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  1. Went for Wildsmith as he made some outstanding saves that imho gave us the opportunity to get 3 points. His kicking is really good as well. Lots of unsung heroes today that battled hard. Kieran Lee is still class, Wickham looked good until he tired, thought the back 4 were generally solid if unspectacular, but that's how they should be. I like Murphy when he is going forward and would of kept him on, as the more the game opened up, the more I thought it was tailor made for him -although I don't think he is aware of what his brain is telling his feet and vice versa. I couldn't of possibly gave mom to Bannan as his comb over hair let him down today and was a distraction all game for me!!
  2. Is that elev8 the players are drinking? Seems doubles up as a hair gel when Adthe came on. Another Chansiri revenue stream?
  3. Yes under these conditions - if we were in the Premier League and we were playing them!
  4. I always wondered what happened to Kevin Keegan!
  5. Trouble with voiding the season is what happens when you start again and then someone gets covid-19 then. Do you then void that season as well? Personally, I think football will lose any credibility if the season doesn't finish and if there is no promotion relegation. Might as well just scrap promotion and relegation full stop and have closed competitions like America. If the league has to be played at neutral venues then so be it, can't see the argument of the likes of Brighton when it will be the same for everyone. I also think it is no surprise that the teams in the lower half of the Premier League table are voting against relegation, as just trying to protect their own interests and not for the greater good. Easy for clubs to say we have an unnamed player who has tested positive and use that to their own means.
  6. I remember coming back to Kent on the train after a home match. I sat with Peter Shreeves on the Sheffield to London train and had a chat about De Bilde. I remember asking him his thinking about not bringing on De Bilde during the game and instead the young loan player Del Piedi. Shreeves said and I quote "why would I bring on the lazy c*nt "
  7. Been put in the wash with a red pair of knickers
  8. I nearly had a punch up with a bloke giving Sibon so much abuse. When I told him to shut up, he said I didn't know what I was talking about and he was going to shut me up. Sibon promptly done the most sublime piece of skill and buried one. The bloke hurling the abuse got so much stick from everyone after he had to leave. Special mention to Carlton Palmer who I think was very appreciated by us, but never by opposition fans who all just think he was dog.
  9. Surely all the powers that be have to do, is say No decision until a decision can be made. Then if the season can get going again, great, if not, then void it then, but until anyone knows anything concrete what's the point?
  10. Yes Lada's were class 😂 Seriously I got dragged along to Tottenham by my dad in the mid to late 80's Mr Waddle was and is the best player I have ever seen consistently and it was a like a surreal dream when he came to us.
  11. I think the only fair thing in light of Karen Brady's comments are that West Ham are relegated to Scottish League 2. to be fair to most West Ham fans, they can't stand the pretentious b*tch
  12. I thought this was going to be a thread on next game goalie suggestion! If it is I would give her a go, can't be any worse can it?
  13. Deffo think this is part of the problem. There is little cohesion with the team. Example is Winnall looked OK at QPR, I thought his goal might do his confidence good and he might get a run in the team and the team can reap the rewards of that confidence (whether he is ultimately good enough is another issue) but then we sign Da Cruz who might be good enough/might not but clearly will need time to adjust to English football, Wickham clearly unfit and shouldn't be even considered until fit, yet Winnall just discarded-can't be good for morale if you do well and then no play? No wonder players look like they can't be arsed. I am a firm believer of you play your best team to do the job in hand, you should earn your place in the team. Clearly there are players, not good enough, not fit enough, low on confidence or a combination of all the above
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