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  1. davidhirst1867

    A dose of reality

    Think it just highlights what we are to be honest. A mid table side
  2. davidhirst1867

    We’ll play worse and win this season

    Seriously? Thought we were pretty poor all round tonight.
  3. davidhirst1867

    Sky Sports Red Button

    Mine is freezing every few seconds
  4. Really? Bristol City full allocation is 2600- they will sell. Birmingham is around 3000- they will sell. QPR possibly not, but still be at least 1500 going
  5. davidhirst1867

    Four away games, all four sold out

    Clubs get the full Darwen end at Blackburn if they need it, about 8000. Can't see us filling it. Think 90 per cent will be sell outs
  6. davidhirst1867

    Forest tickets SOLD OUT

    To be fair their crowds are up nowadays and won't be many empty seats
  7. davidhirst1867

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Etienne Esajas
  8. davidhirst1867

    Sad but true

    **** off
  9. Vydra to Leeds has fallen through
  10. davidhirst1867

    Harthill Owls

    Must have a bit of money. See their flag everywhere England go
  11. The day I introduce my near 2 year old to a lifetime of disappointment. Can't wait.
  12. Looking forward to it going back up to full price at the end of the season. FFS!
  13. Anyone can pick out stats to suit an argument. Typical example: Population of Leeds: 750,000 Population of Sheffield: 550,000 Fans attending football in Leeds: 30,000 Fans attending in Sheffield: 53,000