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  1. Agree with the post. Any of those players on the pitch last night we would have had 3 or 4.
  2. A lot mentioned some more news was coming when Moore took over. Not heard anything since. Could do with a bit of positivity.
  3. It's time this man comes out and has an interview with the press What are your credentials? What have you brought to this club in the last 6 years? Honestly why can't we get this man interviewed? Boycott has got to happen in order to get answers.
  4. The lot of you. Embarrassing. Can't wait for lot of them to be released.
  5. This also shows how things can change so quickly. Technically they were relegated last season but survived because of a points deduction. Now got one of the richest owners outside the Premier and good recruitment in place. Chansiri needs to get one person out of this club in order to progress.
  6. We will be in league one for years. It will take us ages to rebuild this squad
  7. The lot of you. Embarrassing. Can't wait for lot of them to be released.
  8. Spot on apart from Shaw. Shouldn't be near the squad anymore. Focus needs to be on the team and not him. Bad performance from him - fans he Shouldn't be playing. Good performance- Chansiri is a nob for letting him go. Can't win so keep him out.
  9. Yes, have done for a long time. Only have Chansiri to blame. I have no connection with this club. We sold our soul to the devil and we are paying the price.
  10. I bet he leaves and kicks on at another club. He's finished here. It's like when you are leaving a job but can't be arsed before you leave and do f all
  11. Seriously are you joking ? There's no positivity around the club and it's down to this bell end.
  12. No he's played the part where he didn't invest in a relegation battle and still not named a manager after 3 months. Thompson is out of his depth.
  13. We don't want you. You've destroyed our club. Take your name off our stands and fooook off
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