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  1. Exactly, there's no problem with other clubs being older than Wednesday, whether in the league or not, whether in England or not, but when club's claims are based on dubious sources, it just annoys me. There's no shame in admitting they're not sure when their clubs were formed, even if they believe it's 1863 or 1868 or whatever, but surely sticking it on the badge or claiming it as somehow 'official' just seems really pathetic. Personally i think it's great that some clubs may have been formed earlier, but 'may have been' is the operative phrase here, and my inner historian (ooer!) gets all wound up. 'I believe' and 'I know for a fact' are very different; i know for a fact Wednesday were formed in September 1867, there's lots of strong, contemporaneous evidence, but i can only believe The Wednesday cricket club were formed in 1820, because the sources are not strong or reliable enough, but using 'est 1820' on our official history/badge would apparently be acceptable by some other clubs' standards. I mean we may have tried to back date our accounts, and got punished for it, but thank fooook we aint resorted to back dating our entire history in some form of lazy one-upmanship! UTO!
  2. I was reading an article about the oldest clubs in the world recently, and one gripe i have is that some of the clubs which claim to be older than Wednesday, for example Stoke and their claim of 1863 being based only on an article about reports from that time of a club, that may or may not be Stoke, playing a match in that year. Stoke weren't the only example, though i can't remember which clubs. However, Wednesday can produce actual documents, minutes, and signatures of people who signed up to join the club, as well as contemporary local media reports of the meeting citing, notable signatories, key decisions made and even the venue of the formation of The Wednesday football club etc. Now, i was always taught in history classes (as well as at uni when studying for my B.A.) to weigh all the primary and seconday, even tertiary evidence and the reliability of sources cited when making bold claims. It seems that many clubs that claim an earlier formation based this on fairly weak sources, whilst Wednesday's claim is pretty concrete in terms of documentary evidence. Anyway, pet peeve or not, Happy Birthday Wednesday, WTID.
  3. I remember when Carlos first arrived at Hillsborough, i asked one of my English Language students here in Istanbul who used to play under him at IBB Spor (now known as Istanbul Başakşehir) about him. He kind of sighed, said he is a good coach but doesn't seem to be able to turn things round when on a losing streak. I mentioned this in a thread at the time, and i guess he was right. I liked Carlos but he frustrated me and when i realised the extent of the lack of fitness training he did with players and the damage it did to players such as Keiran Lee i found it unforgivable. I enjoyed the first season, 2nd season was effective but so frustrating, and i agree with many on here that he should have gone after the bottle job against Hudds (and took Rhodes with him).
  4. Agreed, and from what I'm seeing, albeit just on ifollow and highlights, as well as match reports and comments like the OP, the potential of this midfield to be really fluid (when and if they 'click') is, to quote Mr Adeniran, frightening! They all offer something slightly different creatively, and they all seem to be able to cover each other in terms of defensive ability, again in different ways. Adeniran is seems like a real box to box player, Byers offers the simplicity and smart positioning required, Wing will interchange with Bannan as the danger for almost any opposition we face this season because, as mentioned by bigash, it won't just be Bannan's ability they need to neutralise. Probably will be in spells for a while, down to coaches instructions during a match, but if and when that intuition between them develops, it should be one of the most fluid midfields seen at Wednesday for many a year. I also think the mentality of the squad is key, so far everone is positive and understands the need to grow as a team and the patience required, obviously the first test of that will be if there are a couple of bad results/performance and how they respond to that. The test after that is to not be overconfident or complacent if we go on good runs of results, i.e. thinking we can just turn up and win. If we manage to do these things, we could be in for a hell of a season (and beyond). Add to that the potential in the forward line as well, with Gregory, Kamberi, Corbeanu, Shadipo, Johnson, Windass, ans Sow, andI'm genuinely excited by the possibilities for the first time in ages. All ifs and buts right now, but as i said, the potential is there, it just need realising. Great credit to Moore in that respect, lets hope the seeds he is planting (and on such a constrained budget) bear the fruit we all crave as a club, and as fans.
  5. To be fair, he didn't have to do a lot of scoreboard operating last season. His duties mainly consisted in maintaining the scoreboard's operating system!
