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  1. Who would replace him? Coming to a club who are favourites to go down due the points deficit. I can't see many wanting that on their C.V. The season is going to be up and down. The next 2 games we need to be above zero. It's down the the players to show their desire for this club now.
  2. Every team looks so much fitter than us. Always winning the first and second ball Who on earth is coaching their fitness ? No coincidence we have injuries like we do. Long season ahead.
  3. His attributes matched or better their striker tonight. That's the difference. Flint / Van Aken no speed. Odubadjo no strength.
  4. Badly missed tonight. Would have been the man marking Iorfa. Would have been a different game with him on the pitch. A lot of injuries at the moment so we've got to take the positives that we gave them a game tonight. Stick by the lads.
  5. Wouldn't have scored either of the 2 if Iorfa was playing. 1st one was his reaction and speed. Second was his strength. We missed Iorfa badly tonight.
  6. I think Palmer would have played better in Hunts position
  7. We don't need him. Issue tonight is we are missing Luongo in midfield
  8. If we are above 0 by Saturday tea time I still don't think the play offs is unrealistic. It's a very poor league this year. No stand out teams.
  9. I think the difference this season in regards to last season is the experience around him. Flint will be massive for us this year as will Dunkley. The most experienced member of our defence was Tom Lees last season and his form had been in decline since the departure of Loovens. Think back to when Westwood was keeping all the clean sheets we had a solid defence. Well done Dawson keep it up.!
  10. Personally think he will be apart of the coaching team in the future. One of the classiest midfielders I have seen in the last decade for us on and off the pitch. Out of all the players to leave I wish him nothing but the best. Stuck with us when we needed him the most.
  11. Its time us as fans get behind him and give him our backing. The transition period and the players we have brought in our predicament is quite amazing. I do believe COVID has helped us also because of a rich owner. But things are changing at the club and for the better.
  12. He's back! Play him in the right position and he preforms. Well done Reachy! You've had your criticism but today you showed your class
  13. Like Brown and Reach ? Rhodes has has the service. He is finished.
  14. No because it was sold to a limited company. Whilst he might own the company it is an asset of the company. If the company goes under then the property can be repossessed from this.
  15. No revenue will have been coming in for over 6 months now. Chanisiri has had issues get money across from Thailand. Takes loan on stadium to have a liquidity nest egg whilst economy recovers.Chanisiri net worth 5bn. You will see other clubs following suit shortly especially as the epl can only give 50 million to the efl. This is the start of clubs going in to administration and even going bust
  16. For people who are stating Monk cost us the game. Look at the bigger picture. With regards to the first 4 games the only team we were expected to get points against was QPR. October is our Month. Judge Monk after that.
  17. Wise moving bring Joey on especially when Lees went off injured not long off after. Get behind the team for once ffs. Very unlucky today. Brown Injured, Iorfa Injured. Shaw injured after 1 minute and then Palmer injured at half time. Lees injured with a few minutes to go. Before slagging the team off for desire and effort at least look at the circumstances.
  18. Rather drop 2 points than potentially have Lees out for season
  19. Before the Monk out brigade start. Dont forget we were down to 10 men. Weve had 4 injuries to our defenders. Iorfa, Shaw, Palmer, Lees. Completely unlucky. Dont give me the spineless performance. We literally conceded after the 95th minute in horrendous conditions
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