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  1. Yes agree with this, I hate the way outside influences ruining soccer I get really fed up with zero zero scoring games, there simply not enough offence in the 18 now days
  2. Simply Red - Money's too tight to Mention (for DC) followed by Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer
  3. Either way (love it or hate it) the colour is just wrong.
  4. I was on the train back Sarf with Peter Shreeve and asked him why he brought De-Piede on instead of De Bilde. He said and I quote "he's a Ku-nt" He went on to say he just can't be bothered and is more interested in just picking up big wages
  5. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/goals-galore-as-marcus-tudgay-shines-alongside-chris-waddle-in-sheffield-wednesdays-blue-and-white-once-again-3255204
  6. Charity match at Doncaster. Score was 6-6 Tudgay got 4, Wallace 2 Also playing was Bullen, Whelan, Walker and the messiah Waddle
  7. How about, Reduce prices all round inc season tickets and potg. Those season ticket holders out of pocket, offered pro rata discount of the newly formed ESL starting 2022/2023 season which will consist of Juventus, Barca, Real Madrid and Sheffield Wednesday!
  8. If his name was George Smith, no one would give a throw. Massive fascination with a very average player because of his dad/name
  9. He's playing championship manager, but unfortunately it's with a real club
  10. PSG like that spoilt brat throwing a strop in a shop not getting their own way. Horrible horrible team.
  11. Exactly this, you can have lumps kicked out of you, want to kill someone during a game etc. During the game I would maybe question a players attitude/behaviour. After the game it's finished.
  12. I never got to see Christ Almighty play so can't comment on him, however the god that is Chris Waddle gets it for me.
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