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  1. 18 year old former Westfield pupil. He’s a decent footballer with a good engine. He’s come through the academy playing left back with the under 18’s and under 23’s.
  2. Mick Lyons Carlton Palmer Gary Shelton Gary Megson Mel Sterland The above are some of the hardest tacklers we have had over the years. None of them were a Bremner, Souness, Keane style real hard man though. Wednesday have always lacked this essential element in our teams.
  3. A five yard tap in within his first 45 minutes. Stick with him and goals will come.
  4. Im sure I would. I’d certainly have a bet if I knew he’d get a starting place each game. It’s not as daft as it sounds.
  5. I’ll be a little controversial. The problem is not Jordan Rhodes, he hasn’t scored regularly for a few reasons: over recent seasons we have rarely delivered decent quality crosses into the box due to having poor quality wingers, building up too slowly, and inept coaching and management. He has rarely had a decent run of games in the team for a full 90 minutes. When he plays we ask too much of him in terms of work outside the box. He’s a goal scorer and to do that job he needs service in and around the penalty area; particularly the six yard box. He will be ju
  6. Rhodes needs game time not rest if he is ever going to be a footballer again. He’s been “resting” for three years!
  7. The Ifollow subscription doesn't include league cup games.
  8. There are some fantastic people on this forum, in every part of our ground, and working at our club. Well done everyone, you should be very proud of yourselves. I hope this gesture has brought a piece of happiness to this lady and her family at such a tough time. I'm sure all our thoughts are with them.
  9. I agree with the OP. In fact I've just posted more or less the same observation in another thread before I read this one. Here's my post......... Let's look at this objectively...... Before his appointment as Head Coach Stuart Gray was Caretaker Manager but knew that somebody would be appointed above him (in the position of Manager) and he would then be second in command. He was always likely to receive an extension to his contract as Coach and this was confirmed by Milan in interviews. With his appointment as Head Coach Stuart Gray still knows that somebody will be appointed above him (i
  10. I think you will find it was Tuesday when you enjoyed the game, we lost at Blackpool on Saturday! In comparison to recent years it was better. But in reality it was quite mediocre other than two great strikes from a player on loan. Yes, there was an improvement but I wouldn't jump in feet first. Dave Jones hardly knew where the training ground was, the one preparing the players for games was the man some of you are campaigning for. Dave Jones allowed his coaching staff to assist in picking the side it would appear. If you watched the substitutions during games they were usually decided upon
  11. We have won one game and people want to give the management job to the coach who has been a major contributor to the awful football we have been playing. How you can feel that this man, together with someone who has no coaching or management experience whatsoever at senior level can take our club forward is beyond me. Let's not get carried away by a win or two, let's make a serious appointment of a man with a true knowledge of football, who has experience and who plays the game in a way that entertains. Football is supposed to be a form of entertainment!
  12. One of the worst days in anyone's life, I hope all goes well.
  13. It is nothing to do with contracts or a transfer. He will be back soon and playing at the top of his game.
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