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  1. I remember wim Jonks outside of the right foot pass into de bilde to score when we battered Wimbledon 5 nil! His passing was very good just did not have the standard around him he was used to! Barry Horne, Danny sonner, Jim magilton different kettle of fish!!!
  2. If he scores a screamer at chelsea he could be off the bigger and better things. Reach for the stars!
  3. I would like to keep him but reckon we would get decent money and bring in some new quality young blood.
  4. I meant before jack hunt and Rhodes loan, we need yo ship a few more out. I would even sell bannan at the right price. Just keep ff at all costs and it's all good for me.
  5. We haven't sold anyone for ages. I'm quite happy about it. As long as we keep ff then I will stay that way. We need to rebuild and balance squad. I'm all for it. Uto
  6. The man, the myth, the legend. I don't ever remember anyone going to hold up a corner and doing that! Unbelievable jeff, even cauliflower head was beaming.
  7. Here's a code for someone to use on now tv. I can't use as I'm outside UK. NOWH6PAGAEMGKR UTO
  8. mine not working on phone or laptop. its 4.33 am too, so annoyed
  9. I don't think many players intend on committing a bad foul just get booked for miss timed tackles. Vinny Jones sadly ain't around anymore!
  10. I would give it 6 an half out of 10! It worked well for most of the game, could of been better but im happy enough with it. Just grateful to watch games in NZ really. Was not happy with getting up at 2am in the morning and was angry mad with the shower of poo on display though. UTO
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