  6. Nice article that, and like other have said I have a good feeling about Moore, his attitude and footballing philosophy. I like how the article lists his credentials too. I really hope he can succed, of course, and really build something to be proud of, though that needs patience - not so much from the fans, god knows we've been patient this last 20 years or so, but from the the general malaise of short-termism in modern life, and definitely from the interferer-in-chief from Thailand; patience and trust. Another thing raised in the article is the difficulty in building a team on a shoestring, but i actually think Wednesday's problem has always been when we waste money by spaffing large sums on players. I've been watching since 1982, big Jack, sgt Wilko built solid teams with astute signings, even BFR wheeled and dealed (e.g. selling Dalian, for a substantial profit, and bringing in Shirtliff, Williams, and Wilson with the proceeds) although on a better budget than the previous managers. It starts to go downhill for Wednesday when we think we have to spend big on players who, for whatever reason, simply don't perform. Thanks for posting the article OP, WAWAW!
  7. Optimism is all I've got left after the last 20 years or so of 'typical' Wednesday, so.... ...and when we win promotion, this is what we'll sing... We are Wednesday, We are Wednesday, Darren Moore's our king!
  8. I've got to say that the new Sheffield F.C. away shirt looks f'kin mint (apart from the red bits obviously)
  9. Say thank you Pierce.... *trembling voice* thank you! You're welcome
  10. Etti ***** biscuits (a little more controversial) even the swear filter can't handle this one, suffice to say it would be considered a racial epithet almost anywhere else but Turkey, where it merely a very misguided and utterly unexportable 'oreo' biscuit!
  11. My favourite brands here, based on nothing more than the hilarity it causes me are; 'Tittiz' car care systems; Etti ***** biscuits (a little more controversial); and as you mentiioned, the time-honoured 'Arcelik' quite possibly the last thing i want emblazoned across my fridge door, puts me right off my sucuklu yumurta!
  12. Haha I follow them on Facebook, as my wife's family are from the black sea region (Rize and Trabzon). I googled if there was any club called Wednesday in Turkey years ago, and they popped up. They are in the Samsun city region and I think they are some sort of feeder club to Samsunspor in the Turkish Super Lig, or if not they are big fans of Samsunspor (the biggest club in that city). It keeps me out of arguments about which is my Turkish club because when I'm asked who i support i obviously say wednesday, and telling the Turks i genuinely don't care who wins or loses in the matches here doesn't cut it! 'Hadi Çarşambaspor, her yer Çarşamba!'
  13. That Sheridan goal did seem to take an age crossing the line, didn't it! Although i think Sheridan's placement was better than Paterson's - right into the corner, whereas Paterson's effort seems to go under Begovic. Either way, Paterson took the shot unexpectedly early as mentioned above, and their goalie will have nightmares about it for ages... Happy days!
  14. Could be worse, they could pronounce it Paʔerson!
  15. Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology - nobody, not Gibson, not Parry nor the EFL, would fück with such an array of legal talent.
  16. 's dead. Just need to change the date on the death certificate (efl approved loophole apparently).
  17. Haha swiss toni was the best! Place i used to work at had a fire officer who looked just like him. I was in the mandatory fire safety lecture and all i could think of was: "putting out a fire is much like making love to a beautiful woman. You have to whip out your hose, firmly position your helmet, and spray your foam all over the hot stuff!"
