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  1. It will be moved to the Sunday. Why are Millwall and QPR always midweek?!
  2. Russy

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    WHUT Was I crying?
  3. Russy

    Millwall ticket news

    My tickets arrived yesterday. Going to get the knuckle duster polished.
  4. Russy

    Millwall ticket news

    Your fault when I don't get tickets. Thanks Sam.
  5. Russy

    Millwall ticket news

    Presume it will make tomorrow morning?
  6. Bournemouth play pass back and forth football.....they are third bottom. His style of football may suit Arsenal but I don't think Swansea are comparable.
  7. Russy


    Me and @Kate are hoping to go. Ideal scenario is not going to the game and just stay in the pub.
  8. Th London Owls go to Mabel's Tavern near Kings Cross.
  9. Quite like it. Price is reasonable in comparison to the shirt.
  10. The whole reason we are having in house kits was so the club could buy them cheaper. You'd hope that in turn the price would stay the same at the very least. But no the original plan was to charge even more than ever for a cheaper shirt. Unbelievable. flipping Elev8 for £59 a shirt. None of the top clubs charge that much. No teams with Adidas/Nike charge that much. But they are already warning us they will be selling the shirt next season for £59. FIFTY NINE POUNDS.
  11. Russy

    Under 23's v Brummies

    Fair enough, but no where near as loudly.
  12. Russy

    Under 23's v Brummies

    Sounds like Penney should be much closer to the first team than Hirst. Why is no one starting a campaign for him?
  13. This is incredible. Show this passion next game lads.