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  1. Hillsborough Capacity

    Why would anybody choose to go on the lower lepps, unless its a sell out in the other areas. The view is abysmal.
  2. Similar picture of Stamford Bridge in 1941. Photo caption refers to disable WW1 veterans.
  3. Fans Forum

    Beats me how people can say its a good/poor idea, when the full details have still not been published.
  4. New kit in the shop window

    Whats the odds on a kit thread on Owlstalk where somebody doesn't mention Ipswich
  5. PL Fan Vote*

    Yep, including losing home & away to the likes of Wimbledon & Coventry
  6. Evolution of the West Stand

    So you want to fence off the stairs and bridge, which is the only access to the main reception, and give it to the away fans?
  7. Evolution of the West Stand

    I believe it would also require new fan facilities (ie toilets, catering etc) installing on the lower tier to allow us to split the stand vertically. Its why we can only split the stand between the upper & lower tiers
  8. Tender for Refreshments 1935

    That year the season didn't start until the 31st August. It was also the year we won our only FA Charity shield against Arsenal. Interestingly the game wasn't played until the 23rd October and was staged at Highbury, Wednesday won 1-0.
  9. Oi, stop air-brushing out 23 years of our history
  10. The point is, vitually every club has changed their kit design & colours over the years. What kit is classed as the traditional one, relates to the timespan you choose you to view. Leeds fans prior to the 1970's would have said their traditional colours were yellow & blue.
  11. Blue & whites stripes they originally wore?
  12. Just to back up Nev a little, the first recorded instance of football shirts with vertical stripes was not until 1883. So its very unlikely we wore vertical stripped shirts before 1890. Especially as vertical stripped shirts (or jerseys as they were then) were more expensive to produce!
  13. Season Ticket Prices 1937-8 !

    Using consumer price indexes on inflation, £3 in 1937 would approximate to around £190.00 in today's money. Although as factors in the calculation of inflation vary widely across the years, this can only be a very rough calculation.
  14. Steering group meeting

    Accordinging to Reesh (Walkley) on OO, one of the two argumentative c***ts (his words) at the meeting was from Lancashire Anybody want to own up?