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  1. alcock dived

    'i dont wear red'

    Hello Mr John Street
  2. See, i even remember how John Helm pronounced Wednesday!
  3. Same for me, i definitely remember being annoyed that they cancelled the footie highlights due to the air strikes starting. Stayed up all night in the vain hope that they would realise the importance of the football highlights, so Wedenesday must have been scheduled to be on. I was also sure it was that Coventry league cup game. There is no way i would have stayed up for any other football related reason! Maybe the last 28 years have been a collective hallucination, and in reality Wednesday have recently collected their 14th champion's league title, and Saddam Hussien turned out to be a massive practical joker and hadn't invaded kuwait after all.
  4. I reckon she's up to her neck in it
  5. You're all wrong, it's a trick. They are all the same player, Almen Abdi. Played in the first ever test for England and winning three world cups for Brazil in a career spanning over a century. Still on the books at Hillsborough although appearances have been limited lately due to a few niggling injuries. To be expected really though, approaching his 167th birthday; will be back in full training in 2 weeks.
  6. alcock dived

    Wearing another teams top.

    Never had a English teams shirt other than Wednesday's. First one was the early 80's yellow bukta away shirt, and the most recent was the blue and white striped shirt from Chansiri's first full season. As for foriegn team's shirts: 1990 cccp away shirt Panathinaikos home shirt Netherlands away (white with red whie and blue diagonal stripe) And recently bought Trabzonspor home shirt in a show of solidarity with my father-in-law, amidst a sea of Galatasaray fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş!
  7. Mr Chansiri, is that you? I had no idea you were born on the Arbourthorne. Please reconsider your rather rash statement.
  8. Yeah, me too! But with Guru's opinion of the Rhodes' signing ringing in my ears, I was only cautiously optimistic. I'm sure we all wish Guru was wrong on this, but unfortunately the bloody 'know-it-all'* knew it!!!!! (*apologies to Guru )
  9. In fairness to Guru; I specifically remember he had been against the signing of Rhodes before, during and since the event. He's always maintained that Rhodes' style of play and ours were incompatible with each other, and that one or the other would have to change. In hindsight, he was bang on the money.
  10. alcock dived

    Lego Minifigures

    Lego Minifigures? New Spanish left wing-back?
  11. alcock dived

    Sam Hutchinson - "I enjoyed that!"

    Damn you beat me to it I was too busy trying to keep the wolves from the door so to speak!
  12. alcock dived

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    Bloody oustanding use of comestible and duffel-coat in a sentence.
  13. Good genetics for me, born, bred and buttered in Sheffield! Everybody in my family is a Wednesdayite, even the ones who aren't really into football. I now live in Istanbul and I'm married with a Turkish woman (she supports fenerbahçe, to annoy her galatasaray supporting brother, and her Trabzonspor supporting dad). We have a son, who is 3 and a half years old, and he loves playing footie. He can support whoever he likes in Turkey, but he already identifies with Wednesday as it's "dad's team"! Even today, i was teaching him the days of the week in english and turkish, and as soon as we got to "Wednesday" he said "it's Sheffield". So i reckon he's on the right path!
  14. From what i've seen, from the footage (both contesting the ball after it's out of play and brammal trying headbut mattias) and the op photo (brammal with his hand at mattias' throat, mattias with his forearm toward brammal's midriff) and from what has been said by people closer to the action in the north stand, and based on the ref's decision, either both should have gone or neither should be punished. If i had been the ref; both should get a yellow and a talking to, and that should've been the end of it.