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  1. Quite simply this and this and definitely this
  2. thesouthowl

    Nuhiu or Fletcher

    Yes 100% agree, they are all good players and give us different options. We need them all.
  3. thesouthowl

    Why didn't we get Pulis?

    He wears the club shop, he wears the club shop, Tony Pulis, He wears the club shop
  4. thesouthowl


    Palmer = Great tackle Loovens 1 = Foul, nothing more, no yellow Loovens 2 = Technically a foul (he actually kicked the ground and didn't make a tackle) but to be fair he did impede the blunt Wallace = Sending off
  5. We don't need to know what you get up to with your dad!!
  6. thesouthowl

    AVB - is he worth holding out for?

    This deffo, if he was interested then he would be here now, not off on a jolly
  7. thesouthowl

    The final straw

    I know someone who works at Charlton FC and also have few friends who were Charlton season ticket holders. They have all said it will end in tears for Meire, as she is and I quote " a pompous ***** who is so far up her own backside with self importance and she hasn't a clue about football full stop" Just hope it doesn't end in tears for us with this night-Meire!!! Great OP Kivo
  8. thesouthowl

    Trivial Things You Don't Like

    Raheem Sterling falling over at the slightest gust of wind
  9. thesouthowl

    Nuhiu and our Decline

    I think I do mate
  10. thesouthowl

    Nuhiu and our Decline

    Your not knocking him, but singling out a player on the pitch for 12 minutes plus added time when there were some very inept displays by another 11 players tonight!!! Pointless thread!!!!
  11. Although I can't wholly disagree that we have served up some dross (on and off the pitch lately) I know there are a lot of Carlos haters out there and I admit he isn't doing himself any favours with how he sets up the team sometimes. However, tis the season of goodwill, so lets get behind the manager and the team for the next 5/6 fixtures which will take us up to the new year. A decent run will see us back in contention, plodding along like we are will see us nowhere near and then I will be fully behind the Carlos out brigade. A manager change (if required) early January will see enough time to sort out a mess, but lets hope that doesn't happen and we are back in contention. Until then, WAWAW
  12. To be fair to lad, he has a great goal scoring at the levels he has played, although that doesn't always translate to having a great goal scoring record at a higher level. I don't blame him for asking, but I also think there has to be some common sense shown by the club. That said, I think it is only because of who his dad is that he is being talked about so much, if he wasn't the son of DH then 99.9% would say good riddance.
  13. thesouthowl

    Man of the match v Reading?

    Bannan is our best link up/creative player by far, however I don't want to see him linking up play with Westwood, Loovens or Van J all the time. He needs to be further forward. We looked dangerous when the ball went out wide (typically after good link up play from Bannan) Just the crossing after always seems to be poor. Is it me or does Fox have a problem with lifting the ball higher than 4 foot when crossing-maybe he needs his Weetabix? It's not if we haven't got any decent heading ability up front. Better service and goals will come from this area. I actually feel sorry for Rhodes as he just isn't getting any service and he looks cack because of it-chance yesterday aside he glanced wide.
  14. thesouthowl

    Could we get worse than Carlos??

    This is my main fear. Was there today and 1st half was some of the most tepid drivel I have witnessed in a long time. Second half was better, but not much. However, who is going to come in of reasonable quality and actually sort the team out? There isn't much about unless we are going to pay big money and guarantee a massive transfer budget. For this reason I personally think we should stick, at least until January.