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  1. Wages 211% or revenue-that's a sustainable business!!
  2. Maybe you should go back to your pit as you obviously haven't had enough sleep!!
  3. Funny that as I had a delivery from Poland at 03:27am this morning! For the record I think Mr Bannan is one of our best players in the last 20 years, although my criticism of him is he plays too deep sometimes and is more effective higher up the pitch and I wish he would accept the inevitable with his barnet, hence just trying to inject a bit of light hearted humour. So don't refer to me a loon please, as I find that offensive!
  4. This is WBD Sports website as of today. Maybe it's just a future incarnation of what will happen to Pride Park when Alonso has finished with it?
  5. He is never going to be a silly smooth, deft touch type of player, but he is the type of player that every team will need whereby they graft, break up play and get in the oppositions face. My issue with him has been (not today though) is where he will over reach for a tackle or lose the ball by miss hitting or under hitting a pass. But if he carries on playing like he did today and get further up the pitch like he did today, then fair play to the lad.
  6. It's alright Joao will bury them Saturday
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