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  1. Just in time for the end of season discount.
  2. £49 for a game on tv great banter
  3. Tempting. Very tempting. Should hit members, right?
  4. Last Nights Goals

    Looks like we should have had about 5. Disgraceful from Palmer on their 3rd goal. Don't think Hunt needs to worry.
  5. I assume most people don't want SH at centre back. Last one I assume they hope is Harlee Dean
  6. Doesn't look like there is any issue with district line to Putney Bridge this week. If concerned you can also get the tube to Vauxhall (Victoria Line from St Pancras) and then get the train to Putney.
  7. The Rocket, Putney before the game. Probably The Spotted Horse after. Going to Camden first seems mental. Completely the wrong direction.
  8. Fulham Travel

    Just as cheap and easier to use your contactless debit/credit card.
  9. Former Owls captain and current coach Lee Bullen is the 12th player confirmed in the Sheffield Wednesday Dream Scene. The Scotsman has an affinity with Wednesday going back 13 years when he joined the Owls on a free transfer after leaving Dunfermline in 2004. He was given the armband and would lead the club during one of their most exciting seasons in modern times, finishing with a 2005 4-2 play-off final win over Hartlepool at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, a day that will live long in the memories of Wednesdayites. Altogether, Bullen played 148 games during a four-year stay with the Owls as a player, scoring nine goals. He also has the unique honour of having played in every position for the club, including goalkeeper. Following a brief stint with Falkirk, Bullen re-joined Wednesday in 2011 as a coach in the club’s youth set-up, managing the Owls’ Development Squad before stepping up to the first team backroom staff. He joins the dressing room in the club’s 150th anniversary painting, which Australian artist Jamie Cooper has completed this summer. The artwork will be unveiled at the Owls’ 150th anniversary black-tie dinner on Monday 4 September to celebrate the club’s great history, CLICK HERE to find out more. CLICK HERE to check out Jamie’s behind the scenes blog. The Dream Scene squad is almost complete, so keep a look out for which player will be revealed next! smh
  10. Not playing a league 2 side
  11. Wednesday 3 Arsenal 0

    Clearly we won because of stripes.
  12. The team’s third strip, designed by Wednesdayite Karl Nuttall and revealed earlier this year, will be officially unveiled in its final form at Owls in the Park on 3 September. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/august/150th-anniversary-kits-unveiled/
  13. Next season kit

    Badge was on the Rangers programme. Much clearer.
  14. Next season kit

    It says 150 Years above the badge.