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Community Answers

  1. Why aren't Leicester & Reading having the same issues?
  2. Pretty awful thing to say. He's doing one of the biggest interviews of his life at a young age. Good luck to the lad. Did well get away from us.
  3. Its got to happen now. We have been made to feel like mugs for far too long.
  4. Will thrive in the premiership. Very underrated player.
  5. He's found a club where the fans like him. With him in league one we will be pushing at the top.
  6. I question how one man can no so much. Smells like bull to me.
  7. It will be this week at some point. Not all clubs have released their retained list.
  8. Tell us what your alternative would be. I'm intrigued.
  9. Is that easy to sell the club in this climate?
  10. Agree. This doesn't mean I'm a supporter of his but if it meant relegation for him to put the right people in place then so be it. He won't sell so let's see what happens now.
  11. Just liquidate us and get it over with.
  12. Technically you were done when he raised the prices.
  13. If Derby win we are both down. So it's down to Derby
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