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  1. We just seem to be focused on or assuming existing or presently out of work EFL managers/coaches will be the ones hired. I am still open to a foreign coach being found. I realise CC faded after a bright start and JL was Sh*t from day 1 but there are others that have been brought in at other clubs that we never heard of and done really well. Lets not just settle for some dull journeyman. Lets get the coach scouts out there and see if we can find a gem?
  2. Its a tough situation were in. I kinda hope that SB goes now as he is willing to leave us if it can be financially agreed. What happens if this all falls through? Will the damage ever be repaired or will he be a dead man walking? DCs next move must be extra special as this situation could set us back at least another season which would be a shame as i think we are looking in better shape just now. My fingers are crossed.
  3. Not too concerned with this news really.. What I would love is for the players we do end up with to be injury free for a change.
  4. Are the clap bits for our hands like the old version or do we actually say clap in this one?
  5. Signing for Derby and gonna watch the match on our beam back
  6. I remember seeing him come on as a trialist in a pre season friendly at Hillsborough. Cant remember who it was against but he looked comfortable without breaking a sweat. Signed him up shortly afterwards.
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