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  1. Fessi, Hooper, Joao Reach running from deep
  2. They didn't have the money to buy Vydra - who they pursued all summer - yet we're meant to believe they have now got £10m to buy FF with?!?
  3. Agree 100% Has all the attributes to be class in the middle of a back three. Let him clear up and bring the ball out. Leave the man marking to Lees, Pudil etc
  4. This 100%. If they don't go up they'll lose Sessignon and Cairney and probably bank £40m+. With how Fulham play FF is a direct replacement for Sessignon. If they do go up however they won't lose either and will probably be aiming for better than FF anyway
  5. Think he would flourish in a back three but rather than on the left, I would play him him the way wolves play Conner Coady as a sweeper. Has all all the attributes to play the ball out, makes plenty of blocks and interceptions but seems to struggle when left one on one. Lad has ability we just need to harness it.
  6. For me the important factor in this is Hutchinson. Get him fit and I'd play Van Aken. Letting Hutchinson sit in front of the centre backs will give that added protection, (could even revert to a back three) whilst allowing Bannan, Wallace and Hooper to play ten or twenty yards higher up the pitch. Whilst Van Aken has looked great with the ball, defensively he has definitely been suspect. Hopefully having a better defensive shield in the form of Hutch will help him out whilst not sacrificing our ability to play out from the back. Personally i think it's crying out for three at the back with Reach and Hunt down the wings but I cannot see Carlos changing from 4 at the back anytime soon.
  7. I would be very surprised if Bannan, Lee and Hutch didn't start today. I don't think it'll be a pretty game so we need to be able to go dressed in our farm clothes as Carlos would put it.
  8. He's not though is he? In terms of holding midfield player he is exactly what we could do with. Unfortunatly, he'a so 'poo poo' he'll probably stay in the Prem.
  9. Ha, just seen a thread of its own! Better to see it twice I guess! WAWAW
  10. https://inthewolfsmouth.com/2016/07/28/outgoing-almen-abdi-mr-robot/ interesting Watford article on Abdi, Flores, Fessi and us. Apologies if posted elsewhere.... Hope the link works
  11. Loved it. Hopefully this time next week we'll be back up there!
  12. "Hooper's on fire, you're defence is terrified...." Or replace Hooper (since he already has his own song) with Fessi or Joao maybe??
  13. Brilliant! He's going to be livid!! He posts on here as well
  14. Anyone who played any sort of football during the nineties will most probably agree
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