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  1. I'm not an Apple fan but.... Samsung S9 - Feb 2018 Samsung S10 - Feb 2019 Samsung S20 - Feb 2020 Samsung S21 - Jan 2021 Have a guess when the S22 will come out
  2. This is "Yanny" / "Laurel" all over again
  3. Russy


    "The size of the product" What an excuse.
  4. Have to say, it is big. Hate to think what the ps5 would be like!
  5. It's arrived. Stacked Brazil live to convert to Ultimate for 3 years at £90. Happy days.
  6. "Your driver Siva will deliver your parcel today between 14:04-15:04" LOVE YOU SIVA. LOVE YOU DPD.
  7. "Your parcel is at our depot" Lazy DPD ********.
  8. I've not had an Xbox since the 360 so super hyped for Tuesday. Loads to catch up on Game Pass to keep me busy until next year. Where as I wasn't tempted with the PS5 (mainly as it looks horrendous and probably wouldn't fit) but as they seem to be supporting PS4 for a while I can enjoy it and look at the mid-gen refresh to get that. In reality I think both launches have been pretty similar, both relying on Game Pass and PS+ library. PS5 does pick up a win with Spider-Man mind.
  9. Russy


    Just put the disc in the PS5 and it will update. Under the impression you'd still need to put the disc to play each time it will just get the PS5 patch.
  10. Russy


    No, you can only upgrade from disc to disc or digital to digital.
  11. I think it's smaller than the PS5. Don't really like the look of either console.
  12. Merged/renamed. That Port Vale shirt is dreadful.
  13. I always find it interesting with kit designs. Do something jazzy (Inter for example) and it gets criticised for not being traditional. Do something classic and it is criticised as being a bit boring. To me that is the perfect anniversary kit, maybe even the perfect West Ham kit. Their current shirt is dreadful.
  14. Just seems like when they did this for Yorkshire during the Olympics
  15. Regardless of the team they would have mentioned it over and over again. As they did when Chelsea played Tottenham for Leicester to win the league. To be fair arguably the biggest club in England (or joint with Man Utd) have won the Premier League for the first time, it would be bizarre if the media didn't report on it like they are.
  16. Was fully intending to go. But they don't have any 'lap' tickets. Wanted to charge me £45 for a 8 month old. Worse than Chansiri.
  17. Science Fiction was a proper buzz kill. But great gig. Top form.
  18. We've needed a new centre back since the play off final. Be amazed if we finally get one now.
  19. WHUT Why would you want to use your phone from 10 metres away? Too big for a phone as well. Wouldn't fit in my pocked.
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