  18. Now I'm not saying Monk, Dawson or Wildsmith are anywhere near as good at what they do as Big Ron, Pressman or Turner were, but who was Atkinson's number one? In that promotion/league cup winning season they played 23 league games each, and i distinctly remember Pressman being dropped after a few poor performances, and (my memory is a bit stretched at this point!) i think Turner also got dropped at some point for similar reasons. The previous season (relegation) was similar until Big Kev got injured on New Years day v Man City so Turner played the rest of the season (Hirst finished the Man City game in goal after scoring, and then kept a clean sheet!) Following Big Ron's departure, Tricky Trev shipped out Turner, and brought in Woods who clearly came as the Number 1. We finished 3rd, got to Europe but Woods still dropped some reight clangers but was pretty much ever present. Now we have a similar situation to Big Ron's time, although as i say, Monk, Dawson, Wildsmith aren't in that kind of bracket talent wise (and neither is Westwood anymore) but i think unless we bring in a clear number one, Dawson and Wildsmith should embrace the competition between them, and along with the coaching staff and Monk's decisions to play them or drop them as per performances. It will do them good, as they both have a couple of years experience at this level now and should be able to put disappointments/setbacks to one side for the greater good of the team. The new backroom lads of Beattie, Hughs, and, most importantly from the gk perspective, Flahaven(spelling?) seem big on the psychological side of things (as does Monk to be fair) so could really add value to the keeper's growth/improvement. A new outright number one is going to cost a fair few quid, and i think that any available money could be better spent on a couple of extra first chioce strikers. Whatever happens it going to be a tough old season with a severe handicap of - 12 points, and irrespective of what happens at the appeal, i don't believe we are going to bringing in any serious big money signings this season.
  19. 1) What was the first Wednesday match you can remember ever going to? Wednesday 2 v 1 Newcastle, Easter Monday 1982 2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up? As a proper young un - Bannister Varadi / As a teenager going to matches home and away - Hirst and Sheridan 3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player? Waddle 4) What's the best match you've ever been to? 4-4 with Chelsea 5) What's the best away day you've ever had? League Cup Final 1991 St Sheridan's Day "dink" 6) What's the best football ground you've ever been to? After Hillsborough then Old Trafford 7) What's the best goal you have ever seen at a Wednesday match? Hirst v Villa 8 ) What's the best ever Sheffield Wednesday atmosphere you've experienced? 2nd leg UEFA Cup v Kaiserslautern 9) Who's been the best ever Wednesday defender? Des Walker and Roland Nilsson And.... 10) Where's it all gone? When you experienced all of the above did you ever in your life expect to be now talking about FFP, P&S, VAR, Chairmen, Points Deductions, Hearings, Appeals, Transfer Embargoes, Court Cases, Lawyers, Barristers, QC's, Agents, Advisors and Loopholes? (not talking about just SWFC here - but football in general, as a whole.. as a sport) This is exactly why i actually hate modern football and take no interest in the "circus" but it was always going to go this way. The obscene amounts of money in football make it an inevitability. I was always against such stuff as VAR because the main argument for it was again "there is so much money riding on the right decision" utterly disregarding the fact that for about 160 years we have needed no such thing to arrive at a decision and the standard of refereeing has been degraded in recent years also, to the point that it almost seems deliberate. Unfortunately professional sports will always attract shysters and the dishonest and its not as if Wednesday haven't bent the rules before - weren't we one of the first clubs to "employ" a professional player in the 1870's when football was supposed to be strictly amateur. And as for our record when it comes to actually jumping on the spendathon bandwagon, we are so shiiiite at it its embarrassing. I remember when we signed Sinton from under the noses of Arsenal back in the 1990s, I cringed like fooook when when i heard Wednesday fans singing "You can't afooookingford him" to Arsenal the next time we played them: and who got the last laugh there? I still love football as a game, and i try to block out all the other nonsense for 90 minutes when i watch a match, but I no longer love as a sport, because it doesn't even remotely resemble a sport anymore. I still love Wednesday but the points deduction is what we've got for playing with fire, we've tried to bend the rules and got found out, and now have to just get on with it. UTO WTID COYBAWW
  20. Totally agree mate, if anyone deserves a statue at this club then big Jack is at the top of that list. I'm surprised how shocked and saddened i am by this news about someone i never met, but this has hit me harder than i expected and prooves to me the measure of the man: RIP LEGEND
  21. Really sad news, and what a legend for Sheffield Wednesday, England, the Republic of Ireland, and Leeds United. As a player and as a manager achieved great things, yet remained a no nonsense, down to earth, genuinely lovely man (though i would want to have got into his bad books!) Rest In Peace BIG JACKIE CHARLTON, WEDNESDAY FOREVER
  22. Is this some kind of new swear filter with reference to his song? Seems a bit of a mouthful, ooooeeerr missis!
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