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  1. 1 year contract for him and let Boyd go. Sign a further 2 wingers. Matias is good back up.
  2. Should have had 2 yellows today. Very rash in his tackling.
  3. That we wasted so much time with Jos in charge. The squad that he ripped apart has shown that we should have competed this season just as Chansiri said. The squad will also be unrecognisable next season with a lot of the squad leaving.
  4. Scrap that. Abdi is also on the video.
  5. I noticed on the training video that Lee is training with the first team squad. Is he close to return ?
  6. If you are consistent throughout the season you get promoted. You dont need to play that special.
  7. Really hope we give Palmer a bit of appreciation and sing this. He is in the form of his life and our longest serving player.
  8. He makes me nervous. I wish sometimes he would run at defenders. He is a unit. Will only get better.
  9. How many have we kept all season now ? Is 17 our record?
  10. With Joao potentially missing the rest of the season it looks like hopper will get some time on the bench.
  11. How do players come bad overnight? Is it attitude or lack of desire to play anymore? I can see this being the same with Abdi. Dropping down the league's.
  12. He's clearly been hitting the gym which has improved his performances. He's one of our own.
  13. The team will be built around reach next season
  14. No top Lopez Hector is better than Sasso and Venancio. Helan was garbage
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