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  1. I think people are taking too much notice of the pigs: The Pigs clearly have much much much more money than we do and so can still afford to offer what are most likely the lowest prices in this league (and most certainly the premier if they go up). They can do this and still pay big wages etc. If we do this we will have alot less income and this will reflect on the wage budget. What do we want stupidly low prices with a poor product or a happy medium? Because unfortunately we're not in a position to have both at the minute. What good is 25,000 season ticket holders watching the team get
  2. I posted the same thing a few weeks ago. I would deffo buy it!
  3. Hey Guys In the club shop there is only a low selection of available DVD's, mostly recent triumphs i.e cardiff and a few season reviews. Being 22 myself, I find the 90's quite a nostalgic period for wednesday. I think it would be great to release (if possible) DVD's of season reviews and great games from the 90's or earlier (again if possible) Because lets face it... who still owns a VHS player! These include: * Season Reviews from each of our Premiership Glory Years and our promotion/league cup winning campaign (the club shop do play the VHS (video tape versions) of these in the s
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