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  1. Toon Owl

    Breaking News

  2. I thought it was going to be lunch options. Damn.
  3. Toon Owl

    Anyone remember this guy

    It was designed specifically. Niclas Alex Sanderson
  4. Good luck with that one. Cheap head guards available on Ebay.
  5. He's been a great asset to the club but he has seen his day now and we need to move on to younger, faster and better players. Good luck to him though.
  6. I'm also a little surprised that they don't have personalised / sponsored ones. All a bit tinpot :)
  7. It doesn't look very well balanced to me at all. All the kits are over to one side of the changing room and there's not much room between the coat hangers. It's all a bit cramped.
  8. Toon Owl

    Sunderland tho..

    Sunderland fans skipping the country early before relegation stopped at Newcastle airport trying to take Pease pudding with them
  9. Absolutely, but not a good look on a Geezer
  10. Loved the shirt but the material made my nipples sore
  11. Toon Owl

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    Happy Freeekin Easter everyone :)
  12. Toon Owl

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    That was pure class. Im so pleased for him.