrong day to quit the transfer window
  7. Does anyone know how to cancel Owls membership automatic quarterly payment thats taken from a debit card? Before I get slated for doing this, its not that I've fallen out with my beloved Wednesday or Ive had enough of the poo show, It is for another strictly personal reason. Not getting any joy trying to do it online for some reason. Wears Tin Hat in anticipation.
  8. Sweet baby jesus and the orphans. Can we just stop "plotting' to get players who are either injured now or haven't re-established a place after an injury. We all know the script. We take them on and they play 5 minutes of football max for us and then its goodnight Vienna.
  9. Cant get my head around this rumour. He is not as good as what they have already imho.
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