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  1. Malaga v Real Madrid 1-1 Think Ronaldo scored and missed a penalty
  2. Sky are going to be well cheesed off they won't be able to say "Wayne Rooney's Derby" anymore
  3. It's bigger than Wembleys pitch
  4. After watching these in the last week or so-it looks the must tin pot thing ever! Don't get why anyone feels the urge to run on the pitch anyway-maybe it's just me?
  5. His wage is reportedly £5600, less than half that of Patterson!!!
  6. I know someone who is involved with trialling 30 minute halfs whereby when the ball is out of play/dead the time stops. Apparently, there has been no real downsides from the trials and the games run smoothly -no time wasting etc. It's meant to be trialled in proper games soon.
  7. He's determined to play tonight despite suffering from a slight knock. Just seen him him being wheeled out of the physio's.
  8. Well, I have downloaded a browser on the TV and logged in, but I too have a black screen and circle spinning. F it, I'm going to eat the wifes donut whilst she in the bath
  9. Casts alright to Roku, then black screen when I switch to full screen from Mobile, this is worse than Sky Go or whatever it's called now.
  10. What's the quality like if you cast Ifollow to your TV?
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