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  1. He was fine in training today. We went to watch them.
  2. Even better when they post something like that then delete it 2 minutes later. Bottle job.
  3. Wednesday have done the right thing. Let's not waiting around for him to say yes if he can't get a better offer elsewhere. Take control of the situation. He's replaceable and one less on the physio desk.
  4. I think it might be to push Lluongo for a decision. However I think Vaulks will be a better signing.
  5. No, we used it in pre-season last year mate.
  6. Had every opportunity to excel his career with us. Daft for going to Celtic.
  7. Yes 100%! Didn't feel in the zone? The lad is paid a stupid amount of money to put the ball in the goal.
  8. This is a player who chose not to take a penalty for our club against the team he loves. That's why I'm happy. Not bitter. Happy.
  9. Not liked him since he opted to not take a penalty against his beloved Huddersfield.
  10. Couldn't be more happier than to see him lose in the final. Si thi!
  11. I would cash in the chips. He clearly doesn't want to be here anymore and that's why his agent is out there discussing terms. Not sure Argentina would be my first choice in my prime at 28.
  12. Bit of a weird one. Maybe his injuries are worse than we thought and wants to take the money whilst he can? I might be wrong.
  13. Glad Dunkley has gone. Right waste
  14. I hope he has a good end to his career. Absolutely loved watching him play. Gutted he's gone.
  15. He was 3rd choice and if Windass was fit he would have been 4th. No loss for me. We need a young striker.
  16. Heard Dunkley and Wildsmith have definitely left.
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