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  1. E-cash

    For people that don't have bank cards?
  2. Statue

    Gordon Watson's dive for a penalty against Leeds
  3. Swfc training gear

    If that badge & logo is ironed on & not embroidered, then it must be crap. thats how it works isnt it?
  4. :-(

    Anybody know if these were put up by the club or a fans group?
  5. :-(

    Its too late for any dissention to the party line, the Owlstalk politburo have decreed that history must repeat itself. Get ready for the black balloons.
  6. Club 1867

    No it didn’t, l spent most of the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s trying to buy one. As soon as the advertisement in the Star appeared selling one, they went like lightning and normally for more than the asking price. I never got close to being able to buy one.
  7. Club 1867

    How were they worthless, when the guy you quoted spent £5000 per share?

    as i said, virtually all oldish stadiums in the country are not allowed to use their full capacity due to safety reasons and this includes the eyesore across the city.

    And that applies to virtually every stadium, of equal age, in the country.
  10. George Hirst

    It wasn't announced by the club, it was a story printed on the Daily Mail website and then picked up by the Star the following day.
  11. Hillsborough Capacity

    Why would anybody choose to go on the lower lepps, unless its a sell out in the other areas. The view is abysmal.
  12. Similar picture of Stamford Bridge in 1941. Photo caption refers to disable WW1 veterans.
  13. Fans Forum

    Beats me how people can say its a good/poor idea, when the full details have still not been published.
  14. Whats the odds on a kit thread on Owlstalk where somebody doesn't mention Ipswich
  15. PL Fan Vote*

    Yep, including losing home & away to the likes of Wimbledon & Coventry