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  1. Merged/renamed. That Port Vale shirt is dreadful.
  2. I always find it interesting with kit designs. Do something jazzy (Inter for example) and it gets criticised for not being traditional. Do something classic and it is criticised as being a bit boring. To me that is the perfect anniversary kit, maybe even the perfect West Ham kit. Their current shirt is dreadful.
  3. Just seems like when they did this for Yorkshire during the Olympics
  4. I didn't mention this era.
  5. Regardless of the team they would have mentioned it over and over again. As they did when Chelsea played Tottenham for Leicester to win the league. To be fair arguably the biggest club in England (or joint with Man Utd) have won the Premier League for the first time, it would be bizarre if the media didn't report on it like they are.
  6. We've needed a new centre back since the play off final. Be amazed if we finally get one now.
  7. Really happy with this. After refusing to spend £90 for one, I will glad renew 2 memberships at the club for £100. I still don't really get the full benefit of the £5 discount but gladly help supporting the club.
  8. WBA away WBA third Adore the third kit. Love the badge. I clearly know why they do it but I hate clubs that have an away kit that will clash with the home. Wba away will obviously clash with their home shirt. Saints have a red home and away shirt. Even us, we must have a third shirt in the works with the black away kit. Just have two kits, complete opposite of each other.
  9. A lot of these also went to general sale, making membership even more pointless.
  10. To get your money back on a membership via games you will need to go to 18. No point in getting a membership - if going to that many games you'll have a season ticket.
  11. Bought a membership last few years as we don't live in Sheffield. Never got any value for money but a way to support the club. No chance I am buying one at £90. Club is pricing out fans from further away. Use the vouchers in the club shop....as long as it's not on the one thing you'd want to buy from the club shop - Megastore voucher details All Members will receive 12 gift vouchers: 4 vouchers offering £20 off against purchases of £70 or more 4 vouchers offering £15 off against purchases of £60 or more 4 vouchers offering £10 off against pur
  12. It is a nod to the early days so not totally random. Sometimes clubs can't win. They change the blue lighter and people complain that it isn't the correct shade. Keep the blue the same and people will complain it isn't any different from the previous years shirts. The most Blackburn can really do is flip the blue from left to right.
  13. Dont like the white back but still hate to say it, their last two shirts have been nice.
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