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  1. I thought they exact same. Has it been done to not confuse others ? Also it hasn't been confirmed about Peter Whittingham
  2. I agree but hes back now and playing well. Keep him fit and we are laughing. Some players are worth keeping and hes one of them. Even after all his antics he is not one of the players being phased out.
  3. Yes. Not sure why others say no? Can you honestly see his being able to get a better quality of player and experience in our current predicament. Not a chance.
  4. Because we are not going to sign anything better than him this summer and we would stupid to let him go when we most certainly wont replace him. We've had these problems with the CB position. We never replaced after Loovens, Sasso, Hector.
  5. Is Chansiri even in the country ? Honestly hope he sells up. Monk is not the issue. I dont know what everyone expected when a manager comes in and the back room staff is the same as it was for the previous manager. One man cant change everything. He needs trusted associates at the side of him. Chansiri has sold him short. Utter disgrace of a chairman.
  6. Chansiri is the utter disgrace. Ruined our club with his stubbornness and naivety. Amount of fans losing interest in this club is beyond concerning
  7. He looks better than Sean Clare that everyone used to rate.
  8. Barry Bannan is our most talented player. I worry that it might be his last season with us. Seems to be getting frustrated a lot more with the players around him and its possibly his last opportunity of playing in their premiership. Let's appreciate what we have whilst we have it because our club is in dismay and on a downward spiral. It wont be long until we have Potter and Lunt back in the middle.
  9. Whilst most will blame Monk he can only play the team that he has available. Some of these players have been at the club 5 years and acheived nothing. Chansiri is too stubborn to sell in case he is ripped off and that has left us in today's predicament. We need a leader from the top and he isnt our guy. This club is going to take years to rebuild. Fans have been driven away because of prices. Kits are expensive. Club shop is a mess. I'm falling out of love with the team I've supported 25 years of my life.
  10. I really think he deserves his own thread and own credit. Since Monk has come in weve started to see a different player in Murphy. I've been really impressed with him lately
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