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  1. Signing for Derby and gonna watch the match on our beam back
  2. I remember seeing him come on as a trialist in a pre season friendly at Hillsborough. Cant remember who it was against but he looked comfortable without breaking a sweat. Signed him up shortly afterwards.
  3. Its a red card imo. Nando is his own worst enemy sometimes but he has to endure potentially career ending treatment with no protection from incompetent officials also
  4. Just read that Millwalls manager totally understood the referees decision not to let us play in our Yellow kit. Apparentley if two teams kits are completely opposite colours, it could cause a player to catch something out of the corner of their eye and misplace a pass. I never considered that ............. WTF
  5. Take the point lads n lasses. Been a terrific points haul over the lsst 3 games. Im happy :)
  6. We beat Villa when he was in charge. Great but not the biggest deal. He beat us in the biggest game in our recent history when he was in charge also. He is not the messiah but he cleary does know how to win when it matters occasionally.
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