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Community Answers

  1. I hope he has a good end to his career. Absolutely loved watching him play. Gutted he's gone.
  2. He was 3rd choice and if Windass was fit he would have been 4th. No loss for me. We need a young striker.
  3. Heard Dunkley and Wildsmith have definitely left.
  4. He didn't want to change. Expects the team to play around him. It doesn't work.
  5. Disagree. He had the service on more than one occasion and missed absolute sitters.
  6. Can't believe someone is pleased for him. Stole a living here. Didn't take a penalty against his former club which could have helped us get promoted. Celebrated when he scored against. Grade A nobb. I hope he misses a penalty in final.
  7. Wasn't we linked with him 2 seasons ago? Heading to Arsenal for 25 million now.
  8. I never notice him playing. He's garbage
  9. Even when we were winning it was dreadful. It was only nice for 5 minutes
  10. Nice of you to support a local band who love the club.
  11. We were beaten by the better team. Nothing embarrassing about that.
  12. This. Their tactics prevented us from playing the way we would and so it should. Exactly like Wycombe did to MK. We don't have a plan B. We arent physical enough.
  13. We got beat by the better team over the 2 legs. Tactically set up wrong in the first tie. We couldn't have done any different in the 2nd leg and deserved to lose overall. I would give Moore another season. But we've got to get the injuries sorted. We would have had top 2 if it wasn't for this.
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