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  1. Is this some kind of new swear filter with reference to his song? Seems a bit of a mouthful, ooooeeerr missis!
  2. That's exactly what I've been thinking about the standard of refs in england for some time. It's difficult to prove corruption accusations, but incompetence is clearly demonstrated week in week out, and as you say, the 'accountability' or if you prefer, the proof of the pudding, is that even FIFA (not unknown for their own levels of corruption) think our refs aren't good enough to officiate at the world cup! There was a time when the best refs in the world were usually from Britain, but now we just see rank incompetence protected by an 'omerta' like silence from the authorities.
  3. That might have been my doing; i'm slowly trying to convert 17 million Istanbulites into Wednesdayites. One district at a time! Teaching english makes it easier - first lesson: "Ok class, lets make a sentence with 'We're all.... Aren't we" multiple choice a: Wednesday b: Wednesday or c: Wednesday (for business english i add a fourth option d: unable to mention Wednesday due to trademarking laws and impending legal action")
  4. Come on you blue (green) and white wizards! 31°c and a nice cool beer (8%) UTO
  5. Oyyy, i'm 45 and still attractive, with all my own hair, still slim built etc. I survive on a diet of tea and cigarettes, a large turkish breakfast every morning, and kebabs in the evening. In fact i have to be pretty careful with some of my 18 year old female students who develop a crush on me... Oh wait, i thought i'd logged into tinder, my bad! Anyroad, we are Wednesday - WAAAW©™ (WE'RE ALL ATTRACTIVE AREN'T WE)
  6. Great find that, mate! I had no idea about this match (albeit a friendly). Standard Sheridan (centrocampista!) freekick, amazing how we got used to such quality.
  7. Thats what i was thinking as i read about the supposed influence of saturn - we definitely go through the mill as Wednesday fans, don't we. I realised you were on about the successful periods in our history, at 28 tp 30 year intervals too. It struck me; our very first fa cup win was 29 years after our establishment in 1867 followed by a pretty successful decade culminating in the 1907 cup success. 20 years later we embark on another decade of success (back to back league titles at the end of the 1920s), then lo and behold the 35 cup win 28 years after our last one! Fast forward to the mid sixties (30 years) and in 66 we'd not won a major trophy but we were damn close, and since the late fifties had been the yo-yo team, as well as our runners up spot in div 1 to spurs which would have seen us champions in any other season based on points total. In 62/63/64 we finished 6th in div one each season. And in 63 we had the craziest run of matches in march, april and may (no less than 20 matches in 2 and a half months). 28 years later and the 91 cup win was at the tail end of a decade of a relatively successful period back in the big time. Now? 28/30 years later could just be the beginning of another decade of relative success in the higher echelons hopefully! I guess my point being we get the suffering and reemergence either side of every 28 to 30 year period since 1867! Wednesday - honours Honour Position Year FA Cup Runner-up 1889-90 FA Cup Winner 1895-96 League Division Two Champion 1899-00 League Division One Champion 1902-03 League Division One Champion 1903-04 FA Cup Winner 1906-07 League Division Two Champion 1925-26 League Division One Champion 1928-29 League Division One Champion 1929-30 FA Cup Winner 1934-35 FA Charity Shield Winner 1935 League Division Two Runner-up 1949-50 League Division Two Champion 1951-52 League Division Two Champion 1955-56 League Division Two Champion 1958-59 League Division One Runner-up 1960-61 FA Cup Runner-up 1965-66 League Division Two Runner-up 1983-84 Football League Cup Winner 1990-91 Football League Cup Runner-up 1992-93 FA Cup Runner-up 1992-93 League One Runner-up 2011-12 UTO WAWAW
  8. Saturns return to the original position in the astological chart is every 28 years roughly. It governs order and sacrifice, organisation, learning from past mistakes and bringing in new ways of doing things. It is about age, wisdom and tradition to teach and renew. It involves hardship and difficult decisions to go about things in the right way. It is about death and rebirth and the transition to new life. In animal symbolism, Saturn historically governs nocturnal birds of prey such as the owl. Probobobobobly
  9. Just finished work and heading home on the bus in Istanbul, match finishes at about 1am here (3 hour time difference). No pigs in this part of the world! We owe them a pasting, but I'll settle for one nowt! COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZAAAAARRRRDDDDDZZZZZ UTO WAWAW OLDER, BIGGER, BETTER!
  10. If was a reading fan i would have finished university, but i preferred to stay up all night putting the world to rights with my home spun wisdom, so I'm definitely an owl! WAWAW! UTO SBBA
  11. ReCant thy foul ways and spread the word: "The Ginge is dead; Long live the Ginge!"
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