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  1. Me too. I think the result would have been different against Preston had we had 11 men on the pitch.
  2. The difference of clubs who get relegated from the prem and are able to maintain the players they have.
  3. So glad someone started this thread. His best performance in a Wednesday shirt to date. Was a nuisance on the attack and defend absolute. Well done Moses.
  4. First half is one of the best I've seen us play in the last 12 months. Great shape of the team and intensity. Fitness the problem, we can't maintain that for 90 minutes at the moment. Strike force is a massive problem. I honestly didn't realise Kachunga was on the pitch. Patterson ran his socks off. A lot better performance from Reach. All round it's a massive positive for me after the short space of time Pulis has been here. We look hard to beat. If it wasn't for the 10 men on Saturday I dont think we would have lost. P.s Nuhiu would have been perfect in th
  5. Showed too much of the goal and didn't need to be off his line. However it was Van Akens and Pattersons fault. Van Aken opened up too much and Patterson should have supported him
  6. I've not seen us play like this in such a long time. I hope we can maintain this level intensity for 90 minutes. We look relentless.
  7. Looking at the amount of injuries we have had over the years isnt it time we looking at upgrading? This has got to be one of the main issues with our injuries.
  8. Needs to be made an example of. These players are role models to the younger generation. Reading comments on twitter with fans saying it's just banter is not acceptable. Imagine this happening in your kids Sunday league game. I'm sure this wouldn't go down well at all. As others have mentioned if you did this in public you would be in a lot of trouble. This is 2020.
  9. I dont think it should be allowed until all tiers can attend stadiums. Advantage to teams in the tier 1 whilst teams in tier 3 wont have a home support.
  10. A good honest manager. He knows what the crack is. Our summer recruitment wasn't good enough. We replaced our players with league 1 fodder
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