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  1. When we play teams who play a more freeflowing passing style of football I feel we are always in the game and don't worry so much. As soon as it becomes more of a physical battle where we are playing teams that rely more on their strengh and pace then I have no confidence whatsoever no matter the skill level of the opposition.
  2. Please don't do that till full time. Need him on the pitch
  3. Reach...

    Reach and Hunt were best players ont pitch in a very good performance. Haters gon' hate
  4. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    Agree with you. Just thought it'd be a decent discussion.
  5. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    There are many old songs that aren't sung anymore (rightly) because of their questionable content e.g. "I'd rather be a p*** than a Blade". I just don't think its particularly big or clever to sing about beating women. Just my opinion.
  6. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    I guess the point I was making was that songs like that might start earning us as a fanbase a negative reputation as backwards hooligans or summat which reflects badly on the club. Just the feeling I got. Maybe I'm wrong and missing some wider context to it?
  7. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    Go to pub drink 10 pints Get flippingplastered Go back home Beat the wife We're the Wednesday rumblezoids It was something along those lines. Made me a tad uncomfortable.
  8. Joao

    I still see bags of untapped potential in Joao. Think we've ruined him by dropping him (ironically to protect him) halfway through Carlos's first season when he was on fire. Hes not looked like hes had confidence since then.
  9. Really minor negative for me on Saturday was in the pub before and after the game singing this song referring to ourselves as woman beaters. I'm sure the majority of us can agree this is not something we particularly want being associated with Wednesday tbh. Am I just being too soft or does anyone else get this?
  10. Boyd

    He was excellent. Because him and Reach have such good engines we looked so solid down the flanks defensively. Still room for improvement offensively but an easy 7/10 for me.
  11. Jones - the enigma

    Jones is one of those players whose best work often goes unnoticed. E.g. Fulham he didn't look spectacular but he stopped Cairney playing and freed up Bannan.
  12. Fantastic away performance

    Special praise for the entire midfield for me. Boyd was awesome, Jones had Cairney in his pocket, Reach was class and that is the best I've seen Bannan play in a very long time.
  13. My realistic expectation is play-offs but to at some point or another be in contention for top 2 but fall like 4 points shy or summat.
  14. Reach out wide left over Forestieri any day. At least then we will get crosses into the box for Rhodes.
  15. Gordon Watson

    Thought he spoke a lot of sense tbf.