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    Totally agree. However I would let Rhodes go and keep Winnall. I think Winnall is different to all of our strikers. He has a different kind of work rate.


    With Rowett parting for Stoke and Derby seemingly on FFP trouble where do we think this leaves Winnall? Does he have a future at the club ? Would he be welcomed back? I've personally never known a player go out on loan and purportrate like he is their on a permanent contract.
  3. He's got to go. He's clueless. 3-0 down at half time zero changes 4-0 down zero changes. Why not just think fizz it and go for it? Replaced a striker with a striker. Get a defender off. We needed to score. Get rid now.

    Tactics were wrong today...

    For me Fulham were there for the taking in the first half. They leave so many gaps when attacking. A counter attacking team would have scored a few today. It guts me that for the past 3 seasons we haven't had a player who will carry the ball. I enjoyed watching Fulham with their fast paced wingers and attacking tactics. Our tactics are defensive and dire.


    I don't like the position he plays. Needs to be wing back

    Too Late Subs

    Boyd needed to be brought off in the first half. Reach switching to that position and forestieri or Matias on. If we continue with the negativeness I would rather we get rid of jos
  7. First half of last season he played there
  8. Hutchinson had less injuries at centre back. Must get him playing back there and get a midfielder like Pearson.
  9. Top post. I take my 8 year old autistic son to the games. He doesn't talk but can tell he loves the atmosphere when we sing. Top opening post. Love hearing stuff like this.
  10. Very very underrated player. We know what to expect with him. He is a nuisance but if the goals are in there in his game then he can be a key player. Not bashing Rhodes but.... if nuhiu is scoring then he adds a better overall contribution to the team.
  11. They're going to be throbbing at the gash
  12. WAWAWUTO17

    Tom Lees

    Tom is a leader. Could tell against Bolton. Honestly think he will bring best out of van aken
  13. Premiership quality when fit. And I mean a top 10 premiership team without doubt. No coincidence he was compared to John Terry
  14. WAWAWUTO17


    For me Nuhiu offers something different to the other players we have. Inconsistent? Yes. But the nightmare he can give to defenders with his presence is frightening. He draws 2 and sometimes 3 defenders away from a decent striker in Hooper. As he doesn't the fancy stuff of score loads people underrate him. A bit like a defensive midfielder is abused.