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  1. No, its easier to repeat any old garbage you hear, rather than questioning how true its likely to be.
  2. I don’t believe it either. Conspiritor theorists are just lazy thinkers
  3. No Neil, you’re not. I know plenty of season ticket holders are not going, but seeing as they are counted in the attendance figures anyway. Any drop, or increase, in attendance figures are purely down to POTG and away follower numbers.
  4. I’m referring to Neil posting the attendance figure & claiming that it shows season tickets holders not turning up. The only thing it shows is little, or no, POTG and a small away following.
  5. Seeing as season ticket holders are included in the attendance figure, whether they attend or not, how does tonight’s attendance correlate to season ticket holders staying away?
  6. No,what happens with FPP is that the goalposts will be moved every season so that the EFL dont have to face any legal challenges. Been like it since it was introduced.
  7. Local radio presenters work on local radio for one reason, bit like some non-league footballers never progress.
  8. Thaks for mentioning it, I couldn’t quite make out the capital letters in the other thread
  9. I think that's the funniest statement I've read on here for a long time
  10. I always envisaged Geoffrery as looking something like this. Obviously if he'd ever met Frankie Howard..................
  11. At least its perked Geoffrey up. Not seen him this animated since he was relaying tales of football violence at the Derby
  12. Its not though, during the late 70’s I couldn’t afford to pay the gate prices and the only way I could get a kop ticket was to sell Development tickets. I wasn’t the only one doing it so that we could watch our team.
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