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  1. Always Had puma king before Di Canio then a pair of pantofola d'oro after he left was always predators year in year out.
  2. 14in x 2in Open To offers, no time wasters, reason for selling is we have no where to put them anymore, plus 2 match worn sponsor shirts with professional framing.
  3. As shown on ‘All Wednesday’ it’s shows just how much the Wednesday fans were touched by this tragedy and how a lot of people remember these guys, seriously a truly special club and these guys were truly special people, a match made in heaven. R.I.P Steven Fairbank & Shaun Rhodes. Owls in Heaven.
  4. Remember that day like it was yesterday
  5. Will always miss these guys and always in our Wednesday hearts. Owls in Heaven RIP Steven & Shaun
  6. Try Reach on RW to see if he's more effective can't be any worse
  7. Is that the 476 games unbeaten when they never achieved PROMOTION hahahaha
  8. 3D doesn't weigh 6t made in Sheffield from stainless Steel looks very impressive
  9. Leeds got Luke Ayling from Yeovil & every-time I've seen him play he's had a really good game and he did on Saturday. So there are players lower down just need a good scout
  10. Not happy father in law been down to find out they aernt doing infants, I'm sorry but that's shocking decision from the club as its hands down the best shirt out. Just lost £50 from me
  11. We haven't got electronic advert boards, same as last season I'm afraid
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