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  1. Warm weather in Cyprus will be perfect for his injuries. Obviously didn't get the move he expected due to his injuries. He won't be paying against us so I wish him all the best.
  2. Monk has had to get a team who are starting on -12 motivated and ready. Dont forget he brought in 12 youngster's in tonight who played brilliant. Monk deserves some credit.
  3. I honestly don't think people realise the importance of a crowd in a stadium. The games over the next few months will not be as entertaining as you expect. We've won today. It was a bore fest but we've won. That's all I want to see.
  4. Must start next week. The loan spell has done him the world of good. I dont think Odubadjo had a bad game but Penney just had that bit more quality when he came on.
  5. Yep I've spelt it wrong. Here we go...
  6. Would have thought it would be perfect match for Rhodes to get up and running. Monk clearly has no faith in him. Couple more strikers to sign and Rhodes will be gone
  7. Both probably want 2 years and we are offering 1. Similar to the Kachunga situation. Cant imagine Nuhiu will be short of offers.
  8. In the space of 24 hours Rhodes has dropped from number 1 striker to number 3. The lad must be full of confidence.
  9. Season doesn't start until next week. Not bothered about the league Cup. Weve got survival on our hands.
  10. What we don't see is what he does off the pitch with the team. For me it was a no brainer for Bannan. Tom lees isn't going to play every week next season. His time is coming to an end. The most experienced player is Bannan. Its good that he shouts at the players. Sometimes I think the players should be scared of him. Look at the likes if Roy Keane, John Terry, Wayne Rooney. Their leadership was pretty similar. I also think it cements Bannan further in to Wednesday to distract any other clubs approaching. He was excellent today
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