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  1. http://www.usagoals.me/football/1798012/1/wolverhampton-wanderers-vs-sheffield-wednesday-live-stream-online.html
  2. If anyone has acestream, it's in HD AceStream: 54967f21ecb7841523065a087c2c35d16e7d2e2e
  3. one from this site http://www.footballstreaming.info/streams/todays-links/
  4. Decided to download acestream media player and the picture quality is so much better than those web streams. It's a shame the commentary is not in english tho.
  5. If it's quite far behind, make sure you move the bar forward.
  6. i want classic player back, have had to pause soccer saturday by a few mins.
  7. They better put the older player back, i like to watch soccer saturday and don't want the score popping up before i hear it.
  8. I'm having to use internet explorer because on chrome it keeps cutting out.
  9. Normally i have no issues, maybe the odd dropout but today it kept dropping out but luckily i didn't miss any of the goals.
  10. good morning, i'm still buzzing from yesterday and still need to watch the football league show as i missed it.
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