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  1. This. Post from Now TV today -
  2. We've needed a new centre back since the play off final. Be amazed if we finally get one now.
  3. Really happy with this. After refusing to spend £90 for one, I will glad renew 2 memberships at the club for £100. I still don't really get the full benefit of the £5 discount but gladly help supporting the club.
  4. A lot of these also went to general sale, making membership even more pointless.
  5. To get your money back on a membership via games you will need to go to 18. No point in getting a membership - if going to that many games you'll have a season ticket.
  6. Bought a membership last few years as we don't live in Sheffield. Never got any value for money but a way to support the club. No chance I am buying one at £90. Club is pricing out fans from further away. Use the vouchers in the club shop....as long as it's not on the one thing you'd want to buy from the club shop - Megastore voucher details All Members will receive 12 gift vouchers: 4 vouchers offering £20 off against purchases of £70 or more 4 vouchers offering £15 off against purchases of £60 or more 4 vouchers offering £10 off against purchases of £50 or more Only one voucher per transaction Vouchers cannot be used on 2018/19 replica kit or any sale items. Membership card must be present at time of purchase.
  7. It will be moved to the Sunday. Why are Millwall and QPR always midweek?!
  8. My tickets arrived yesterday. Going to get the knuckle duster polished.
  9. Your fault when I don't get tickets. Thanks Sam.
  10. Bournemouth play pass back and forth football.....they are third bottom. His style of football may suit Arsenal but I don't think Swansea are comparable.
  11. Me and @Kate are hoping to go. Ideal scenario is not going to the game and just stay in the pub.
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