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  1. Just after Bruce booted a water bottle down the pitch and didn't get sent off. Didn't jj get sent off for this?
  2. Ross Wallace

    Agree with what you are saying but he needs more respect than we are giving him. Do people forget that goal against Brighton?
  3. Pudil

    Centre back seems to suit him. Looked like a leader on the pitch today.
  4. Ross Wallace

    Disagree. He's been a good servant to our club for the last 2 years.
  5. One of our own

    We should be looking at this area more closely. Massive gap in the market for it.
  6. What we think of Snodgrass is what all other clubs think of forestieri
  7. Not all hero's wear capes
  8. One of our own

    Liam Palmer is the main one
  9. Genuine question.... How many of the youth players coming through are one our own and not signed from other clubs academy's?

    4th official just as bad. How was Bruce not sent off for booting the water bottle half way down the pitch?
  11. Other than Nuhiu messing up for the 3rd goal when he should have played Joao through I thought these 2 were fantastic today. They made a champions league winner look average. Well done lads. Keep it up.
  12. I hope he signs a new contract. Will his value increase if he scores goals before end of season ?
  13. Craziest line up ever

    I hope it's roll on subs
  14. Gamble for derby to sign a player who is injured for that length of time. No guarantee he will come back in the sand form
  15. Lack of loyalty to the club that actually own him