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  1. I am not reading anything into this news but It can't do any harm to him or the club. If this leads to him staying and becoming a legend like his dad, Great. But if he still leaves in the summer, Good luck to the lad.
  2. you see. We are trying to get forward........ Yee of little faith.
  3. Craziest line up ever

    They are going to come at us like a steam train as they will have very little need to do much defending. Or is this a stroke of sheer genius by Jos methinks?
  4. Millwall Memories

    Went to the 3-3 midweek game in the 79/80 season. First and last time I have been there. Me and my mate parked my motorbike near Pond Street and went on the National coach. Had our crash helmets with us and wore them on the coach after the game as we were ambushed in the street as we were leaving. Had loads of windows smashed in by bricks etc. as were pulling away from the ground under police escort as well. Quite a night but the lads were great that night. Wednesdayites have always been sturdy :)
  5. Stripes next

    Mores the point. What has he got against a bruised banana?
  6. Obvious song for Clare

    Looven on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again
  7. Bloody ridiculous

    Yes but.................
  8. Just now I don't mind if he hasn't. If we win, he will have played his part by not touching it (or something like that......)
  9. Can't grumble with that TBH. Hope to see them all smiling at full time for a change.
  10. Please, for the love of god, sweet baby Jesus and the orphans... WIN WEDNESDAY, WIN
  11. Even Turpin had the decency to wear a mask before he robbed you blind
  12. Pelupessy

    I havent seen him play yet but im confused. In his first i tervuew he said he was fast. People on here saying he isnt. ?
  13. Luhukay Out

    Not gonna jump on the bandwagon on this. Ok we have issues with some of his selections but i wish we could see what he has with a few of our lads back? Time will tell. Just stay in the league. We all know theres no play-offs this year. UTO
  14. Nothing for us today i reckon. We are on the bones of our arse and they will see us as an easy target. I hope im wrong but I fear the worst.