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  1. We took well over 2k yesterday, if the game was at Hillsborough they would of brought around 200
  2. Urhoghide doing well, when I saw his name on the team sheet I thought someone had punched the keyboard and that was what came out. Reach a passenger, nice to see Lee back playing, he is a class act. Chuffing cold, but at least it's a padded seat.
  3. Firey Jack, that brings back memories! Maybe a liberal application to the jockstrap of some of our players will get them running around a bit more!!
  4. So many valid points either way. Bannan is by far our best ball player, but he is too deep and that has a negative effect on getting the ball forward. I don't know if I feel sorry for the likes of Rhodes and Winnall as we don't seem to provide them any real service or they are just cack.
  5. Just don't click on them, it will eventually work
  6. Thought the defender stood on his foot tbh and was a clear penalty. Nowt to do with the arms on him
  7. Sat 4th Jan KO 3.01pm At least it isn't a Sunday evening and zero trains etc
  8. Dawson 6.5 - Not much to do, but great reactions to the Lee's dodgy back pass Odubajo 5.5 Doesn't do much for, or he didn't yesterday Iorfa 7 Good solid game, thought he got better the longer the game went on Lees 7 Made some good tackles, good positioning, just sometimes switches off (i.e. the back pass) Fox 6.5 When he plays to his strengths, he is a dependable full back. Can put a decent ball in when further forward, just think that there is sometimes a disconnect with his brain and foot when passing sometimes as he gave the ball away on around 5 occasions when in possession. Harris 7 Not as fast as everyone keeps telling me, but running at defenders is what he is good at and the longer the game went on the better he got-unlucky not to score as well and I thought more a penalty when he was fouled than Murphy. Hutchinson 6.5 Average game, could of been sent off, but that's Hutch, didn't do much wrong either though to be fair Bannan 8.5 So much more effective going forward than constantly getting the ball 5 yards off Iorfa or Lees, Had a very good game today. Forestieri 6.5 Looked lively when on the pitch, his skill is never in question, not sure how he missed that chance, looked worse when watching later on telly than at the game! Nuhiu 7.5 Has the pace of the Titanic trying to miss an iceberg! but I personally think he brings something to the side-unfortunately not always goals!! A quiet first half, but much better second. Play to his strengths and he is almost unplayable. He wears his heart on his sleeve and you can't say he doesn't give 100% Fletcher 8.5 Not sure why he gets pelters on here sometimes as he is quite clearly a very intelligent player who will score goals if you provide him with the right ammunition. You can see that the likes of Fletcher and Bannan have played at a higher level. Murphy 7 Thought we have the wrong twin, but was very good and direct when he came on (extra .5 for the penalty) Luongo 6.5 Did well Reach 7 Poor mans Chris Waddle in reality, but quite clearly a talented footballer, just wish he would be more consistent (extra .5 for the cross) Overall Team Performance 9/10 Pretty solid and more direct, I prefer two up top, Charlton pretty much scored through fluke and didn't create much else. Despite injuries, you can only beat what's in front of you so f## off Bowyer you Pork Sausage!!!
  9. Don't lie, you have just knocked one out
  10. Yes I agree with your views on Fox about giving the ball away. However thought he is looking more solid lately and sometimes puts a decent ball in the box as well.
  11. We need more goals -simples! It's not as if we don't have enough strikers that all can bring something a bit different to the table. Fletcher is a class above in this league and strangely we have a couple of 6 yard strikers in Rhodes and Winnall that I think could play their part and then a genius (on his day) in Fernando that he will hopefully now come back into the side and big Dave that brings something different again. Personally though I think the problem is more to do by the way we are set up at the moment. All strikers need service and we just don't provide enough service be it via crosses or link up play. Bannan is a mega player, but I want to see him more forward sometimes, not constantly wanting the ball off the centre backs just outside our own box. For all of Reach's criticism, I think he works hard, but could offer so much more by way of link play or crosses for the front line. Kieran Lee coming back into the fold should be another plus point for the whole team. The recent additions to the squad have been so much better than previous transfer windows and although these weren't Monk's signings, if we have another window with a couple more similar quality additions then we can surely be in a play off position if not actually challenging for automatic. I think Monk has set us up not to concede and a tad negative, lets hope this is just a way of laying good foundations and we will eventually see a solid base (i.e not conceding) and then going forward, more attacking/link up play and then more goals.
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