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  1. Always intrigued how many of our fans know so much about premiership youth players to conclude that they are a good signing for another club.
  2. Hopefully Odubadjo, Fernando and Westwood next.
  3. Played really well today. Loved his tracking back and supporting the young lad at right back. If you listened to his interview after he sounds completely humble. It's obvious it's been a confidence crisis for him. That finish looks like his confidence maybe on the way back.
  4. Hardly played in the last 2 years and then puts in 2 performances like that is pretty outrageous. For me it looked like Lee from the first season under Carlos. I love watching him play. Never stops running, helps defence and is even better going forward. Well done Keiran. Weve missed you!
  5. Bangs them in for fun in the championship you know the league we are in. Struggles in the premier.
  6. Reach was the best out of all 3 of them. Harris has been awful lately. Murphy is just gash.
  7. To me it sounds like someone at the EFL gave Wednesday the go ahead. Then a certain from a club got wind of it and has been moaning ever since. Therefore making EFL look into it further. I personally think the EFL has opened a can of worms on themselves. There's no way Chansiri would take the risk he has done without the correct legal and accountancy advice. The date of the stadium sale to the date it being registered on the land registry could be totally legit as these things can take time hence causing the delay in the accounts being published.
  8. If this isnt resolved by January can we just spend and tie current players down to contracts ? I thought Chelsea did something similar.
  9. I'm more confident after recent matches. Can see a massive improvement in this team. Think back to 12 months ago under Jos. We will cut the errors out over this international break.
  10. Lee a 5? Oh my. Well and truly had his day? Was one of the best players for us today. You obviously don't see what he offers.
  11. Dont be ridiculous. Westwood has saved us more than he made mistakes. How about Fletcher and Nuhiu out? Neither of them scored! Works both ways.
  12. Something isnt right with Murphy and it isnt his ability. I think we need to be careful how we judge the lad. He is obviously a confidence player.
  13. By slick passing you mean passing it between the back 4 like most teams do these days.
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