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  1. I have changed my mind after seeing those stats. I would definately start him now 😁👍
  2. Our current owner has got loads of cash. He cant spend anymore of it. It makes my blood boil hearing stuff about Newcastles projected takeover and how many hundreds of millions they will spend to buy the title (like the other nonse teams have). One rule for one league and one for another. Its time to tell the EFL to f**k off.
  3. Hang on fella. Dont do something you might regret. Youre gonna feel upset should we get to the play offs...........
  4. If we get 21 points deducted, lets just have it now and get on with it. If we manage to survive this season, what good is 21 points off next desson. Same result. 21 points in any sesson means relegation. The future is grim whatever happens.
  5. How about this. Its a full.house with a Kaiserslautern at home style atmosphere, the team turns up and we actually beat them. Thats a protest.........
  6. No one expects the "Spanish Inquisition"
  7. I think we do have talent and options in defence and up front. If we could just compete in midfield we would do ok against most teams
  8. Saw all 5. Travelled with Anglers Rest Branch from Wombwell. All good lads. Sadly some arent here anymore
  9. That starting line up is shocking. With the injuries and loss of form just now, we are in dire straits.
  10. Posted at 20:0320:03 Post update QPR 0-0 Sheff Wed First chance of the game is for Sheffield Wednesday but Jacob Murphy blasts a hopeful shot miles over from about 25 miles. (From BBC website) I know we have been accused by some of playing the long ball game, but a shot from 25 miles away. That's impressive :)
  11. Mon Dieu. Are we allowed to sing Rule Britannia then. Its reference to us ruling the waves might offend the French, Spanish, German, Argentinians (or pretty much every other sea-going nation really?
  12. It was just hoof ball. Bannan hoofed it forward to Reach then Reach hoofed it across to Nuhiu amd then he just hoofed it past their keeper. I would just love some clever attractive passing football with an end product for a change.
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