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  1. I just can't see Rotherham beating Cardiff. Saying that I also can't see us beating Derby and it will be a 0-0 draw
  2. Makes you more annoyed at the points we've thrown away this season. We should be no where near that bottom 4.
  3. Seems like he cares ? He agreed a pre-contract when we are in a relegation battled and allowed it to be announced. Foook him
  4. No, the big time hasn't had a good game since he agreed to join Celtic
  5. Rather go down with fight and desire than a one off piece of magic that might happen once in 10 games
  6. Whip Reach and Harris off. Last time I want to see them in a Wednesday shirt.
  7. My nerves are fine. Honestly not bothered if I'm honest. Been let down too many times.
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