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  1. thesouthowl

    Ground being sold in February?

    So just because someone posts loads of drivel that makes someone somehow a better more informed supporter
  2. thesouthowl

    Go and get him!

    Maybe it's all part of a DC masterplan and JM to Wednesday and JL to Man Utd
  3. thesouthowl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Good manager, Fulham made the mistake of buying too many players in one go and then (think it is 12) and then trying to keep the same harmony in a squad with with 12 new players just doesn't work both on and off the pitch
  4. Why are there 15 pages on this moronic squeling tvvat? I couldn't give a bacon sandwich about Wilder!!
  5. Quite simply this and this and definitely this
  6. thesouthowl

    Nuhiu or Fletcher

    Yes 100% agree, they are all good players and give us different options. We need them all.
  7. thesouthowl

    Why didn't we get Pulis?

    He wears the club shop, he wears the club shop, Tony Pulis, He wears the club shop
  8. thesouthowl


    Palmer = Great tackle Loovens 1 = Foul, nothing more, no yellow Loovens 2 = Technically a foul (he actually kicked the ground and didn't make a tackle) but to be fair he did impede the blunt Wallace = Sending off
  9. We don't need to know what you get up to with your dad!!
  10. thesouthowl

    AVB - is he worth holding out for?

    This deffo, if he was interested then he would be here now, not off on a jolly
  11. thesouthowl

    The final straw

    I know someone who works at Charlton FC and also have few friends who were Charlton season ticket holders. They have all said it will end in tears for Meire, as she is and I quote " a pompous ***** who is so far up her own backside with self importance and she hasn't a clue about football full stop" Just hope it doesn't end in tears for us with this night-Meire!!! Great OP Kivo
  12. thesouthowl

    Trivial Things You Don't Like

    Raheem Sterling falling over at the slightest gust of wind
  13. thesouthowl

    Nuhiu and our Decline

    I think I do mate
  14. thesouthowl

    Nuhiu and our Decline

    Your not knocking him, but singling out a player on the pitch for 12 minutes plus added time when there were some very inept displays by another 11 players tonight!!! Pointless thread!!!!