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  1. If this isnt resolved by January can we just spend and tie current players down to contracts ? I thought Chelsea did something similar.
  2. I'm more confident after recent matches. Can see a massive improvement in this team. Think back to 12 months ago under Jos. We will cut the errors out over this international break.
  3. Lee a 5? Oh my. Well and truly had his day? Was one of the best players for us today. You obviously don't see what he offers.
  4. Dont be ridiculous. Westwood has saved us more than he made mistakes. How about Fletcher and Nuhiu out? Neither of them scored! Works both ways.
  5. Something isnt right with Murphy and it isnt his ability. I think we need to be careful how we judge the lad. He is obviously a confidence player.
  6. By slick passing you mean passing it between the back 4 like most teams do these days.
  7. Cant tell if you are being sarcastic? What was that defending for the goal ? Cant wait for Lees to come back so we can push Iorfa to right back.
  8. If he could just do the simple things like pass the ball 5 yards to the player next to him instead of trying to dribble past 3, then we might have a decent player. The rest of the team play like a team. Murphy plays like that one big kid at school who always used to dribble it past everyone and not pass.
  9. Why didn't they want to join, that is the question? Is it because they wont have full control? Is Monk a yes man ? The press conference video to me he looks like a man who cant believe his luck. Couldn't stop smirking. Baffled by him not bringing his own staff in also!
  10. Let's be right, Huddersfield are in free fall. Wednesday more appealing
  11. It's time for a change now. Weve tried with Bullen and it hasn't worked. Theres still time to salvage this season.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if Reach is LB
  13. Your team mate has just scored a 90th minute winner against a local rival all the team celebrate and he walks away ! Come on lad. Everyone wants you to come good.
  14. Difference is we changed the formation for him when he came on. Wouldnt have had the same impact in a 4-5-1 formation.
  15. Hes a liability. Palmer is our best right and left back at club.
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