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  1. Sheffield Wednesday V Wolves OMDT

    Genuinely wouldn't be surprised if we won this and won it well. We all know that we're literally capable of anything which means that, in the grand scheme of things, not much will change. On a side note, seen that Wolves have sold less than 1200 tickets for tonight. Terrible support to say they're run away leaders and supposedly a big club. Fans calling is robbing barstewards, but I don't think they realise that they pay the same as our cheapest stand.
  2. Carlos Outers...

    Interesting... Feck off
  3. Hang on, don't we pay money to be entertained by them? Not up to us to provide the spark Carlos! A can't speyk.
  4. Kevin Phillips sticks out in fairly recent times. Expected him to top the list tbh. Most of his were last minute as well
  5. You Broke John Terry

    Hope it ruins the latter days of his career to be quite honest. I'd never normally say anything like that, but the bloke is awful and has been very lucky to have had such a glittering career considering what he's done in the past

    Could have just put this rubbish in the other thread
  7. Totally understand where he's coming from, but many fans on social media also do go to the games and he doesn't have the full support of everyone that goes. He'd be naive to think that everybody wants him to stay as manager. I will say though, that I think the vast majority WANT him to succeed. I'd be delighted for one if we do
  8. It’s all gone quite

    It's all gone quite what? Let's just enjoy the win eh instead of having this weekly back him VS sack him argument
  9. No longer about 1 result

    Another defeat makes his position untenable. It's not enough beating Millwall. We'd still need to get a result at Villa and then in the next 3 or 4 after.
  10. Why hasn’t he sacked him

    It's a very sad state of affairs at the moment. The first season under DC and CC was brilliant; fans, manager, chairman and players were all together and it felt like we were on the crest of a wave. The football was good to watch and CC was very popular with us all. Most of that has unfortunately disappeared now and it seems likely that we're going to have quite a hostile atmosphere very soon unless things change drastically. CC should have walked away at the end of last season with his head held high, but it's past that point now. The fans will be chanting for him out if we go behind on Tuesday. I literally couldn't be bothered to go on Saturday and can't be bothered Tuesday; just feels like the club has lost its identity. I used to get excited walking through the turnstiles, but the magic has gone.
  11. The band

    No doubt I'll have to endure them on Saturday when Classy Cas (hopefully) make history
  12. Leeds Allocation

    You don't really sell out every away game though do you...another Leeds myth. And of course it's a bigger game against United. You' ve got twice the allocation yet the United game will have a bigger crowd
  13. Birmingham Away Ticket Details

    Max allocation is 3000 isn't it? Wont be far off if we win Sunday
  14. Adam Reach

    I hear a lot of people around me who are adamant that he's garbage. One even said he wouldn't get a game for Handsworth under 12's. Don't understand the hate. Tidy player who is starting to grow into this side more and more. Only real criticism still would be that he doesn't seem to like getting stuck in that much, but that's improving