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  1. No. That wasn't a crossfield diagonal ball.
  2. It's not though. Often when Bannan plays a long raking crossfield ball he floats it too much so there's no pace ont ball and gets intercepted by full back. Sammy drives it so its actually gets there. Bannan's quality when it comes to passing the ball is when he gets into those little pockets of space in the final third and can play those shorter range defence splitters, which he does fantastically well. E.g. Vs Leeds.
  3. Hutch is a much better long-range passer of the ball than he gets credit for. Better than Baz at it
  4. Midfield has been pathetic. Need Sammy on n stop getting overrun so we can get a foothold
  5. Are things alright home? Not saying I disagree but Jesus calm down pal.
  6. In terms of consistency this season Dawson has been steadier than Westwood. Aside from positioning for the Cardiff free kick not sure Dawson has done too much wrong. Westwood has cost us a few points more than Cammy has this season
  7. His weakness imo is he is prone to just switching off at key moments every now and then.
  8. I find it odd how quick everyone is to leap on Dawson for not claiming crosses or distribution when Westwood isn't any better in either aspect of his game. In fact Westwood's kicking is abysmal. As for crossing, I do agree I'd rather Dawson was more assertive in coming to claim them but a lot of keepers (Westwood included) don't seem to come for crosses often these days. Seems to me like it's being coached out of goalkeepers for some reason.
  9. The Championship for ya. First half vs Cardiff is best we have played all season and over the 90 mins deserved 3 points but didn't get them. We then follow that up with a bang average performance but pick up all 3 points. That's how this league is sometimes. You just have to make sure you're giving everything, matching or bettering your opposition's commitment and fighting for the shirt and your team mates every game, which under Monk we are. Performance quality will fluctuate but if we work as hard as we have been recently all the time, quality will gradually improve and at the very least we'll be tough to beat and competitive. Uto
  10. Guy on Final Score saying Preston showing their promotion credentials... Calm down pal the dingles are flipping awful
  11. Not being there I can't say but at a guess because Monk still wants a holding midfielder on as well as a box to box midfielder?
  12. Been putting in performances that Dawson would get slaughtered for tbf
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