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  1. I'm currently watching swamp thing and enjoying season 2 of krypton
  2. I'm soooooo looking forward to this now.. my crush has returned.
  3. i'm 3 episodes in and would have binged watched the rest if i had not started watching at 3am
  4. Discovery season 2 has been brilliant.. i'd like to see more of the bridge crew and less of burnham. I'll miss Pike & Spock when they leave and would love to see a series with them instead of the planned section 31 show.
  5. This is the first time i have played fifa online and i can see why i never ventured into it... the anger which is coming out of me has not been seen since Halo 3 ranked games. I'm not a great player but when you dominate a game and lose due to the lag and bs moments it really is a massive put off.
  6. Enjoyed playing pro clubs again.
  7. Spending 18k on doing a squad building challenge was worth it as I finally packed a top rated player from the reward pack.
  8. i've not done many of those missions but all the targets i've had to kill were wanted when scanned. If the next ship you want is for combat only then a viper mk3 is your next choice. A cobra mk3 is great for abit of everything. This site is useful if you want to know how much your next ship will cost and how much when upgraded with different modules. https://coriolis.edcd.io/
  9. Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you.. the game is a hard learning curve and i'm still learning new stuff all the time. Here are some screenshots and a combat video. Merry Christmas to all.
  10. Time to get in my orca and rescue some civilians.
  11. Well i had planned on watching 1 episode a day but i ended up watching 3 episodes this morning. grrrrrr at the temptation to see what happens next!!
  12. I grabbed all 9 episodes earlier too, looking forward to it.
  13. I'm watching The Mist and now The Last Ship.. I swear it got cancelled but it got renewed for 2 more seasons.
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