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  1. Top of the league mate. Who needs a manager?
  2. Come on boys kill this off. I don't want this ending in a Desmond or worse.
  3. Not many finer sights in football than a diving header... A diving header by Sammy... I need to sit down. I'd walk a million miles for one of his smiles
  4. Not just the pace but the strength to power past the defender. Get in
  5. Me right now: "EMBARRASS EM WEDNESDAY STICK 5 ON EM! ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!" Me in 10mins when Swansea inevitably score twice in 5 mins: "GET IT INT CORNER! PARK THE BUS!"
  6. Fair comments and I agree. I also agree with a lot of what the OP said. He is playing well atm but even still I am not convinced he is good enough as first choice left back going forward. Tbf a lot of this can be said of Palmer too. What does grate on me is the abuse they get. At the end of day whether or not you think they're good enough they always try their best. Isn't the old cliché that thats all we ask for? Being of the opinion that they're not great players doesn't mean we're entitled to spout some of the awful stuff thats said or posted about them.
  7. First noticed that at Wembley. For 3 yrs I've been getting slated for making comments similar to the majority of this thread. The fact is without Kieran Lee's movement and Hutch's steel Bannan is bang average. Those two play-off seasons we should have been singing Kieran Lee's name a lot more than Bannan's... Also can he and Fletcher just get their heads shaved and not have to wee pipe about with their Bobby Charlton combovers every 5 mins
  8. My childhood hero big Kevin Pressman taking the greatest penalty that has ever been taken stands out to me.
  9. If its any way possible snap him up asap. Don't want another Venancio situation. Still gutted we let him slip away. I'd be more than happy with Lees, Hector, Venancio, Thorniley as centre back options
  10. This is the promble with Bannan. Carlos built the whole team with this mentality to look for Bannan first chance they get every time they get the ball. Its become so second nature to the players now its been a difficult habbit to shrug off, and puts us under pressure and keeps Bannan picking up the ball in the wrong areas. We play better without him atm, and thats not Bannan's fault. We either need to rectify this or move Bannan on.
  11. Westwood to save a pen and Hutch to score a two footed lunge for the winner. Gwarn Wednesday!
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