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  1. Ronnie Starling's post in Training ground improvements. was marked as the answer   
    They need to change the artificial playing surface or will lose Cat 2 status.
  2. Ronnie Starling's post in Kop comedy singing was marked as the answer   
    It was better than the one created by the 25000
  3. Ronnie Starling's post in Praise or Grumble - Mick the Owl was marked as the answer   
    We need to get the facts right. Shandypants is talking about "Mick the Owl" who never goes but has an opinion which he forms by listening to reports during home games. "Mick the Owl" posts on here as Lawrie Madden and provides a balanced view which he forms from attending games. The first Mick the Owl had the cheek to state that MM needs to get the cheque book out which is a bit rich from someone who doesnt even go. If he cant go due to finances fair enough but dont then complain about others not spending.
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