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  1. Does anyone know if there are there any live streams for the match ?
  2. Chansiri probably thought there may be more than just him with the Cahounas to turn the deal down. Why should we accept lower terms when the Premier League's BBC share has gone up by £1.5m ?, and folk like Lineker are getting massive saleries. I must have missed it when the licence fee came down by 10%. Right decision for me, who now can't listen this afternoon ! I'll see what Mr Chansiri says at the forum on Monday And shoot !
  3. I think this season is going to be one of consolidation unfortunately, Jos and DC will be trimming the squad as much as possible without being in dander of relegation, and making do until we can offload many of the players who are undesirable to other teams and out of contract next summer. That's when the squad restructure will start properly.
  4. The negativeness in some folk is unbelievable. There's a numpty sits behind me in the North Stand who I thought was going to have a heart attack vs Reading. By the end of the game his voice was only able to be heard by dogs it was getting that high pitched, I think his Y fronts got tighter with every winge. It was more entertaining than the match at some points listening to the goober. He even said he hates the new scoreboard and wants the old one back ! In the next breath he is saying he has renewed his season tkt cos if we get promoted we'll get hammered every week. I'm not a happy clapper as he calls them, I'm as frustrated as everyone else but I don't think brain donors like this bloke help ! Some of our key players are injured / out of form and the replacements just don't cut it despite us having a squad of 30odd. I just don't think the negativeness helps, both from Carlos' tactics and some fans. UTO
  5. Will probably be Westwoood Palmer Lees. Loovens. Fox Wallace. Bannan Jones. Reach. Back 8 . Forestieri. Trying to get involved . Winnall Waiting for the crosses that don't come. Would like to see. Westwood Palmer. Lees. Loovens. Fox Jones Abdi Bannan Macmanaman. forestieri Winnall Quck forward line, Rhodes and Reach to come on when Winnall and Macmanaman have run them ragged, Rhodes hasn't played we don't want to break him before he gets going. We'll see UTO
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