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  1. davidhirst1867

    Harthill Owls

    Must have a bit of money. See their flag everywhere England go
  2. The day I introduce my near 2 year old to a lifetime of disappointment. Can't wait.
  3. Looking forward to it going back up to full price at the end of the season. FFS!
  4. Anyone can pick out stats to suit an argument. Typical example: Population of Leeds: 750,000 Population of Sheffield: 550,000 Fans attending football in Leeds: 30,000 Fans attending in Sheffield: 53,000
  5. Let me get this right. So one of the biggest clubs in world football are actually wanting season ticket holders to bring their mates for free to try and fill the ground? In the words of Mick Morgan "A can't speyk"
  6. davidhirst1867

    Another Away game Sold Out

    Over 50k I think, with them averaging more
  7. How did we manage a 20 per cent increase after relegation?
  8. davidhirst1867

    Looking at fixtures

    Absolute guaranteed we will lose that
  9. davidhirst1867

    Clarity please Mr chansiri

    How many of our 21,000 season ticket holders are going to renew the most expensive tickets in the league at this moment in time? It's going to be pretty alarming I think
  10. davidhirst1867

    set out early all you 2,000 owls

    Still over 1800 sold earlier
  11. davidhirst1867

    Millwall ticket news

    So that makes it our biggest following to Millwall...on a Tuesday night too
  12. davidhirst1867

    Millwall ticket news

    Definitely. Our biggest away followings seem to always be down south. 4000 to Fulham every year, 3000 to Qpr (if permitted), 3000 to Charlton last two times
  13. davidhirst1867

    Millwall ticket news

    It is. For some reason, we hardly ever sell our allocation at Middlesborough
  14. davidhirst1867

    Millwall ticket news

    On the basis of us taking over 1,000 now 4 times in a row on a Tuesday night, as a bottom half team in all those seasons, I think we'd take over 2000 on a Saturday regardless of league position.
  15. There SHOULD be 30,000 there for this. As there may be this Saturday, considering Villa will have nearly 5,000